Who wants to visit South Korea at least once in his lifetime?

Hello Guys,

so I created this new topic where people who want to visit South Korea at least once in their lifetime can talk about their dreams and plans.
I am a truly Korea fan for two years now and it’s not only the dramas and the music I love but also the Korean culture.
I’m studying in Belgium right now that’s why I don’t have any time to go anywhere but I hope that I’ll be able to visit Korea after my studies ( I also want to learn Korean before I go).
If I really like Korea maybe I would consider spending my life there :slight_smile:
but for now just visiting is enough!

So guys do you have the same dreams as me ?
Then Join me and let’s talk about it our dreams,passions and plans for the future :))


Hey :smiley:
Starting next month i will study in Germany.
I would like to visit Korean once in my lifetime, too.
I love the warmhearted korean culture, the personalities of the people and the beautiful landscapes. Even though i never was there, ich can´t wait to see it with my own eyes, hear it with my ears and taste it with my tongue :stuck_out_tongue:
For almost 8 years i try to travel to korean, but never had enough money or time.
I would like to speak korean, too, so i´m learning a bit, while listening to music, dramas and comedy shows :wink:

Besides i want to see a famous korean star, no matter how, maybe it will offer a oppertunity for me, by chance.

May favourite places in korea , that i would like to visit/see:

  1. Seoul
  2. Yeojwa Stream
  3. Boseong Green Tea Field
  4. Cheongsando
  5. Nuri Peace Park
    6.Royal Azalea Festival, Hwangmae Mountain
  6. Chok-suk Pavilion
    8.Seoraksan National Park
  7. Jeju Island
  8. Songjeong Beach

and so on… :wink:

What is/are your favourite place/s you would like to see?

With my sister, we want to visit Korea but it’s expensive ! So we wait to have the money :slight_smile:

I’m planning on going to Korea for a few years now but I always pushed it forward because I don’t have as much money for it as I would like. The last thing I want is that I can’t do something I really want to do when I’m there due the lack of money. Like visiting concerts of my favorite artists or something. At the beginning of the year I made plans to go to K.Will’s christmas concert in december and maybe go to some other concerts or events but I can’t make it this year.

I first wanted to do some traveling around and stay at various cities but now I planned that when I go there I want to visit Seoul and most likely Jeju Island when possible for my first trip and then all the other places for my next trips.

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I would love to go to Korea, too! :smiley: Perhaps I will be able to go when I start going to university :slight_smile:

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Who doesn’t want to go to Korea ? :smiley: i hope i will be able to go one day T_T


i do i was thinking i can go to school over there

I think that, too. :slight_smile: I just wish that even I will not be too old…

I’m planning to visit Seoul for a week with a group of friends, next year. No husbands, no kids. Just us, girls. :smiley:


:smiley: That sounds great!!! I hope it’ll work out and you’ll Have a lot of fun! :wink:

Thank you!
It’s good to have supporting husbands ha hah ha… all hubbies are agreed to let us go and them taking care of the kids. They understand our crazyness over K-dramas and its actors in spesific and Korea in general. LOL :smile:


Kudos to all of your hubbies! Enjoy the trip!


I wish you a great trip! Have a lot of FUN! :laughing:

Congratulations to your husband! Such super husbands allow our fanaticism to Kiel at !!! Three children, household work and I would be next to no chance to operate here. I enjoy my husband’s full support, too. Moreover, he promised that someday, if it will be possible to financial, he will Korea pays an Korean cruise with my sister, and he will take care of the children. I could go to the B.A.P concert in Düsseldorf with this support. Moreover thanks to the support of my husband, I could do the August sub-a-thron the best :smile:

Thanks for the super husbands!


Thank you, @ajumma2! We will! :wink:

@szandra: Thank you :smiley:
I have 3 kids too - the oldest is 7 years old, the second boy is 5 years old, and the youngest is 3 years old. Busy life, I know! That’s why to have his support is really great :slight_smile: Well, he’s been to Korea twice actually when he was still single and he enjoyed the food. He’s not into K-dramas - he’s a guy after all - but sometimes when I dragged him to watch a drama with me, like watching My Love from The Star, he enjoyed that drama too. :smiley:


My sons also 7, 5 and 3 years old. I understand that you also have three son?
I couldn’t even get him to look at with me kdrama because of fears that he will be as dependent as I am :slight_smile: And this busy. 3 hours of sleep is enough for me, not him. But I have showed Kpop him and he like it too. I have a lot of albums, but for some reason all my kids favorite is Gangnam Style…hahahaha :laughing:

I envy your husband that he had been in Korea twice! I used to enjoy it, but not the food mostly, but … :laughing:


Ah no, my first and second are boys, the youngest is a girl - the princess of the house, also the one who bully the boys hahahaha…

I have OST from my favourite K-dramas in CDs in the car and once my son asked me, “Mama, are you Korean?” LOL. I said, “No, I just love the songs”. :smiley:

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The child’s mouth !!!

So cute!

Lol totally my little brother. He is 3 years old and he loves gangnam style. Yesterday when we were in the car he started singing it. I was like : he is learning korean faster than me lol

My brother loves kpop videos even though i don’t want him to watch them ^^
Because he’s little he does everything he sees. And well Girl Groups and their dancing is not something i want my brother to do :smiley: it’s embarrassing hahaha he loves watching the girls, in the end he’s a guy :smiley: :smiley:


The three-year-olds are learning quickly. It consists of a language. My smallest son knows the text. When his father heard it first, he almost fell off the chair. Especially when he perfectly sounded the “Oppa…Gangnam style”.

My sons are already fluent in German, I still have to learn a lot … the rest of my life. :laughing:
But I still have to learn a lot English and more Korean…

I totally agree with you that children shouldn’t be allowed to watch clip! Children simply don’t understand. I love a lot of clips, but I not let my sons watch. (For example: B.A.P Angel Himchan)
I don’t watch clips either, when they can see it.


Well it’s hard to forbid because I sometimes let him watch a children series and suddenly he is in the kpop section… Kids are so smart seriously :smiley: