Which upcoming cdramas do you want Viki to license?


I was able to locate this drama on another site - and it has another name too. the first thing is to search Viki to be sure it isn’t here somewhere already. I searched and it is not there under any of the two names I have found for it. This drama also aired in South Korea as well. It has a 9.0 rating where I looked for more information. Another name for this one is “Da Ming Wangchao” by the way.

If you submit for the channel and you get a license for this, please let me know if you need a Channel manager and I may be willing to help on this one to lead it. I do enjoy historical dramas a great deal - but the first step is getting the channel and a license.

So please let me know if you do need a leader and would like me to take that role - otherwise there are other folks around who could give you a hand as well. My one requirement would be that you definitely stay in there to sub this one - I do know how to segment, and it could be we will if nothing else tackle it together over time. Depending on interest around here, we could get help also.

Anyway - I will make this offer and keep in mind, I am not guaranteeing my help but giving both of us an option there. I never want to over-commit and I DO have some really good ones possibly for approval right now - one is The Advisors Alliance, which is definitely historical too! :slight_smile:

Best of luck, and well, talk to me if you get a license, if you wish. :slight_smile:



An extremely interesting drama about how a girl becomes an actor even after suffering many difficulties. There is also a second 季, except it hasn’t come out yet. I really liked this one. Plus, both the main actors, 陈晓 and 袁姗姗, are both very famous and good-looking.

Also an extremely wonderful drama. Both main characters are strong and smart. The story is also written by Ding Mo, so it goes well with 他来了,请闭眼 and 如果蜗牛有爱情. It’s another detective story about serial killers. Very exciting and fun to watch ^.^ It’s released in 3 sections, although all 3 have finished uploading.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


I don’t know any new shows that I could suggest because I’m new to this whole idea of licensing… But anything wuxia has my 100% support.


Hi Linda, thanks for your offer! I will be happy if you could be the team leader as I don’t know how to carry out the subtitling work at all, and I’m not sure how many people we need in order to subtitle this long TV drama. First of all, I’ll download this drama from Chinese websites and upload it to Viki. Then would you be happy to organize the subtitling work? Of course I’ll stay in the team (but I can’t promise how much work that I can contribute now, because I’m a student and my final exam is coming in one month. However, I definitely can contribute lots of work after my exam) ----- So I’m giving both of us an option. If you wish to discuss more, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Thanks for your help. I just applied for a new channel. Now let’s wait for the next step.


Thank you for the kind explanation! I will download this drama and upload it to Viki. And would you like to join the subtitle team?


These two look really good. I love Chinese Dramas that are full of fantasy (the one about Ghost must be awesome) and they also have wonderful special effects.

There are several here I want to see but they have no subtitles although they are uploaded and licensed. I get tired of waiting for the subs since they take so long to sub them.

I miss all those great Chinese dramas viki site used to have fully subbed here. I just finished watching ‘‘The Lost Tomb’’ which I read somewhere lost the license here. Luckily, is 10 episode only so I did marathon watching before it was removed. If anyone reading this has not seen it yet, I encourage you do so. It’s a great drama. My fave Indiana Jones feel with action pack and so many funny parts too.

The second one, Rainier Yang, I watch anything that girl is in. She is a wonderful actress that can be serious when she has to and will make you cry and so hilarious in the funny parts she will make you laugh.


You can’t upload anything by yoursefl, you can only try to create a promotion page and hope that Viki gets the licence.


I need to clarify what happens here at Viki -

You request the channel be set up as a licensed channel - then Viki does the downloading of the videos - we can no longer do what we could before, where fan channels could get videos independently.

So you go to the community page, and scroll ALL the way to the bottom left hand side. There it says “request a channel” - and follow the directions. :slight_smile:

Then once you hit the button, it tells you that you will not be able to load videos, and they will tell you if you get a license. :slight_smile: The channel will then appear privately on your profile - go to projects, it should be there for you. If it doesn’t work, contact kristie and she can help you if something went wrong in the process.

Once it goes live - which you get a notice for - then you can add people to the team, and otherwise try to promote the drama to get a license. If you look at China and filter for 2017, you can see right now there are 9 channels that have licenses with videos and the rest are fan channels trying to get licenses.

I hope this has helped clear up any questions - we cannot load videos and work, we must get the channel approved, get the license from viki first - and they will then load the videos. :slight_smile:



Hi! @lilliewu 9.5 on douban is indeed a high rating. Very rare high rating. Some of my friends and ex-colleagues in China have highly recommended this old historical to me, but I haven’t watched it yet. Perhaps I should now :slight_smile:

Interestingly, it has lately been given a new lease of ‘life’ after ten years. It has just started repeat broadcast on Chongqing TV, and also just made available on Youku (and other sites, legally or not).

I’ll be glad to join you too. First, a channel request for this drama has to be submitted.
Jia You! :relaxed:


No, wait! Maybe I didn’t explain myself well. You request the channel, viki makes a fan page visible only to you. If all goes well viki approves the channel and the fan page becomes public so that you can publicize the video and ask people to request the license. If all goes well and viki wants/can pay for the license, they do, and they upload the video. Only viki can upload stuff. We cannot upload anything. It used to be possible, but not anymore, since last year.
It’s usually a long wait, you need patience. Wishing you the best of luck!


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Important news - The Advisors Alliance is now June 1st AIR DATE! And extended from 50 to 60 episodes!

So we now need help getting the license for this drama which really has some great potential. Watch the trailers, if you wish to follow and help us on the license, that would be splendid. :slight_smile:

I have a new clip with Liu Tao posted on my page as well! :slight_smile:

By the way, I also rewrote the channel description… :slight_smile: Maybe I can get a really cool badge for that someday? :slight_smile:

Anyway - yeah we need this one added to the REALLY NEED CAUSE THEY ARE AIRING SOON LIST! :slight_smile:

Honor to the Valiant Volunteers :).

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut
Yeah it took THREE KKD to calm down after reading 6/1 and 60 eps earlier! WHOO HOO! Oh very YES!


What happen after submitting a channel?


They either approve it or not.
Before they approve it you will see it is a fan page but visible only to you, not searchable.
If and when they approve it, then it is visible to everybody and you also receive an email notification.
If you search for the title and you find a page but not the one with your name, it means they have given it to somebody else.
If you get it, you must look for a team, create a cover page and start making publicity among friends and acquaintances, pestering everybody asking them to request for a license. You can post in the comments, frequently, with news and pictures of the drama, links to youtube trailers and so on.
After that, there are two cases: either it gets licensed or not. Sometimes you get to know a couple of days before airing, sometimes even after some episodes have already aired. Be it as it may, you have to have your team ready, not look for it at the last moment.


Thank you! Now let me see how to set up a channel.


Ok! Let me request a channel first.


Thanks for the information. I commence now.


你好朋友们. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make a topic yet. But I see people with much knowledge about Chinese movies/series here. You are exactly the people who I want to ask a question.

Some time ago I randomly clicked on a Chinese tv serie/movie. I remember a scene where a girl had a little yellow chick in her hand. She gave it to somebody to take care of it for a moment because she was in a rush. If I remember correctly this scene was played in a village or little town.

I hope you guys can help me remember what serie or movies this was? Anyway thanks for the effort in advance! 谢谢


I disagree, I think Viki license all historical korean dramas. They air and are subtitled very quickly. The chinese historical or wuxia series are being very snobed. Many times, I found a serie not completly subtited and abandonned by the team. The modern series (with very young characters) are not my cup of tea . Viki should balance the kind of series. I hope my english is understandable because I am French. Viki, I LOVE HISTORICAL DRAMAS.


I think it is concerning some get forgotten. I remembered a series that came to mind to me: The Bride with White Hair - and I see comments going back 4 years on it talking specifically about lack of subtitling… no subs from episode 8 to 42.

I’m not a huge fan of the older historical/wuxia stuff but I can imagine it sucks for people who are. What’s the point of the license if it doesn’t seem to be getting subtitles?