Who is Watching "Doom At Your Service"?💜 DATE WITH DOOM!

Jang Hyuk - I love him! Wok of LOVE well Junho my :purple_heart: - but Jang Hyuk’s gangsta character I love! I don’t remember the crazy laugh in Wok like in Fated. But I actually love him when you get past the fact that he laughs out of pain in Fated - but I digress

I do love Lee Dong Wook - He is my Grim REAPER - I loved that character

Like I said before - It is so nice we all have different tastes! I have friends who loved this show or that show and then they are not my favorite - Viva la be your own self

(I make up abbreviations all the time cuz these things have very long names)

Trying to End on DOOM - Just saw it has flipped to READY TODAY - YIPPIE


Keeping Seo In Guk a secret is sort of unforgiveable. That would be like discovering penicillin and keeping it a secret.

I can imaginge a reboot of Goblin in which the two main characters have this exchange (could work either way):

“How the hell did I end up with you as my housemate?”

“It’s your punishment for not telling me about Doom At Your Service.”

“Ya! Why should I tell you about an unoriginal K-drama starring some guy who has half my looks and half your smarts?”

“Sad how you have never been able to handle minor deity envy.”

“I beg your pardon; in the minor deity department I am totally functional, and none of the ladies I have met over the past five thousand years have had anything to complain about.”

“Whatever. Which of those ladies did you steal your fleece jammies and Hello, Kitty house slippers from?”

“Shut up and hand me the remote!”

(from http://littleangelwish.blogspot.com//2016/12/the-lonely-shining-goblin-episode-4.html)


I AGREE totally - My life is now complete but WHATEVER I had to discover him myself! True Confession I kept seeing his name - And I had wondered about him for a while!

Oh my BROMANCE - My BOYS - Grim Reaper and Goblin my #! kdrama
That is so FUNNY!

DOOM is definitely I think going to be in my TOP 5 and I am moving close to watching 70 dramas since July 2020.

70 Dramas?? Omo! Daebak! Pass the popcorn.

Time to do a script and call into the earthly realm the most heart-broken, struggling, admirable, romantic, snooty, Italian-bespoke suit-wearing (maybe English?), naïve, fussy, justice-conscious, snack-addicted Confucian/Taoist/Buddhist/Shamanistic minor deities ever.

Thanks to my parents’ willingness to pay for my grad school education, I know about Journey to the West and all the influences it has had. I know the basics of Asian history since the Chinese invented writing. I know about Lao Tsu and Sun Tsu and all the dynastic bloodletting back and forth pretty much everywhere ancient Chinese influence and power-grabbing.

My strength is sarcasm, snark, and man-the-barricades rabble-rousing on behalf of the average soul; my weakness is having only “map knowledge” of Korea. Seoul? Busan? Incheon? Hallasan? Buraksan? Inwangsan? Regional dialects?Not all the kimchi recipes are the same? This pottery is not the same as that pottery, you dunce.

What the what?

Where I am, it’s almost time for an early lunch, which means that in Korea it’s past bedtime. So I need to go make some fried rice while everyone still up late in the center of the universe is huddled in hoodies and blankies, ready for bed but . . . not quite.

Our common bond . . . our boxes of tissue. Unity!


DOOM Do DOOM DOOM DOOM…you can hear the PLOT Thicken

My phone just buzzed to tell me that DOOM AT YOUR SERVICE IS available - she says as she contemplates watching it without English SUBS 11 am Oh watching the review it s giving me chills - I’m really invested aren’t I

@choitrio your UP

Ok - Update to the Update to the Update - I started watching it without the subs! Make me STOP
After watching the review of the last 4 episodes - I am so seeing a FATE here, and he says it - Like they are so meant to meet in a cosmic fated way - like who would want doom on their doorstep (um me cuz he is HOT) but she kind of CALLED him - she needed him and he needed her to complete some kind of cosmic fated help from their dreary existence - her cancer - etc! OK I’m cleaning and thinking…I love the way he takes her hand!

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This right here :rofl::point_up_2:t5: is “You Know You Have Watched Too Many K-Drama When?”


I always look at my clock and know what time it is in Korea when I check my time! I know when my BABES are in bed ------ hahahahahaha!

DRAMA - I possibly need this! hahahahahahah!

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: I believe you :laughing::rofl::joy:
We all know you must travel to your hearts’ dreamland to treat this addiction. :blush::blush::blush: I mean, it’s the only solution! And, the only cure.
Nope! A slap won’t do! Start making your travel plans, amass a team if you need to :rofl::joy: you’ll find them somewhere here, from every country, ready to :luggage::airplane: travel together!(◠‿・)—☆ (◠‿◕):ok_hand:t5:

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my passport is by the door - just in case DOOM (or my BABE BABE) wants to rescue me!

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You’d not know what to do with yourself if they did :face_with_hand_over_mouth::laughing::laughing::smile: you’d do a elmo faint :woman_facepalming:t5: so embarrassing, :laughing:please hold it together, if that ever happens, and that crying double fountains of purple tears, keep it together, for the dignity of us fans please! :laughing::joy::rofl:

Now here is a thread to fill your waiting for the next Doom episode to drop, I think everyone has their own funny drama? Yes?


Subs are at 68% its coming FAST

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Not again :joy:

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I just came from subtitle editor. The English team is definitely working really fast.


I need to buy them chocolate or flowers or dinner or Tteokbokki - At 68%
Can you relay that I LOVE them!

I am off to give the Heart Goes Doom some hearts

The first few minutes after he gets stabbed and their confrontation after he pulls her away. She knows that he is in pain too!
My heart is pounding!!!

Shall we take bets on what Eps we get our 1st Kiss! It is usually Eps 10…in I have watched too many kdramas that I know this kinda way

I did it because you might get hurt - that you might be hurting even more - Why?


Well, it almost happened. What a teaser of an episode.:wink:


WISH we could bet money on that kiss bc KISS is coming on episode 6!!! Now I’m anxious for tomorrow’s episode watching raw!

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A couple of good lean ins - lean ins - I love the lean in!



Let’s talk about Park Bo Young’s character! Her eyes are so darn expressive. This is my favorite of her roles so far. I liked her in Oh My Ghostess (not a fan of SWDBS). She exudes chemistry and love towards a being that has even given her pain - even with the fact that she is dying - she has shown kindness and love - such a complex character!


What I love about her as an actress, that she always closes her eyes when kissing the guy. If you see her eyes opened as guy approaches, she won’t kiss, but once you see closing those eyes, the kiss is coming!

Her personality is totally different and very lay back and sure of her acting.

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The BROTHER is so hilarious!
If he doesn’t stop crying I’d want DOOM to erase his memory too!:star_struck: But he’s so SWEET

Let’s Go Shopping to learn how to be HUMAN

DOOM - that blue sweater - Oh my gosh he is so cute and flirty - Ok I’ll STOP

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