Who is watching Yumi's Cell?


I thought TvN renewed YC for a season 2.
So like Irmar says, there will be a season 2 if filming goes smoothly.

I didn’t mind the ending btw. Yumi has definitely grown throughout the series.
Is she perfect? Nope, far from it, but she’ll have more room to grow.


How old is Yu-mi in the series?


She was 32 in episode 1. She dated Wung for 1.5 years or so (even had a birthday in episode 6 or 7)-- she might be 33 or 34 by episode 14.


Yu-mi’s Cells was written by a man.

Whether he also thought of biological conditions of the FL (and I mean that serious).
The question arose because i recently watched some Japanese older woman - younger man series.


I had a feeling this was the case. I seriously rolled my eyes at the “Hysterius” cell :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:.



I thought that the author was very successful in depicting the mindset and thought processes of his woman character (Hysterius cell included). And he also gave the perspective of the man well.
I didn’t like the childish animation with the exaggerated voices, but otherwise I think this webtoon teaches us a useful lesson, through this terribly insecure and immature girl, and how she has to learn from her mistakes.
And generally, for both leads of season 1, how important communication and trust is in a relationship. The man also was terrible at expressing his thoughts and feelings, he had trust issues, and he also put his pride (saving face) first, with nefarious results.
It was really painful to see those two blundering and ruining everything because they couldn’t just TALK. Even at the very end, they could have just discussed their issues. But no! He sacrifices and breaks up “for her sake” although he still loves her, and she says “I agree” to the breakup although she still loves him, only to save face and not seem clingy and pathetic.
This childish behaviour is so pathetic in itself that it makes you bang your screen.

Here is an interview with Lee Donggeun.


For the reasons mentioned above, I would have let Yu-mi be around 27-20 at the beginning.


Wow! 512 episodes. We are nowhere near the end. There has to be more than 3 seasons to get through it all.


Season one has covered more than 200 so far, maybe more.


Yes that’s true. I think the cells were well written.
I had to roll my eyes, because I’m familiar with the damaging effects of the phenomenon ‘hysteria’ in history, especially when it comes to women and their emotional state. I could’ve enjoyed the “Hysterius” cell a lot more if it didn’t have that name (,the negative connotation) and didn’t follow the stereotype completely :neutral_face:.


According to this season 2 is officially announced by TVN it seems.


YES! I was not familiar with the webtoon (other than knowing it existed) before I started watching it here. The ending of the last episode of this season was like a kick in the gut. I wondered if I was missing something, or if there were more episodes coming out later that would tie everything up neatly like I’m used to with K-dramas. :joy: When I found out that there will be a second (and maybe a third?) season, I felt a little better. The on-screen chemistry between Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun was AH-MAY-ZING and to see them break up like that at the end was almost physically painful. (I was INVESTED. :woman_shrugging:t2:)


Finally Viki wasn’t able to get licence for season 2… I am very sad


Which platform is it?
If it’s iQiyi, then Viki might be able to get the license.


Really? Are you sure?


I thought it’d premiere in June? The trailer for S2…

I can’t wait!

But… Noooo, I’d rather see Woong and Yumi end up together even though Park Jin Young looks like a good pairing for Kim Go Eun.

I still can’t get over the “stark” difference between Woong and Do Be Man lol.


Yes I am sure

Yes it is iqiyi, let’s keep our fingers crossed!!!

First ep premiers on June 10 (BTS comeback day)



:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Love it!

Yes! We need S2!

Viki, please license Yumi’s Cells S2…