Who Are You Missing! Who is gone (serving) for 2 years or due back soon!😭


I don’t think they’re back because Hajoon & Jaehyeong only left Oct & Nov of 2020, but…
The Rose released a new MV yesterday! :hearts:


I saw that on his Instagram!


Han Seungwoo of VICTON

He enlisted back in July 2021.

Good thing is that he update fans quite often.

I’m a fan of his solo work. I’m sad he won’t be releasing any music for another year.


Well he is yummy!!! LOL

Baby Bird :bird: or Hottie Posse (27 and up) LOL


:grin: He is indeed!

Intl Age 27 Korean age 28 :wink:
HOTTIE POSSE ++ new member hehehe his birthday just passed Dec. 24th :blush:


Nam Da Reum is enlisting in one week, he’s only 19, :sob:
I guess there’s something to be said about getting it done early. I’m sure it’ll give him valuable life experience. I wish him well.

Nam Da Reum Announces Military Enlistment In Heartfelt Letter To Fans | Soompi


Wow. I’ve heard of some going early, but 19? That’s…wow. Good luck to him. I wish him well.


I think the ones that go early are smart - then they can come home and get into their career. I know Park Seo Joon did it and I think it went well for him!


I think it helps that he has already made a name for himself in the industry, starting as a child actor. A lot of the guys are just getting started at his age, so they feel they have to put in the time to build their career first. Yoo Seung Ho is another one who enlisted early, but he too was a child actor. That’s an advantage for them. Nineteen still seems exceptionally young (He refers to himself as 21 in his letter, interestingly).


Once Nam Da Reum discharges, he will be ready for main lead roles!

He’s very smart to do it early. Like @my_happy_place mentioned, he already made a name for himself. He won’t be easily forgotten for 18-21 months.

There was another child actor who went in early at 19 as well, forgot his name though. I’m not sure if he made a comeback on the screens yet.


Korean age, 19 is what the rest of us would consider him.

That was my thought too. I enjoyed him in The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim, but watching it I was thinking he needed a bit more time/maturity to be a true leading man, and this will give him some valuable life experience.

I hope all goes well for him. And all our other KDrama, & Kpop guys.


I know they calculate it differently, but I haven’t figured out how. I need to research that.


they consider the time spent in the womb as the first year of life (they round up,) so a baby is born 1 y/o, then on Jan 1 everyone gains a year. A baby born on Dec 31 is 1 y/o but will be 2 y/o the next day. Clear as mud?


Yeah, I knew about the being born at ‘1’, and I kind of figured out along the way that somehow they added the next year at the ‘new year’, based only on discussions I’ve heard on various variety shows. I wasn’t certain, though, and had never done my own research about it.


Now I’m questioning if it’s Jan 1 or the lunar New Year, I seem to recall it being Jan 1. If you do look it up let me know which.


I was wondering the same thing. Especially since it is the Lunar New Year celebration currently.


So my preliminary research of a handful of websites (not sure as to the authenticity/authority of these sources), and each of them mention January 1 as the date at which everyone gains a year to their age. So, for each new year, you would be 2 years older than your international age before your date of birth arrives and then 1 year older after your date of birth passes.


Seriously can KangJoonie and MyungSoonie come back already


EXO’s leader is back!! :heart::sob::sob: He was discharged on Valentine’s Day, and he posted a handwritten letter to mark his homecoming


He worked in public service, in a child care facility and a vaccine centre.

This is an extra-special day for me, because he’s the only member who’s gone and come back while i was a fan. I was there at his final fan meet and I waited for the entire one year and nine months with the rest of the fandom. It just feels lovely to be able to say hello again after so long! :heart: Waiting to see him again!


I was reading an article about his discharge, and all the praises he received from his superiors. It said that he never really took any sick days, and he said it was because the kids loved him and he couldn’t leave them. How adorable is that? His letter is really sweet too.