Who decides what dramas end up on the main page banner?

I always thought the most popular, talked-about dramas that Viki had to offer were displayed on the main banner. And those dramas were displayed till about… Doom at Your Service.

Lately, I’ve noticed quite obscure, not really anticipated, average-rating dramas on the main banner. I couldn’t understand why that was on the main banner when there were very popular On-Air dramas airing at the same time. The Devil Judge hardly got any time on the banner. Lovers of the Red Sky has been shifted down to make way for GO in Your Heart.

Why am I making this an issue? I feel like it puts unnecessary pressure on the GO in Your Heart team and also causes unnecessary misunderstandings about the way Viki works to newbies. GO in Your Heart isn’t even rated on MDL yet.

It’s experienced delays in air dates. People have been anticipating it for over a year. It already has enough to struggle with. Only two episodes have been released and neither have been subbed fully. But it’s already received a WONDERFUL rating of 9.2 :expressionless:

I just feel like there are so many choices that would have been better for the main banner. If you don’t want only the Korean ones(Lovers of the Red Sky, Great Shaman, Police University), cdramas The Bond and Stealth Walker are also On-Air with a decent number of viewers. I don’t look into j-dramas much, but with the sudden overflow of them, shouldn’t there be some popular ones?

GO into Your Heart is marked Vikipass Standard. So are they pushing the pass or the drama selection on Viki? If they’re pushing the pass instead of displaying the hot collection they have, isn’t that just stupid?

It’s like they’re ASKING for a whole host of complainers:
“Viki teams used to be so fast. I’m disappointed.”
“WHEN will they release ALL the episodes?”
“Viki gimme all the episodes!”
“Why did the English subtitles disappear halfway? VIKI BAD! VOLUNTEERS LAZY!”


What should I say? I guess I am too long with Viki that I don’t even ask such questions anymore.
That might be good and bad in one.
Since the last hiccup with disqus I gave up on the comment section, and it came along with giving up the comments under the video player, that I personally liked because you could ask questions or discuss a bit further about certain scenes … So those “nasty” comments do not reach me any longer.
Anyway, I will say it again, I don’t like the way Viki treats their volunteers, especially the past 2 months were pretty disappointing, since open feedback practically is no longer existing. Yes, do it all with requests, but well as a volunteer to stand in line with a grave problem is just … Like it was 8-9 years ago. One feels like everything is making progress, except the relationship of Viki with their volunteers.
Does it sound depressing? I guess, but nothing much I can do about it.


Last time someone asked that, the official answer was it was based on the current global popularity of a show.

That’s why it might not always correspond to the list of most popular shows that week. First, that’s a weekly average. And second, it’s country-specific.

I don’t know. I mean, why wouldn’t this show be super popular? Chinese shows are huge. What I was told once was that a high percentage of people watching Chinese shows on Viki are watched without subs.
Yes, the Chinese volunteering community on Viki is small and they are under pressure. But it’s not the first time. And misunderstandings with regards to subbing are always going to be there because of the way the subtitling process on Viki works (video being released for the audience before the Eng subs are done).


I’m on that team. I don’t feel ‘pressured’. (but maybe I’m a work-a-holic who should quit being retired and go back to a real job. :grin: :sunglasses: ) We try to crank the episodes out as fast as we can, not because we are rushed but because we want people to be able to enjoy the show. That show drops around 8 Am and we get the 2 episodes ( 8 parts) segmented usually by 9 am. Then our work is Quality controlled and it gets passed to the subbing team. The subs from yesterday are at 90% & 84% and this mornings’ episodes are already at 81% and 33 % which is pretty darned fast work.

Truthfully we have a whole team and many of them are also working on other shows simultaneously. I see the same people working on so many shows. :smiley:


That’s great, then. As long as y’all aren’t feeling pressured! :smile: All the best on your project!


The android app automatically scrolls down to the Continue Watching tab, so I don’t even see what’s up there. :sweat_smile: