Who's better? star edition (Game)

just created this topic as i guess kinda like a game. we can ask questions of which star would you rather pick over the other, maybe add some more questions to it, make funny scenarios of you with these people. idk xD

so ill start.

which guy would be your pick, Gong yoo or kim jae wook?

Gong Yoo

Kim Jae Wook

I choose Kim Jae Wook. I love him, so funny and handsome! He’s one of the reasons I love Coffee Prince. ^^

Which guy do you pick? Lee Hong Ki or Jung Yong Hwa?

Lee Hong Ki

Jung Yong Hwa

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YONG ALL THE WAY! i love yonghwa so much. he’s awesome and very talented. i love lee hong ki too tho. (i love jae wook in coffee prince! xD im re watching it now, i truly love the boy xD thats why i put the two of them up there, gong yoo would win for me tho.)

you just got hired as a leading lady in a drama, and get to pick the role of your best friend. who would you want to work with? Park shin hye or yoon eun hye? ?

Park Shin Hye

Yoon Eun Hye

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i would say Park Shin Hye because she really picks good roles. and she’s always surrounded by handsome gyus.

Ok ! who are you most likely to hate in a drama ?

Park Sy-Yeon
Han Eun Jung

Park sy yeon because I don’t know the other girl :smiley:


Lee Jong suk
Kim woo bin ?

  1. Gong Yoo : I love him ! He’s a good actor and he is so hot !
  2. Yonghwa : I love Hongki’s voice but he has this crazy and feminate side (nail art :p). Yonghwa is a complete artist (musician, compositor, singer).
    3.Yoon Eun Hye : she’s a good actress and always have a great chemestry with her co-star.
  3. I don’t really hate the characters…
  4. Kim Woo Bin : Even if I think his roles are pretty similare, he has a great charisma.



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Ahhhh if you watched bride of the century he was awesome there. I watched it and as an actor I prefer hongki… I watched heartstrings 2 times and for me the acting from hongki in BOTC is a lot better but that’s of course just my opinion. :slight_smile:


gong yooo and some yonghwa on the side. with some yoon eun hye and a kim woo bin smoothie! (i dont know what im saying please dont mind me lol)

gong yoo is a fantastic actor and very handsome T.T yonghwa has it all! and yoon eun is such a great actress and has great guy casts. and kim woo bin… i just love him i cant xD

i pick SUZY!! i love them both but suzy is my girl since dream high and she not only is beautiful but i love her singing and miss A ! and her acting,the roles as well as her aeygo. she’s so cutee.

@dramaaaaa yay! so glad u joined xDDD

okay, super junior or exo?



(i put this question since they are like, the 2 most popular groups among kpop ever (not my opinion but the world’s)

Exo!!! I love Exo they are in the top of my favourite kpop groups, together with B.A.P, Vixx and some others :smiley: Tao and Lay are my biases!

Who do you like the best?






AHK!!! love them, love them all but definitely N!!! Vixx is definitley number 1 for me in those three. haha great question btw. forgot how many ppl have 1 letter as their stage name. (btw, V’s pic so cute! ^ ^)

okay, Ft. island or Cnblue?

Ft. Island


I have to say… ftisland…
I got introduced to kpop with this band and I kinda prefer their songs over the songs of cnblue don’t hit me don’t hit me pls

Also lee Hongki Is an actor and singer I like very much :))


Kim You-Jung
Kim So-Hyun

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I chose Kim So Hyun because she’s in I Hear Your Voice and I love that drama! ^^

Which drama do you prefer?

My girlfriend is a Gumiho


Coffee Prince

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My girlfriend is a gumiho

I really loved that drama but I couldn’t watch all episodes of coffee prince… it just wasn’t sth for me.
And in addition to that no min woo is in the drama which is making it worth watching it. Really liked the story and the ending.

Evil mom in bof

Evil mom in secret garden ?

Which one is worse ?

[quote=“dramaaaaa, post:13, topic:2129”]
Evil mom in secret garden ?
[/quote]Evil mom in secret garden ?
I would say her, at the end she stays the same for years, while in BoF she changes for the better.

What do you like better romance like Queen In Hyun’s Man or a melodrama like Innocent Man aka Nice Guy?

(i know this was already answered but im just saying lol) OMG im re-watching coffee prince as we speak i love it so much it was so romantic and beautiful its moments were the best.and FUNNY xD one of the best shows ever made. which would you prefer? i wish gong yoo and eun hye was in another drama together!!! their chemistry was everything. i feel like putting that pic you put of coffee prince as my background screen for my laptop lol (which currently has shinee on it…)
God, i love it xDD

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I prefer Coffee Prince, I haven’t finished My girlfriend is a Gumiho yet but I like Coffee Prince a lot more. I love Kim Jae Wook so much! ^^

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yes! hahahaha thats where i first saw him at. he’s so cute ^ ^ <3 i prefer it as well, tho its okay that other people dont. i havent watched my girlf. is a gumiho, i guess i will check it out in the future x)

i like jae wook but i watch for Gong yoo xDD

I feel so bad because I liked it at first !!!
It’s just… I don’t like dramas usually where they go around like boys and all that because it’s always the same. Main lead thinks he’s gay main girl falls in love automatically.
But the two were awesome !!! I liked them together and I love the main lead.

Personnally, I prefer Gong Yoo because Jae Wook played a lot with his femine side and I prefer manly guy ! But it’s sad that Jae Wook never had a lead role.

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Yeah, I would love to see him have a leading role. I liked Gong Yoo but Jae Wook just have something that made me love him. In the drama I really liked his character, the whole thing that he was japanese and everyone were wondering about it and his hair looked so good. I guess I liked him because I felt he was kind of different.