Which movies or dramas we will love too watch on viki

I actually have tried to find it here but nothing, I’m not sure if is not available in the americas cause I have tried in the US and in Latin America and nothing, I hope Viki gets license back I love that drama

I can’t find it in Viki anymore, either. They must have removed it for some reason.

my little brigde e muy chevere muy muy Buena, vi he was cool muy divertida y sabes que la actriz se suicide en el 2007 por depresion loka tan bonita que era, ah una muy Buena es friend dead es de miedo terror y el final es inesperado, tambien otra jenny y juno es linda, forbidden quest es erotica muy m uy Buena aunque es de la historia de corea en la dinastia de joseon pero es una de las mejores que he visto pilas

I love that drama it is so funny…

Which one is the american one, and when people say I am tired of American TV what do you mean, I don’t know I like Korean dramas but I watch tv from all over the world I have the Sundance Channel and they give all sorts of subtitled movies and I enjoy a lot of them but that doesn’t make me forget about my American shows even soaps, I love General Hospital and I have since High School. Why denounce our own roots being a fan of other cultures doesn’t mean throw away yours too or despise yours. TV is the same all over there are good and bad shows and shows that are hyped more than others and some that never reach the right demographic so they are not all over the place but good and bad exists all over. Don’t tell me that Oh la la couple is better than let’s say White Collar? or Oh My Lady which to me is one of the worst korean dramas ever written is better than Criminal Minds because if you say it is then you really have never watched that show. or let’s compare Court drama with Court Drama don’t tell me that the ridiculous plot of I hear your voice is better than any show of Law and Order Criminal Intent or the Law and Order itself, that was tv court drama. So you see you can’t reject one just because you like the other.

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The american version is a 2008 movie.

The Face Reader/Physiognomy

Directed by Han Jae-rim
Produced by Kim Woo-Jae
Written by Kim Dong-hyuk
Starring : Song Kang-ho, Lee Jung-jae, Baek Yun-shick, Cho Jung-seok, Lee Jong-suk, Kim Hye-soo
Studio: Jupiter Film
Distributed by Showbox Mediaplex (KR) Pan Media and Entertainment (US)
Dreamwest Pictures (US)
Release date(s):
Running time: 139min

** Plot**

Set during the seizure of the throne by Sejo of Joseon in the year 1453, the movie follows the life of Nae-Kyung.
Nae-Kyung (Song Kang-Ho) hails from a ruined noble family. He travels around Joseon and studies physiognomy. He is able to asses a person’s personality, mental state, habits and, consequently, their future, by just studying their face. He lives in seclusion with his son Jin-Hyeong (Lee Jong-Suk) and brother-in-law Paeng-Hun (Cho Jung-Seok). Nae-Kyung hopes to one day become a public officer, even though it is virtually impossible due to his family’s failed background.

One afternoon, an attractive Gisaeng named Yeon-Hong (Kim Hye-Soo) visits Nae-Kyung’s home. She runs a food and alcohol establishment in Hanyang (old name for Seoul). Yeon-Hong asks Nae-Kyung to go with her tthere, because he can make a lot of money. Nae-Kyung and Paeung-Hun decide to follow her advice and go together to Hanyang. There, through Yeon-Hong’s deceit, Nae-Kyung begins to work as physiognomist at her establishment. His amazing talents quickly spread throughout the area and business booms for Yeon-Hong. Nae-Kyung then happens to solve a murder case by observing the victim’s husband. Kim Jong-Seo (Baek Yoon-Sik), the second most powerful man in the country, hears of Nae-Kyung’s abilities and orders him to the palace. He is assigned to hire public officers by using his face reading abilities.

After King Munjong dies, a young crown prince takes the throne, but the young king’s fate is imminent danger. Prince Sooyang (Lee Jung-Jae) has ambitions to become the King and has a plan to make it happen. Meanwhile, Nae-Kyung is positive that Prince Sooyang is going to plot treason against the new king.

wow, sounds interesting…I wish Viki had it too :slight_smile:

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There is also the Chinese adaptation of “Dangerous Liaisons” starring Jang Dong Gun.
I would really love to watch that

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the next KDramas are worth waiting, such as Heirs, Mi Rae Choice, Medical Top Team, etc… but, I think it will be hard for us, Indonesian, because so many Dramas (new and old) disappears suddenly starting from early August, I don’t know why… and now there isn’t new KDrama anymore, so saaaadddd :’(

really? Why do they disappear? that is weird I wonder if that happen only there…

I don’t know why, but, i think (maybe) its all about license, because if there’s a new drama (KDrama) ends airing, next month will be airing in one of free tv channel here… And, how can I wait until the next two/three months?? hahahaha… another reason is because its dubbed with our language… May I ask? Is “The Heirs” was uploaded here (viki.com) already? sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:

You are talking about why Heirs is not available here for everyone? The thing with Heirs is that the license was only giving to Viki for Europe and the Qualified Contributors only. The Americas license was adquired by other website. :frowning: buuuuuu right? hope that answer your question.

I really would like watching “Norwegian Wood”!
What do you think? Shall we ask Viki to upload it?

there are many streaming on the internet, but Viki quality (and service) is better, and although I could watch it Eng-subbed, I would better enjoy watching it in my native language.

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I think you should totally request it! I mean the wrost thing they can say is No. So give it a try.

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I tried to have 2 movies that were post it here but there were not approved but I tried…

I just have to write to Viki Help Center, is it right? I’ve never asked for a movie until now…

** EDITED* * I figured out, I just sent the request :slight_smile: thank you

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ohh! I wanted so much! to see this drama here on Viki :’( **cruel city ** I couldn’t find it on Viki, this is a SERIOUSLY awesome drama!

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What about “smile you” with the same actor below

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I want Heartless City and Puberty Medley and already requested the titles… but I won’t expect much…