Who's your favorite 2nd-lead character?

          ***Which broken heart hurt you most?***




THE MAN NEEDS TO FIND SOME HAPPINESS SOON, DANGIT! LOL yes, ive actually created a similar topic and said the same thing, but i really felt the need to say it again, because seriously, he made my heart hurt soo bad for him. he can really act the pitiful and lonely guy part well. (my topic in case you want to see what other’s said: http://discussions.viki.com/t/why-do-kdramas-always-pick-a-hot-second-lead-and-make-u-fall-for-them/729 )

butttttt… if i was to pick another besides yonghwa’s characters, i would say

Jihoo from boys over flowers:

(poor man… she never saw him… )

and Goong’s YUL T.T him and jihoo remind me soo much of eachother. there both so dreamy and the perfect man :confused: being extremely nice to the girl who has no clue he’s alive. SMH

plus, he looks like SHINEE’s Onew, whom i LOVE T.T

so sad… so sad… what about you? xDD


No Min Woo in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Kim Jae Wook in Who Are You


I agree with You’re Beautiful and Goong. (I haven’t seen the others.) They make the 2nd so nice. How can these girls not like romantic guys that are into them?! I have to add My Girl to the list. That poor guy never had a chance, but he was so cool.

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Sooooo right … especially in who are you
I thought my heart is breaking into thousands pieces when i saw that scene…

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my girl… one day i have to see this haha since i havent seen this one yet, dont know what its about but i know its the more popular ones x)

you really should! boys over flowers is a really good story xD
marry me if you dare, ill be honest, i really REALLY was starting to love it, but the end sucked really really bad. felt like you wasted your time. :confused:

Kim Jae Wook from “Who are you”

and Park Hae-jin from “My love from the star”


Honestly, I watched My Girl simply because it was a Hong Sisters’ drama, but the girl annoyed me so much. I decided to not watch their earlier dramas. I discovered I don’t like their comedies quite as much as their melos.

Lee Joon Ki. ohh swoon! one of my favorites … (watch Arang and the Magistrate for him.)

I have to say Jihoo broke my heart the most. . . It was back when I had hope for the second male lead.
Even now… I hope the ending changes in his favor.

yes, i understand what you mean… they mess up allot of comedies sometimes, or so ive heard…

he really did T.T i was still rooting for him in the end HAHA! but i do have to say that what goo joon pyo went threw for her allowed me to say “okay, i want them to be together. straighten out those curls and ill say yes!” but it was soo messed up that he didnt end up with anyone. they couldve at least let him end up with that woman he loved before. and he STILL said “i object” in the end.

I forgot to say earlier, but even though I root for yonghwa’s 2nd lead, when he’s the main guy, did they really have to make him stand-offish like in Heartstrings?!! I watched that after You’re Beautiful, so I was so disappointed…

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ahh, well i think its typical for them to do that in a kdrama with a male lead being rude and all, because if you think about it, if the guy was very very nice, it wouldnt leave much room for a story to develop, and then sooner or later, the directors run out of problems/difficulties for the plot, and then it would probably end at episode 2. maybe some would argue that this wouldnt be the case in all cases, and maybe so.but it is the case in most dramas. like take love around for example,i liked that it was a change for once and the guy was a nice sweetheart since the beginning,but after a while it became quite boring.nothing new and no problems, which was good! but after a while… nothing interesting.

but yonghwa’s role, i loved it xD i like the bad boy side to him haha i tottaly understand what youre saying tho, i understand that you wouldve wanted him to be nice from the start, but i think its also exciting (or at least meant to be exciting, i know i like it) for the viewers to see this bad boy who would never fall for this girl as much as she hopes he would and would never change, and see how love changes him :blush: and to see how SWEET he was in those moments with her, just makes the viewers’ heart melt xD

only problem i have, why does he kiss with his eyes open? maybe they told him to T.T still so cute xD

(he also did that when kissing the woman in heartstrings).


however, this has been used in too many dramas, and i think they should change it up a bit sometimes.not always the same “bad-boy-who-would-never-fall-for-girl-does” (even though i love it x) ) and also, let the girl get the second lead for once!

Oh, yes. Yes! Yes!!! I get my hopes up every single time. I think “maybe; just maybe…” and I’m always wrong. I think it was I Need Romance 2 that was the most difficult for me, because the guy had a chance. More often than not, I’m upset because the guy never gets a chance, but I can handle it. They got so close in that one, though, and I really thought, “Yes, today’s the day. The drama cliché has ended.” However, it was not to be…

Kim Woo Bin from Heirs as Young Do. He is the first second lead I have ever cared more about the main lead. I did not want him to get the girl, I just wanted him to have happy ending with a girl. I wanted volunteer so many times for the man so he could get a happy ending.


Ah, yes. His story was so sad, that my heart was breaking all the time I saw him pining after that girl, and from his hairstyle changed, I knew that if I was in the drama instead, I would’ve run off with him on that motorbike in a second.

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Jang Sung-baek, Damo, played by Kim Min Joon

Actually I like all Kim Min Joon’s second lead.

Also Choi Jin Hyuk in Gu family book , Heirs and other dramas.


LOL so true. the only non-cliche’ ends for me were (and the reason why i love it so much too) dream high and dream high 2.spoiler spoiler the main characters didnt end up with who you’d expect it to be and that was awesome. that was the only show who they stould with the second leads.

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LOL yea even though im scared of motorbikes i wouldve jumped on his : (

and didnt he sell his motorbike for her? x(