Which upcoming cdramas do you want Viki to license?


I’m not saying nobody watch historical/wuxia dramas. These dramas are still new to most people so it takes some times to get more fans to join to get license. I don’t try to make an argument here. I was trying to explain why kdrama get more historical drama, but you seem to be mad for things I wrote. So I decide to back off the whole thing. This post most certainly for those who love historical/wuxia drama. I must be crazy saying that there’s none watching them :slight_smile:


candle in tomb the weasle grave and candle in tomb is two different c drama.


Ah yes. You’re right. I didn’t see the colon between the ‘Candle In The Tomb’ and ‘The Weasel Grave’ in your earlier post. :blush: This is the season 2, I think. It’s upcoming in 2017. Another good one to look out for indeed.



Why are they licensing fluffy shows that look like average K drama? :frowning:

Please give us hope, give us something wonderful - Advisors - Tribes, the good stuff. Or we shall float away on the sea of similar modern boring stuff. :frowning:

something frozen this way writes.


Beauty private kitchen – ongoing drama
the lady’s house – old drama
Edge to happiess – old drama


Sigh. Irmar, I like you as a human…but in this case, you are posting to the Chinese drama thread…and WE are in mourning here…and getting a couple of fluffy things so far…

Saimdang…IS KOREAN!

Also if you happen to review what they removed during the GREAT DELETION of DECEMBER 22nd, you will see a LOT of the historical, costume, wuxia, NON FLUFFY got erased. ALONG WITH ALL THE SEGMENTING AND SUBTITLES.

this is a thread regarding CHINESE DRAMA!

Please don’t remind us, Korean drama got their wishes in all but SHR - all the things they wanted, fluffy and non-fluffy both… We’re left hoping somehow 2017 is kinder to us here at Chinese drama…

Oh and one of the few we are getting? Diamond Lovers…had a fan channel with work deleted - and we don’t know, but maybe SOME of that would have possibly been something we could use for the new one - and it wasn’t given to the CM of the fan channel either.

And Diamond Lovers isn’t exactly going to be non fluffy really…it’s not say, Princess Wei Young? with two of the same actors?

Never mind.

Lamenting the unfinished elegy, regretting one’s helplessness;
Fearing the passing time. I only live for my beliefs;
Let the future generations be the judge


we got a bad license for goblin and no license for nightlight. remember i’m the one that likes hard things haha


Okay, so K drama didn’t get those.

This is still the discussion thread for Chinese drama.

Korean Drama got plenty and is still getting.

By the way - how many videos were erased from K Drama sites on 12/22? How many were already English subtitled and fully segmented, possibly also fully edited, and other language work done too?

Apologies…but this still feels so very wrong.

Your plates are heavy, we can only envy them at this moment. And perhaps you will continue to discuss how tasty the fare is…where it will be heard more kindly, the K Drama threads?

♬ Lamenting the unfinished elegy, regretting one’s helplessness; ♬
♬ Fearing the passing time. I only live for my beliefs; ♬
♬ Let the future generations be the judge ♬


sigh…compared to all the really great dramas we lost in the Great Deletion… :frowning:

♬ Lamenting the unfinished elegy, regretting one’s helplessness; ♬
♬ Fearing the passing time. I only live for my beliefs; ♬
♬ Let the future generations be the judge ♬


Hello, sophie2you…you like the hard projects, right?

(Adrian Monk detective mode ENGAGED)

(brushing off the dust from my drama WATCHING list here…)

hmm…“1. Sanada Maru, waiting on eps 35 on…elsewhere…”.
2. Queen Insoo, waiting on episodes 56-60…viki."

I recall seeing somewhere a certain someone had thoughtfully promised to complete this drama…would you happen to know who?

(Adrian Monk mode OFF)

gào cí

…for I have miles to go, and promises to keep…

and what word I have given, I shall endeavor to redeem it.

♬ Lamenting the unfinished elegy, regretting one’s helplessness; ♬
♬ Fearing the passing time. I only live for my beliefs; ♬
♬ Let the future generations be the judge ♬



I had other requests too like Connie’s helping me out a lot IRL and those people have been waiting for a long time so… besides! I watched it all already so it is even slower with the regular slowness. Sorry. I’ll attempt to finish asap.


Alas, the principal subber on Queen Insoo has not been well.


Oh, Linda, I completely missed the “c” or my elderly eyes thought it was a typo. And, as I have my settings to show me the latest posts from all threads, I also didn’t see it was posted in the Chinese drama category. My mistake, I’m sorry, I’m deleting that post. You might delete also your reply to me and then I’ll delete this one too, so that the thread remains clear of things that don’t belong to it…


yes, the valiant mulgasis - which is why when sophie2you said she would help, I really hoped she would complete the drama.

there are a good many folks who would really like to see that one finished. it really is a GOOD drama.

So if this would happen in ANY fashion, I would be thankful to the person or persons who did it. Because mulgasis deserves support AND the drama is really exceptional.

I need to watch it end to end again once it’s ready. It’s that good.

…and now back to the Chinese drama discussion.


There is no need to worry this, as I said, the fact is, we didn’t get anything we really need on Chinese dramas right now.

The fact remains - and yes, K Drama got a good buffet.

We are happy for you here and yes, we work on ALL Asian dramas - I have I think completed 3 K dramas already since I started volunteering in September of 2016…my greatest affinity though is with the Chinese dramas, and that’s also my joy at present with Condor, Demigods and ASITW.

And should we get something that well, makes any sense in C drama land…we will obviously welcome your help too!


but…the fan channel GREAT DELETION OF 12/22…shall not be forgotten… GPG, Novoland, and so many others stricken entirely here in one bloody night.

…all that remains is my word, my name is no longer here.


Nirvana in fire!!! yeah the three kingdoms


Ode to joy 2


LOL I love this ‘term’. This is actually the Season 2 of it. LOL. Season 1 was ‘played out’ in Sep although it was with prior notification. Oh well, many (Cdramas) fan channels were taken down back then too. Sad. Sad. SAD! If love wasn’t the motivation (for the V-community), I think a ‘ghost town’ would have taken over. :grin:

PS: I hope Viki keeps copies of the subtitles on file somewhere…

You are probably already aware… but if not, just FYI. The Condor wind will begin blowing strongly again soon. The 2017 version is upcoming on Dragon TV on 1/9/17. Wonder if Viki will license and host it? It’s helmed by Li Yitong(Demon Girl) and William Yang Xuwen(Legend of Chusen 1). Looks interesting too (although I’ve had my fill of Condors, this can wait. LOL). Such an awesome classic that never will dissipate into nothingness.



Sigh. Yes, and that’s why I did the survey - to find out what really was on the fan channels during stage one and what we could do to save them.

It was then I wrote and posted a number of things including the survey information and tried to get license apps out and tried to find a way to convince the viki overlords to respond positively. To also try to help all of us understand that a full 46% of the Chinese Drama here was on Fan Channels…and at risk.

And the answer I and everyone else got was The Great Deletion.

I don’t think they saved anything, I doubt it. Because that would have meant contacting someone and possibly telling them “look, we’re going to save the files, be off them”. Instead…the silence tells us all.

As for a new Condor - who knows. I will do my best to complete the one I have, and it’s hard to really beat the Condor from 2008. It is listed in the top 20 ever in the historical/wuxia for good reasons - and the cast will be very hard to top, all of it.

Remakes…sometimes are great, sometimes are lesser. It remains to be seen.

I guess on all of it, we wait and see. And now I have to go back to keeping my word. That’s all I have here right now. Thank you for your response. (bowing) and Honor to the Valiant Volunteers, all of them.

pax vobiscum omnes
per ferrum, ad astra


I wanted to remind you something that you maybe already know. That sometimes, for some dramas if not all, there is someone who saves viki subtitles. They are… ehm… to be found in some sites we all know of, although I cannot post the link here for obvious reasons. You may want to go and collect them from there, to keep somewhere safe just in case these dramas get licensed in the future and appear on viki again. Thus you wouldn’t have to re-do all the work.
On one such place I did a quick search for “Legend of the Condor Heroes” and found the following:

The Condor Heroes (The Romance of the Condor Heroes) (2014) [they have viki subs]
Green Hill Fox Legend (Legend of Nine Tails Fox / 青丘狐传说 ) (2016) [they have viki subs]
Armour of God II: Operation Condor (飞鹰计划 / Fei ying gai wak) (1991) [it’s a film, not a series]
Return of the Condor Hero (神雕侠侣 / Shin chou kyou ryo: Condor Hero) (2001)[ I don’t know if they are viki subtitles, probably not, however they are complete, all 40 eps]
Legend of Eagle Shooting Hero AKA Legend of the Condor Heroes (射雕英雄传 / She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan) (2003) [the subs are not English, unfortunately]
Heroes Shed No Tears AKA The Sunset Warrior (英雄無淚 / Ying xiong wu lei) (1986) [English but not viki]

You know what you’re looking for, so you could find stuff much more quickly and easily.