Who is Watching "Doom At Your Service"?💜 DATE WITH DOOM!

Photo CTTO
Oh my goodness!

So what was she thinking at the beach that he pretended not to hear???
I’m enjoying the ROMANCE And we are only on #5
I want a supernatural boyfriend that takes me to the beach. He is starting to want to make her happy.


One thing that’s very annoying in this drama that they are advertising that HUGE style of sweater (I have them in red/green and blue but they are WAY oversized in the drama). Anyway, even the aunt had the sweater on too, and she’s suppose to be in Canada?

I want to see ‘‘DOOM girl’’ out of those sweaters forever already. Too big for such a tiny girl (she’s only 5’2’’). OH… THE brother made me cry so much, but the one that’s really cute in there is the one that gave him the job in the cafe (that guy was in the drama; RUN ON) horrible drama by the way. The main lead in run on can’t act for NOTHING. I hope he improves bc looks don’t count if you can’t act (I think his name is Shiwa? Whatever HE can’t act for nothing.

YES he still doesn’t have the Main lead Role yet but hopefully he’ll get there bc his acting was better than Main Lead in Run On.

I noticed him in Tale of Nokdu he is usually a 2nd lead I don’t think he has a ML yet. His is cute. Kang Tae-Oh

@angelight313_168 the cafe owner is Kang Tae Oh

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Who is Kang Tae Oh? The girls brother or cutey from cafe?

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Oh my HEART!:purple_heart:

What he asked her at the end - AW - DYING! Can’t wait for tomorrow :purple_heart:DOOM :purple_heart:
He basically just told her that he is willing to die for her - LOVE ME! UGH I just realized that. that will free him like I thought too. I see a box of Kleenex in my future

PS TEAM LEADER - OH I love this GUY! You need a new leading man - I can help you with that! deep love deep love who says that

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Whow! He can :musical_note: sing! :notes:


He is the Cafe owner. He didn’t get a lot of screen time as of now (till ep 4), maybe, he’ll get it in future episodes.


Um, yes.



Good Night! See you tomorrow!


Waiting on DOOM!
Let’s Workout with KHotties!
I love these guys!

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Eps 6
Ok almost died when he said “Sleep with me, hmmm” with those puppy dog eyes hanging onto her arm! This is like the cutest thing I might have seen in 70 dramas by a ML… And now she is TRYING NOT to LOVE him Seriously who could tell him NO So now he wants her to love him so he can die and she doesn’t want to love him cuz she doesn’t want him to die - oh the irony - And what is he really up to!!!! :woman_shrugging:

My HEART goes DOOM - Subs - You guys ROCK beyond ROCK 94%

Dreams do come true - :kissing_heart: Might be my new favorite in the rain & he looked HOT

And I’m still Team TEAM LEADER -

If he side smiles one more time - Whoosh!:smirk:

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Oh my heart!

I know what’s happening!!! I’m crying aw noooooooo!

I NEED YOU GUYS TO TALK ME OFF THE LEDGE - Where are you guys???

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I went shopping again and haven’t seen DAYS yet sounds awesome. Gonna check it out now.

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Oh I hope it was fun - I’m not a shopper! Never have been. I like the on-line thing.

It’s more than awesome I think

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What a kiss! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And that “Sleep with me” :rofl::rofl: He’s so cute sometimes.
Things are getting more complicated. :grimacing: I hope we won’t get the amnesia. No reset please.

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Wow, if I do this workout, I can save money by by canceling my Y membership. And I won’t feel guilty eating snacks late at night when I sit down to watch DAYS (hey, cool acronym in English). A different kind of “Days” of our lives? You bet!


I think I’m in love!!!
I think he either has a double-ganger mortal human (no) or he forgets her (no)
I cried when he disappeared they both finally found each other but
he WAS up to something and has now changed his mind- Mind Blown!

I’m all about WET Seo In Guk

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Check out these guys on youtube - they have lots of workouts that ARE so FUN! In between waiting for DOOM we can workout with Khotties! Why not! Pass the Popcorn - DOOM is in the ROOM!

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This photo is a whole lotta :star_struck: :heart_eyes: drool. A :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: !


I needed a super Quick 2 Eps filler drama last night after DYING OVER DOOM! DOOM is IN THE ROOM!


This Splash Splash Love is so Romantic and what a sweet story that comes full circle at the end!
If you need a little sweet romance - go watch Splash Splash Love while we wait for DOOM



I might have just watched that cliffhanger scene at end of Eps 6 like in stop-pause like 14 million times!



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