Who Misses Shin Se Gi?

Ever since episode 7 and 8 I bet the every fan girl was waiting for Shin Se Gi to appear. Gosh I missed him <3

Just Shin Se Gi :smiley:


You mean, the ultimate bad boy with a good heart, Shin Se Gi?

For me, he’s just a smidge too much for a solo act. I like them split, like this. Cha Do Hyun might ultimately surprise us. :smile:

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This actor is incredebly handsome in Shin Se Gi act ! I thing Shin Se gi is a cool name to ! Hope we will see him soon ! :kissing_closed_eyes:

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I Love Shin Se Gi <3

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I think Ji Sung is amazing in all the roles so far but I know where you are coming from Hahaha. That eyeliner is very sexy.

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You’re reading my mind! I was thinking that eyeliner is THE thing that visually makes Shin Se Gi himself. However, it is also the thing that I both like and dislike (when I focus on it) at the same time. Completely confused here!

Btw, I’m sure you’ve seen this one already, but I’m putting it out here, just in case:



Ah ‘Secret’ just loved it. When he came into the story it sent sparks flying…


Yesss! I did miss Shin Se Gi, afterall! Episode 10 was precious:




Me!!! Meeee!!! Over here, Me! I can’t get enough of him! I just found another K-drama with Ji Sung (Secret) and I CAN’T STOP WATCHING IT!!! I know the show in and out, back and front! I watch all 16 episode to the end and just start from beginning again and again!!! I feel I am gonna wear it out!

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I LOVE HIM. :sparkling_heart:


If you continue to claim rights as a brother while having eyes of a man I ll take your eyeballs out.


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hehehehe! When he got up in Shin Se Gi’s face I wanted to laugh, because Se Gi could KICK his A$$ hehheehheeh!

hahaha lol I know right xD

Omo, this was ad libbed by Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum?!

Legendary Shin Se Gi :smile:



FLIPPIN’ AWESOME!!! Thanks so very much!!! :heart_eyes: Yah, can someone translate??? I am TRYING to learn Korean on my own and I don’t think I am really good at it yet, so please translate? Get the jist but just want to be sure. PLEASEEEE?

I think I’ll go on a Ji Sung binge. Any recommendations what to tackle first?

If you want to watch something funny: protect the boss, melodrama: secret, older drama: maybe save the last dance for me.

This is such a Legendary part of Kill Me, Heal Me xD OMG I just had to laugh so hard :joy:

Thank you! :heart:

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@bozoli. Oh everything. I did a week long marathon of Ji Sung after ‘Secret’ I couldn’t get enough I looked up his profile and got the list of parts he has played over the years and was not disappointed. He is brilliant in every role he plays.

@bozoli. I’ve just finished my latest Ji Sung binge check it out if it’s passed you by, ‘Swallow the sun’ and don’t be surprised if you can’t stop. I promised myself I’d just watch two at a time didn’t work out I couldn’t stop.

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