Who Are You Missing! Who is gone (serving) for 2 years or due back soon!😭


Junho 2PM - Counting down the days he will be home March 20th
Woo Do Hwan Just left around July 2020

Park Bo Gum just left Sept 2020

**Kim Myung Soo “L” from Infinite just left the end of February**2021

Who Are You Missing???



I AM counting down the days until March 20th!!!:heart_eyes:


SHINee’s Back!


I hv not watched any of Minho (Shinee) dramas. What do you recommend.? I know some guys are gone that I have not met yet. Kim Myung Soo just left like few days ago I was waiting for him to go. He had a farewell video​:sob::sob::sob:


Minho came back Nov 15, they released an album Feb 20, Don’t Call Me. Here’s the MV for their title track.


I need to get to know him! He has quite the BODY I have seen when I look up my other Minho (Lee) I usually see SHINee Minho. He’s HOT


Hey - They took us off the home page! I was sad!!!


Do you mean our collections?


Yep! They were gone this morning I noticed when I got up. Mine is now on like page 5 or so. Lost in loneliness. hahahahaha


I couldn’t figure out why my The Women We Love to Hate collection suddenly had followers, then I noticed we each had a collection ‘featured’ I think it left yesterday. At least we got some followers out of it. :smile:


I had a bet I could get to 1K followers. I made it to 937. I don’t get my cupcake now!
Umbrella: He Saved Me From the Rain Cool, my collection without the picture thingey! hahahahahahaha

Hey! How did you do that link without the whole picture thingey


Wow, impressive, I only go 109, but I didn’t do the promotional work that you did with your umbrella thread.


You use the hyperlink button. Enter the link and the title, without a title it highlights the link.


Who is the guy with the black feathers in his hair in the phone booth??


That’s Key, I’m sure you recognized Minho with the red hair and Taemin with the white bandana or light highlights, Onew is in the red bandana or black hoodie.


KEY is a cutie! Yes, I recognized Minho! I may recognized one of the other guys too.


Onew is the cutie pie doctor in Descendants of the Sun


YESSSSSSS I knew I had seen him before!


Watch TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU. this is the first time I saw him in drama and have seen this drama more than 4 times. It’s hilariously funny!