Who is Watching "Doom At Your Service"?๐Ÿ’œ DATE WITH DOOM!


So tell me! If that actor kissed you like that - and you were the actress - I would have such a crush on him! This is why I am not an actress. I would be like - CUT - can we do that AGAIN


I wish I could :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I donโ€™t know how they can resist not kissing them for real (certain actors only)


If you watch that kiss close - Seo In Guk was kissing for REAL - FOR REAL REAL


Thatโ€™s why I canโ€™t be an actress (one of the reasons haha)


Iโ€™m in LOVE and he didnโ€™t even KISS me!!! hahahahahahah! Oh poor Seo In Guk we are all Swooning


Exactly, Iโ€™m in love. We should make a list of our crushes :roll_eyes:
No, I think that itโ€™s not a good idea (so many hahaha)


I thought so too bc the kiss looks extremely real, and in another article a long while back; I read that he warns the actress he kisses them for real, but I donโ€™t know if it was true. I mean as long as their breath doesnโ€™t stink, it would be an honor to be kissed by several actors that I find SO very sexy.


Good point! haha


I like the way he looks at her when she says or does something that surprises him.



sorry yโ€™all trying to do โ€œcatch upโ€ on the dramas on my list, just havenโ€™t gotten to doom and to catch up with that, I am a few episodes behind, I think I will binge watch it tomorrow!


Have you met my HOTTIE POSSE - total other thread I have! I have 7 crushes! And Seo In Guk has joined my Hottie Posse! Just recently!!!

These were my original posse of 6 - Now Seo In Guk is #7
Come over to that thread and post yours


Itโ€™s possible. Shows that explode outside of Korea ofttimes arenโ€™t as popular there. The King Eternal Monarch was LOVED by international audiences , but not so much in Korea


I know what is that all about - I loved KTEM! has a lot of deep meaning in that show


For one, KTEM was violent as hell , not expected for what was expected to be a โ€˜soapyโ€™ show. Think about it , Lee Rim was so bad they had to kill him three times ( past , present and future )โ€ฆ


He is so gorgeous!!!

Hallelujah Praise the LORD - Why is that not me??? Cuz poor thing Iโ€™d fall in love! Again - why Iโ€™m not an actress!!!:purple_heart::woman_facepalming::heart_eyes:


How important is hair style and cut!



Iโ€™ll check it!!


He had to lose a lot of weight also! He is such a TALENTED singer! AMAZING! He also doesnโ€™t always think he is attractive I saw in an interview recently! - I think heโ€™s beautiful - I just love him!

I started following him on Instagram - he is so darn sweet I canโ€™t stand it.


TEAM TEAM LEADER! The umbrella kiss because he felt sorry for her! OMGOSH

Hey besides โ€œScholar That Walks the Nightโ€ what other shows is he in - I just love his sultry voice
Has he been a Main Lead yet??