Who is Watching "Doom At Your Service"?💜 DATE WITH DOOM!


The Man Living in Our House. Now renamed by Viki (what’s this thing, they are renaming everything) as Sweet Stranger and Me, Second lead.


Male Lead


That is true but I think young men who start maturing get a more profound jawline and that is what makes a difference as well, some teenager boys do not look always good until they become older meaning more masculine…

Lee Sook Hyuk played in Local Hero drama… can’t find it on viki and he played in another that was on viki


This guy… in every role, no matter what the character is, he is always the same. His acting, his expressions (or rather, lack thereof), even his look/style.
In Doom he’s slightly more human.


I honestly haven’t paid much attention to him, he maybe needs more practice :wink: What you describe happens with some other actors/actresses… some have this stoic expression in every role :joy::laughing:


Making me CRAZY - Making me CRAZYYY!
Seriously Why is he not in my LR


Haa! Ha! They seem oblivious :face_with_hand_over_mouth::laughing: they’re so into smooching deeply :smile::laughing::smile::smile::laughing:


I’m gonna believe you, 'cause this is a repeat post.


Well - I still always forget about the White Truck of DOOM - bahahahahahahaha!


OMG! You’re a gone-ner!:laughing:


You Asked for IT!!!


:laughing::rofl: I’m so dead :rofl::rofl::rofl:
All is not fair in Love, & War :star_struck:


Is this Doom’s Side Story? (。◕o◕。)
At 15:23 to 15:32 they all change so magically?
And, no, I have not started watching Doom, but I’m good, so, why is this change so magical? How did she take the gun without them knowing?


No - He’s the 2nd ML in DOOM -
That’s Handmade Love - where that actor is a ML I was wanting to see him


Got it! Seems somewhat intriguing.


Yes -


New Hottie!


:chipmunk::dash::dash::chipmunk::dash::dash::chipmunk::dash::dash: and off you go!


He’s been in quite a lot of shows so far. How much more?


I like his stoic/quiet way of acting - it’s just his way - but I need to watch him more! So far as TEAM LEADER I like him - I tend to like stoic characters though I watch for the little nuisance things they do. He’s very arrogant! I’ll watch him more and see


Completely agree, each one has their own way to do things. It’ll be boring if no one can add their own touch.