Who Are You Missing! Who is gone (serving) for 2 years or due back soon!😭


I heard they cut it to only a year and a half now?


Ok Done go post go post!


Yes, considering they are still officially at war (only a ceasefire) it’s important for them to serve and even though I’m not Korean I’m very proud that they all willingly serve, it’s just sad to see them go for 18 months. :slight_smile:


I know we miss them and they feel like it is hard on their career. I know Lee Jong Suk said if you find someone better while I’m gone you can forget about me! Made me CRY! I even hope they are doing well. I hope it is restful for them to be out of the public eye for a min! It is a wonderful act of service to give up 18 months.


Yea Onew was the first to be discharged… sometime last summer.

Onew also has a fantastic voice. :grin: It’s really distinctive.
Listen to his voice in their comeback.

I mean a POP singer singing Italian Opera?! Oh heck yea!

Shinee members are all excellent singers. They harmonize very well. :laughing:

I’m going to miss Woo Dowan and 고양이 (L from Infinite) I’ve been calling him kitty-cat since he was a kitty in Meow Secret boy. :rofl: OH and missing SeungJae too. There’s nothing like a guy brave (or stupid) enough to sell a house out from under a Goblin. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I love Onew’s voice. It’s so beautiful.


This one still floors me, how can Onew hold a note that long


Yea I KNOW! He has fantastic control! I tried to do that but didn’t last THAT long! :smile:

He could probably dive for pearls since he can hold his breath a long time. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I’m waiting as patiently as I possibly can for EXO to get out :sob: and they all release one song before leaving as a goodbye, it’s heartbreaking…here’s King Vocal CHEN’s play on the word " 안녕" since it means both Hello and Goodbye :sob:

I felt breathless after hearing that!!!

really? They hype up their last-before-enlisting and first-after-discharge dramas so much that a lot of their careers actually skyrocket after discharge.


Yea, I have 안녕 :smile:


I think “they” sometimes feel that way the way that Lee Jong Suk felt when he cried at his fan meeting. I’m not saying that is necessarily true. We fans hold on to our favorites and are loyal to our “Boys”


Ahh I feel you…with EXO I feel like a total widow.
When the eldest, Xiumin, went first, there were tears everywhere, his own members choked up during a concert, he held a final fan meet and had everyone crying, both members and EXO-L. The day he left, half the SM staff showed up to say goodbye and it was like he was leaving forever or something.
The second member, D.O left a few months later. We all still cried and missed him like anything.
Third member Suho left. There were tears shed, and only his members came to send him off. He captioned his last post “If you enjoy the wait, it’s love.”
Fourth member Chen left and everyone cried because we hadn’t seen him after his wedding announcement.
Fifth member Chanyeol leaving and somehow my heart has slightly hardened :joy: It’s like, I feel sad all day long but it’s nothing compared to the UTTER DEVASTATION I felt when Xiumin left. I mean, with Xiumin I was on-the-floor-weeping and I feel kinda stupid about it now lol

When he returned in January everyone went completely loco because our first man was home. He held a huge fan-meet and a member surprised him and everyone was ecstatic and shedding tears of joy.
When D.O came back, he just had a surprise V-live.
The emotions start toning down and I feel like an old woman whyyyy :joy::sweat_smile:


I’m counting down the days 2PM Junho last member home (and my fav) waiting for his LIVE! I better not miss it and I don’t understand a word of Korean but here and there! 15 days and counting!junho%205


Oh how funny. I don’t get emotional like that. I am the type to hand them their shield when they go to war. I don’t cry. That messes them up. They have to go strong. :sunglasses:


ahh, lives :joy: you don’t understand a word they’re saying but you’re just content to see their face. When they laugh, you laugh.

And if they say ONE word I understand, I’ll be jumping all over the place thinking “I KNOW that word!! I UNDERSTAND HIM!!! I’M SUCH A GENIUS!”


I am like that reading hangul. I’ll try to pronounce something, then slap my forehead groaning when I understand it. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Usually because it’s Konglish. :laughing: Konglish is hilarious!


:rofl: I still get a kick outta that one from Mr. Queen!


I do know about 20 Korean words! And yes, I’m LIKE I know what he said he said REALLY or whatever! It makes me so happy when they say something I know! It is the LITTLE things in life. Ok, so this is how crazy I am. Junho has cats, he loves them, he put a video up of him basically videoing the cat sleeping and the cat yawns and you just hear Junho say meow and " I understandArasseo (알았어) And I DIE!


Ok so the words that I know are:
진짜/ Jinjja - Really
제발 (jebal) - Please
여보세요 (yeoboseyo) - hello
gwaenchanha - are you ok
여기 (yeogi) - here
kajima - Don’t Go
잠깐만 jamkkanman - wait a minute
I have more about 20 I know especially I can say I love you and I wanna break up!
I wish I could get a tutor


There are so MANY free online classes that you can look up!


So I have this thought! What if there was an agency where you could chose a KHottie to do on-line learning with - I’m just saying that they could make a good living doing like VIPkids for adults in Korean!