Who has authority to delete comments? Can I find a reason why?

I recently replied to a comment about a drama. The subject was stereotyping and prejudicial humour in the drama - which I’m against. I don’t believe my comments were offensive - would like to know who erased my comment and their justification - do channel managers have that power. I did not and never have disrespected VIKI guidelines. How can I know who and why?


Read the guidelines for comments

Was it a Timed Comment or a comment in the Disqus comment section under the reviews?

If it is a Timed Comment, then moderators have the right to delete comments that may spark fights.
If it is a Disqus comment, the volunteer team has no access to them and no power to delete any - only Viki staff, but they usually intervene after a report, and even then very rarely They are very prompt if there is advertisement of another streaming site. And Disqus itself has some filters and puts comments on hold if they contain certain words (nobody knows exactly which).


I have read the guidelines. ( I subscribed many years ago) . ‘moderators reserve the right to remove any content and any user for no reason at any time’ - I’ll admit I have a problem with the ’ for no reason’ but again, I’d like to know was it the moderator or does the system use ‘keywords’ to automatically block messages without a human being reading them ’ I am jot a DISCUS subscriber - privacy concerns.


Thanks Irmar

Does this mean I have to join DISCUS to have my questions answered?

So I guess it was a comment on the page, not a timed comment.
If you are not a Disqus subscriber, how did you post the comment, I wonder whether that’s possible.
Anyway, I think you should ask Viki staff by posting a request in Help.

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Thanks! Will do

Funny though I have left comments and replies before not using discus

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Do you mean you commented in the episodes themselves as you watched them or on the drama page underneath ‘reviews & comments?’

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Try opening up a help ticket here on viki, I once noticed that my comments was under review while others were not, this was a comment on the drama I was watching. I went ahead, and did a ticket, they got back to me, so try the help ticket. https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
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Maybe your comment is still pending?
This happened to me very often.
You can see that if you go to your comment profile (only this one!)

I should add my experience this to this discussion though some time is already passed. Lately some comments of mine were sudeenly deleted; i really really honestly could not understand why. might sound crazy but they were not offensive at all, and also far from spoiling. then i commented again asking for feedback, everything i posted disappeared (i guess automatically) and now i see i cannot even write anything there. it is on the page of Boys Planet, which i really like to participate and i also was considering of joining for subs recently, so i am really disappointed that i got a door in the face without even one explanation. perhaps the ones who did it just didnt agree with my opinion and contestant favs, but hey the game is still on and we want to exchange about it. I would really like to know why. its actually scary and disappointing.

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Welcome to the Discussion forum :slight_smile:

Here are some comments of yours that I found. The comments seem to have been appearing pretty quickly and only the latest ones are shown on the first page. When you scrolled to the bottom of the Comments page, did you click on “Load more comments” to see the pages of past comments?



thanks so much for the prompt response. yes what i describe happened in the last 2 days. as you see i just commented on the show without spoiling or insulting. samewise, i just gave my wish final list and i guess it did not resonate, or was it by chance too close??, nevertheless i - like many - gave my wishing list for the final formation. when i saw they were deleted, i could still see them on discus and aksed them to be reviewed. but then i noticed another comment of mine, again no apparent reason, got deleted and asked openly in the discussion why they keep doing this. perhaps they just banned me, but i could like to know why. so i found this way to put it out there without being it deleted i guess… maybe it helps future users.

by the way, would you say my visible comments are problematic? maybe i am misunderstanding sth

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i found this page but i cannot say under which category i should write my message to the support team. is it “report users…”?

Most are not deleted, they are just put aside for review.
I recently wrote one too, where I talked about Joseon hair styles, so it was impossible that it were offensive. But I did put a link (to the awesome Talking Cupboard blog, that analyzes everything sageuk and is a treasure-trove of info), so that was probably what triggered the automatic “away for review” thing.
And later in the day (like 5-6 hours later), my comment appeared.

The only ones that get deleted are the ones mentioning other streaming websites, Viki competitors. And of course if it’s spam, if it contains really really offensive words and gets flagged by many users.
But mine disappeared as soon as I wrote it, and I don’t think anyone had even time to see it.
Therefore, before opening tickets or complaining or imagining dark scenarios, just wait for half a day or so, and then refresh to see whether your post appears.
If you don’t like this, then avoid links, other websites, avoid words that have to do with language names (such as Spanish, French, Italian, American), avoid the words “subtitles”, “subbers”, “team”, “translation”, “episode” and other things that might make the bot think that you are a sub-whiner.
I’m not mentioning real bad things like swearwords because you already know those.
(Instead of episode you can write ep*sode or put spaces in the middle of words etc).


ok i see, that was quite helpful and reassuring. probably the fact i once mentionen YT cause there were things already streming there, but anyhow i understand there are apart from the classical offensive behaviors also other stuff that trigger review automatically.
thanks a lot

Good luck with this, as I have had comments deleted that were basically the same comments as other posters. I recently had my updated review on a show deleted, but it held on to the original one sentence I said before updating it. Then when I said I would report the updated review being deleted as I questioned the deletion, then the whole ONE sentence was blocked from the public with a big INAPPROPRIATE content. So, my first sentence was inappropriate that they kept before? It’s laughable, it really is.

Then I was told I could change my review and no, I couldn’t, even though I did what they suggested, then when I asked why I couldn’t review on any show they said take screen shots. I did, never heard back about my screen shots. No one ever answered why I couldn’t review on any show after this incident. They told me to take my cookies off…I did, nothing changed.

Then I was told that my updated review that was deleted had nothing to do with the show, and when I asked why and what part they wouldn’t tell me. I asked them why the WHOLE review was deleted then and why didn’t they block just part of it as I’ve seen blocked sentences in comments before. No response. They also asked me in the beginning if I had proof of what I said, and no I didn’t so of course that means if one reviews, comments, etc, one should have proof I guess, or it’s questionable as to who is telling the truth, the subscriber or the deleter. My review of the show was a 10 and I explained why I gave it a 10, as I felt the show was a huge learning lesson for people.

I also notice that since I complained about some of the subbers, in the past, (before all of this) and I know all subbers aren’t bad, some are actually very excellent, that when I went on some shows to review or comment (after I said what I said about subbing mistakes, etc) that my comments were deleted or I couldn’t review on that particular show.

I personally would like an explanation for deletion, I think it would be helpful to know what one should say, or shouldn’t say, or at least one should be allowed to explain what they said and why they said it. I do think that some are sensitive about complaints, whether that be subbing, shows, etc, but they really should take into consideration that all information , actually can improve shows and allows (imo) for better comment interaction, etc in the future. I’m all for “we can agree to disagree”. If one is wrong (including myself) one should apologize, and learn not to repeat the same mistake, if one can’t take emotions out of dealing with the public then perhaps one shouldn’t be in that position overseeing subscribers.

I could rate stars but I was not allowed to do reviews on any show, so I went and did a little test and rated some shows low to see what would happen. Some stuck, but some were deleted, so you know there’s deleters out there that can make decisions not based on a subscribers review of the show but on their own review of the show and/or perhaps how they feel about the subscriber. Who knows. I’ve seen many people get offended about complaints about subbing I’ve even read comments where english speaking people are told they should learn korean or chinese. Would love to do that, but in the meantime, can I just be able to read and understand what’s being said in the subtitles. Lots of languages out there that I would love to understand but it’s not possible to learn all of them.

Bottom line, it is what it is. There are some people that have the power to click a button whether they are right or wrong and they are behind the screen and don’t feel like they have to explain themselves.

People can use rules, give explanations but the proof in the pudding in what is actually said, and an explanation as to why that statement got deleted. I for one, especially if I’m wrong, want to know why I was wrong, if for no other reason a learning tool for myself in the future.

I fully agree that it would be wonderful. But that would mean appointing a human to do it - and as we all know, Viki is SEVERELY understaffed. Although some AI are very capable too.
Maybe they are afraid that if trigger words are revealed, people will just put some symbols in the middle of the trigger words and thus avoid censure.
However, I repeat that there are no deleters among the volunteers. I’ve been moderator, editor, channel manager. I’ve never had any power to delete comments. Timed Comments yes, and I am one of the most active in deleting offensive and useless Timed Comments. But the Disqus comments on the Reviews and Comments page, none of us can do anything about. It’s Disqus and Viki who moderate those pages. And I can assure you that a remark about poor subbing is not going to trigger them. If they cared about poor subbing, they wouldn’t put some of those paid subbers who, frankly, suck (not all! There are some good ones!), in the place of trained volunteers.

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Someone is deleting them. And again, how can I do stars on one show (no review) and it’s not deleted but on another show they are deleted? Why would star ratings even be deleted?

my first impression was that the ban or detete was not consistent at all, which probably means that it was a moderator and not AI. it happened kind of gradually. Anyways, perhaps for the better, i dont need to give my time to viki discussions that much. Guys thanks so much for replying here. I really really appreciate it.