Who Are You Missing! Who is gone (serving) for 2 years or due back soon!😭


Somehow I missed the question of which Minho dramas to watch. :woman_facepalming:
I agree with angelight313_168, To the Beautiful You is worth watching. I’ve actually only seen that one and Hwarang which of course has Minho and Park Hyung Sik :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Down girl! Didn’t I just send you a mountain worth of SAN bellybutton photos? :rofl:

Shinee has all kinds to MVs on YouTube that you can go through. :grin:

Ok… Here’s a list of those who will be out in 2021. I didn’t grab their pictures off this list because most are wearing masks.

2PM - JunHo - March 20
B1A4 Baro - sometime before July
B1A4 Jinyoung - April 9
FTISLAND Lee Hongki - April
FTISLAND Lee Jaejin August
FTISLAND Minhwan September

Seungri September 16, 2021

Infinite’s Sungjong May 2021

Infinite’s Woohyun August 2021

Pentagon’s Jinho November 2021

BTOB’s Yook Sungjae November 2021 - Our Seller of Goblin homes. :laughing:

BTOB’s Hyunsik November 2021

Yang Se Jong November 2021


He’s Key (Kibum) and he is definitely one of THE funniest artists EVER. the funniest part about him is that he just maintains his characteristic poker face while joking around…oh boy, I sit for hours laughing at him sometimes. He hates aegyo with a vengeance and recently trended because of the way he mimicked the new ending fairy trends :joy: he’s a 2nd gen artist so he doesn’t tire easily buut he just HAD to do this:


Don’t you just love the way he always pokes at MinHo? Key is 3 months older than MinHo but acts like an annoying, jealous little brother. :smile:

Kibum roasting everyone for 5 minutes straight (Ft BTOB Changsub)

Minho roasting Kibum for 6 whole minutes (ft Onew)

Minho and Key having a love hate relationship for 10 minutes straight


No, I want to protect Minho! :cry: But Key is part of SHINee so I can’t hate him. There’s no picking and choosing, I have to love them as a whole, but I still want to smack him upside the head sometimes. :gem::gem::gem:


:rofl: As all annoying younger brothers deserve!. (Even if he’s 3 months older!) :rofl:


And he really deserves it sometimes. :rofl:


I seriously need more belly button photos! Just a few is enough??? What??? And I know I have seen some seriously ripped Minho photos somewhere!


You’ll know you’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole when you see someone’s cropped photo and know whose abs they are. This is the cover photo for a collection and I knew right away who it was, :woman_facepalming: (I wouldn’t be able to tell San though I haven’t gone down that rabbit hole)


Is that Minho?

I seriously want to do a Belly Button War Thread! Would that be offensive! Or am I bored!


No, It’s Choi Siwon (Super Junior)


I have seen him do some pretty sexy moves with a microphone stand! :astonished:

Wasn’t Henry in Super Junior?


Henry was in Super Junior M, never considered a full member by some fans, or so I understand. I’ve never understood the whole thing about picking an choosing who’s in the group. To me it’s up to the members, and we as fans should accept their decision.


I miss D.O. :sob:
I can’t wait for his next drama.


Such a CUTIE!


Start one! I bet it will be popular! :laughing:

These guys show off their abs to catch the ladies anyway so why not plaster Viky community board with them? :rofl:

I really liked DO in 100 days.


Ok, isn’t it kind of exploitive though!


Exploitive? :rofl: These guys are exploiting themselves to their female fans all over the internet! :rofl: (There are probably a few guy fans too. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)


Ack! I just saw that Chanyeol is enlisting on March 29th :sob:


Yea, All able bodied men must go by the time they are 28 - celebrity or not. Their military has a valid reason for the draft though. After boot camp, a lot of the celebrities do their duty by entertaining the troops. But many celebrities, like Lee Seung Gi, go for the tough assignments like Special Forces.