Who wants to visit South Korea at least once in his lifetime?

I will go there next year in May or September. I have saved up 1000 €uros so far, but since I plan to stay for at least 3 weeks I need a lot more money, even if I manage to get a last-minute plane ticket. I will focus on Busan, because due to my rheumatism I am not a good walker (anymore). A big city with excellent public transport is just right for me… and I can even “cheat” a little bit by using taxis and cable cars to explore the beautiful mountains that enclose Busan. I am also busy learning Korean and writing Hangeul just now. I do it at home with a self-learner course including 9 CDs. Even though I had been to Hong Kong 20 years ago and even studied some basic Mandarin, I didn’t know where to find South Korea on the map. So sad :disappointed_relieved:


I had the great pleasure of going in 2015 on a tour. The Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles has a yearly field trip for students taking their Korean Classes. We went all over the country on a bus. I will never forget this and hope to one day go again.

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Hey y’all!! I was in Seoul last October (2015) for two weeks visiting a friend. Spent a lot of time walking and eating at places like we see in the K-dramas. The food was fantastic…yes…I had Kimchi. We traveled to visit his family in Yeosu and then on to Busan. Damn Korean men are so damn handsome. Planning on going back in the fall. If you like K-drama you have to go…fun to actually be there.

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I went multiple times in my lifetime but only remember the last two. The parental units say I went every summer when my paternal grandparents were alive. I don’t remember lol.

I think it would be fun to meet with Vikians who live in Korea. If you’re in Uni you can get paid to work and live there as an English teacher by the Korean government. For those of you in the sciences with Korean heritage check out your local Korean Scientists and Engineering Association. They send kids to Korea all expenses paid for the conferenxe there. Must be selected and nominated by local chapter.

If you’re in the US. We have our own Birthright-like program called 뿌리제단 that’s another way of going. Also Bridge to Korea takes kids for free (but you have to be in the program) from all around NYC for Korean-learners of all creeds and backgrounds.

The Peace and Unification Ministry ran it’s 3rd annual essay contest in the US on the neccessity of Korean unification open to those of Korean heritage with at least a permanent residency and not have been to Korea the last 3 years.

If you need justification as to why you need to go from parents and acquaintances you can easily find a conference in your field and perhaps your institution will fund you.

I went last summer as an adult and… it was not as big of a difference country to country as I had expected??? That was surprising. Please please stay longer than 2 weeks. If you have relatives I mandate at least a month. My 11 days went by in a wink!

Ironically biggest benefit of having gone there is understanding K-dramas more lol… I can’t exactly draw up a map of Seoul, but seeing places on TV makes me have a good idea how it sees, feels, and smells like.

BTW You guys get free admission into the palaces if you come in Hanbok! I think you can rent it at some places for free.

The yummiest meal I had was in the middle of nowhere and in Hongdae at DaeRiManJok. We had cheese pig feet with complementary riceballs and soju.

Do stay in Seoul because… your life will be difficult if yo don’t. Public transit ends at 10:30-ish pm and commuter rail is slow (faster than in the 2000s but still the Gyeongi Province Main Line (경의선) runs every 10 min).

Uh… don’t do the American thing of trying clothes on because… most stores will not allow it. Do not ask for customization of things because that’s not the culture… (I only understood the latter when I asked a friend when back to US).

oh!!! best place to exchange it cash will be the Chosun Bank at Seoul Station they nearly give it to you at the rates of the banks.

Phones. Get KT(Olleh)! get it when you get to Seoul or whatever big city you’re going to because the Incheon airport branch won’t give you the complementary wifi. I recommend Olleh because that’s the “free” wifi that’s everywhere. If you don’t have Olleh you can’t use the wifi in the subway stations etc.


Here are some tips about visiting Korea.

Hmm. . .neat topic! I definitely want to visit, I’ve been wanting to go for so long now, wished I’d done so pre-LockDown too! But! All things in it’s time!

Who reading this has, is visiting, or will?
Let’s hear it! :luggage::airplane: It would be great to hear about your trip!:blush:

Knowing the lunar year, might prove handy.


Neat! These two folks are reknown for their trips to S.Korea.
!British School Trip to Korea! - YouTube

Hi @eliana_am,
I’ve been reading through this thread, and there are many ways to travel with different groups. Take the time to read through, and check out the recommendations. Best!

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My daughter (20yo) and I are hoping to take a trip over there in the next 4-5 years.


I would like to Go on July 2024, my birthday. I am afraid to Go Alone. I am searching for Tour groups with girls.

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Those who like to travel with a group, here’s your opportunity!!
Maybe they are going to the country of your destination! :partying_face:
!Want to come on a trip with us? 👀✈️ - YouTube
cc: @jaynee_486, @eliana_am
Followup on the Group trip adventure!

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j’en reviens. Incheon - Suwon - Seoul - Soerak san- Gongwon -Seoul.
Je n’ai qu’une envie c’est d’y retourner. :slight_smile:


Hi! @ch_deco99_941,
Did you just now return! ! :smiley:! Your stay must have been everything! And, you miss it so much, already!
The desire to go is still strong for me, and if I can go, I will go so quickly.

Temples are great for the agenda.

I believe I want to go since I have 11 years into kpop. I’m very curious to spend a week in South Korea but I don’t have a specific place to visit, I want to find out while I’m there. Since I also have no one to go with, I guess this is why I have been putting off visiting the country so much.

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Group trip opportunity to one of five countries in Asia. You’ll need to take a survey. :point_down:t5:

  • South Korea :kr:
  • Japan :jp:
  • Singapore :singapore:
  • Thailand :thailand:
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@jaynee_486, @eliana_am,
You’ll travel with! (⁠*⁠❛⁠‿⁠❛⁠)⁠→ :point_down:t5:
whitneybae (Creator) on Rakuten Viki!

Check out this link in this post, awesome recommendations! :wink:

!South Korea Tourism Statistics 2023: All You Need to Know | GoWithGuide

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the Most Remote Island in South Korea

Now is hot tourist site for 20s, 30s in Korea. the amazaing story of grannies who lived there

Aug 26, 2023

Dokdo Island - Ulleungdo Island

Ulleungdo Island, located next to Dokdo Island. Its stunning natural beauty has made it a popular tourist destination for Koreans in recent years, but the island’s story is surprising.

All copyrights to this video belong to KBS. KBS is a public broadcasting service in South Korea.

koreahistory - documentary

Thank you for sharing my comment :heart_eyes:

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@sarahhwillsoon_832 ,

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I would really like to visit. The airplane ticket is going to be pricy though because it’s across the planet for me. It would be a dream come true to visit some time. Though to studying I can’t currently go so I am saving my money for the future. It would be so cool to see the cultural differences and to try the food.

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I would love to visit all my favourite kdrama sets. Would be amazing. Costs a fortune though especially as I’ve saved up for Japan and Taiwan next year

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