Who has authority to delete comments? Can I find a reason why?

I recently replied to a comment about a drama. The subject was stereotyping and prejudicial humour in the drama - which I’m against. I don’t believe my comments were offensive - would like to know who erased my comment and their justification - do channel managers have that power. I did not and never have disrespected VIKI guidelines. How can I know who and why?


Read the guidelines for comments

Was it a Timed Comment or a comment in the Disqus comment section under the reviews?

If it is a Timed Comment, then moderators have the right to delete comments that may spark fights.
If it is a Disqus comment, the volunteer team has no access to them and no power to delete any - only Viki staff, but they usually intervene after a report, and even then very rarely They are very prompt if there is advertisement of another streaming site. And Disqus itself has some filters and puts comments on hold if they contain certain words (nobody knows exactly which).


I have read the guidelines. ( I subscribed many years ago) . ‘moderators reserve the right to remove any content and any user for no reason at any time’ - I’ll admit I have a problem with the ’ for no reason’ but again, I’d like to know was it the moderator or does the system use ‘keywords’ to automatically block messages without a human being reading them ’ I am jot a DISCUS subscriber - privacy concerns.


Thanks Irmar

Does this mean I have to join DISCUS to have my questions answered?

So I guess it was a comment on the page, not a timed comment.
If you are not a Disqus subscriber, how did you post the comment, I wonder whether that’s possible.
Anyway, I think you should ask Viki staff by posting a request in Help.

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Thanks! Will do

Funny though I have left comments and replies before not using discus

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Do you mean you commented in the episodes themselves as you watched them or on the drama page underneath ‘reviews & comments?’

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Try opening up a help ticket here on viki, I once noticed that my comments was under review while others were not, this was a comment on the drama I was watching. I went ahead, and did a ticket, they got back to me, so try the help ticket. https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
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Maybe your comment is still pending?
This happened to me very often.
You can see that if you go to your comment profile (only this one!)