Who makes celebrity pages?

I am just curious as to who makes the pages of celebrities.
Some of them are just… well… kinda funny. :sweat_smile:
Some pictures are either too weird, or from over a decade ago. Not to mention that I once found two pages for the same celebrity :neutral_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow:



why??? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Viki is.
Write a post like this at the Help Center it will probably been taken care of. As you might already know it can take a bit of time.
About the why? Celebrities probably do not sell licenses otherwise Viki might be more careful.


A bit of time? This kind of requests take forever.
Eight months ago I made the following request:

Two Japanese actors, the leading men of the series Jin and Jin Final, have no info at all on their profiles. No picture either. Could you fix that?
Osawa Takao
Uchino Seiyo

A month later I got a very nice reply:

Thank you for writing us. I have escalated your request for information about Osawa Takao and Uchino Seiyo. These actors are related to the content “Jin” that we have on our site.
Once our content team receives this request, they will update the page accordingly.

So I started hoping. Another two months passed and last April my ticket was closed. I was appalled.
I made another ticket:

Why did you mark it as solved? There are still no picture of the two actors.

One month later I received another reply:

I will keep this ticket open. However, I am not the one who can fix the problem you mentioned. I will leave this ticket open for as long as it takes for the engineers to fix. Please note, the department that fixes the problem does not use help desk. I escalate the problem to them. Keeping the ticket open doesn’t affect the work to be done or expedite it.

I mean, don’t hold your breath.



Hi all,

Thanks for letting us know about these celebrity pages. I’ve passed this directly to a member of the team that manages these pages.

Viki Community Team


We need a photo for the silhouette, and description for the “About” of our celebrities :raising_hand_woman:t5:‍♀ :ok_woman:t5:‍♀ :sweat_smile: :star_struck::+1:t5:
This is 정지소 (Jung Ji-So) via asian Wiki https://asianwiki.com/Jung_Ji-So
or Hyun Seung-Min (현승민) as she’s listed on Viki.
Here is her IG https://www.instagram.com/mint_ziso/
You may know her from the epic Parasite, but I first watched her in the epic Samsaengi when I’d get up at all hours to catch a few episodes of the antenna reception of Asian shows, on a local ICNTV, iNTD, CGTN, or WMBC channels. Watch Samsaengi in this playlist below. Here is a preview, and trailer.

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Has anyone noticed only silhouettes for our Actresses, and Actors here on Viki? Bring it to everyone’s attention, link it to this thread. This thread was originally created by @tweet998 in 2019! Good idea!!
This thread can be a good source from which Viki can go through, and make much needed updates! :blush::+1:t5:


For your information - In earlier times when the celebrity channels were added. Volunteers could be Channel Manager like for any other channel as well, and add pictures and information on their own. However, we know copyright and co, and maybe some agencies or even celebrities didn’t like the fan pages … We don’t know the details and a change came (but I really, really can’t remember when, I can only remember that it was still possible in 2012), so celebrity channels are now in the hands of Viki only, and about pictures it is the same, we don’t know the rules sometimes it seems either they need one give or use some who are given by the celebrity for commercial use. So many pictures come with delays …
And keep in mind the short amount of people working on it, there might still be a bigger problem than a missing picture, but I can understand that it’s always nicer to have a completed profile channel, than a somewhat uncompleted one.


Hence, the reason this thread can be useful for Viki to see what we’ve found incomplete, or incorrect. So, let’s add the repeat profiles, the silhouettes, incorrect “About,” or wrong photo etc. we find to this thread, as a reference thread for Viki. It will save them time.