Who's your favorite Korean Actress?

My favorite is Ha Ji Won!! especially the drama Secret garden :smiley:


i LOVE han ji wan!!! i loveeeeeeddd secret garden so much. (i should watch this again).
my favorite actress i love sooo much is Yoon eun Hye.
that girl has the best parts and chemistry with her actors and shes just great <3 and beautiful too

i would LOVE for her to have a collab with lee jong suk or kim soo hyun!!! and yonghwa again as lead with her cuz the last one just… didnt do me any justice.


omg I love them :slight_smile:

I liked Yoo-eun hye with yoo seung ho ^^


Omg same! I love her movies too, they are great

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Shin Min Ah, I’ve seen most of her work and I think she is beautiful as well as extremely talented.

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guys for me I have quite a few, but the best/favorite actresses for me would be PARK SHIN HYE, YOONA, PARK MIN-YOUNG, and YANG JIN-SUNG.

Yes, to this. I loved I Miss You even though it was an emotionally hard drama. Everyone was so good in it. I would love for these two to be in another one where he is the lead.


i really appreciate park min young’s acting ever since i saw her on Glory jane. the girl is such a good actress. i love her and she has talent yes!

Lee Da Hae, Yoo Eun Hye, and Park Shin Hye( is growing on me with each drama). Also, as an honorable mention Kim Sun ah from Scent of a Woman she was excellent in that drama. When an actress and actor have incredible range that really strikes me as viewer. I have not seen Secret Garden, I guess that needs to go on the list to watch. :smile:

So now, I have to edit this list. I have watched Secret Garden and My Lovely Sam Soon. I would say 1. Yoo Eun Hye 2.Kim Sun Ah 3. Ha Ji Won 4. Lee Da Hae 5. Gu Hye Sun 6. Park Shin Hye. Basically, if Yoo Eun Hye or Kim Sun Ah are in it, I will watch. They are just phenomenal actresses.

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@b2utybubbles I love Park Min Young in Healer. This drama is really good ! And her character is really cute !

There are a lot of actresses ! And I like Shin Min Ah, Ha Ji Won, Yoon Eun Hye, Park Shin Hye and Park Min Young too. So I would choose Kim So Yeon, I loved her since IRIS.

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I love her too :smiley:

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I have many favorite Actresses, but my absolute favorite Actress is Park Shin hye!

There are also Park Min young, Yoo eun hye and Ha ji Won :smiley:

Kang Sora is also one of my favorites since I watched Doctor Stranger, because I think she improved in acting and she is a beautiful woman ^^ :smiley:

p.s.: Sorry for my bad English xDD

kang so ra <333 love that girl. she’s also one of my favorites and i love her acting, she definitley is only improving and i think she does great. hope to see her as lead in a big drama soon! her crying scenes are very good and believable too.

your english is awesome ^ ^
and thats a very pretty pic of park shin hye :slight_smile:

Kang Sora was great in Misaeng :slight_smile:

Haha thank you ^^ And yes her crying scenes are pretty awesome!

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Didn’t watch it unfortunately :sweat_smile: I hope it’s a good Drama :slight_smile:

ahh!! i still have to watch that 1!!

@ran_chan_5 and @b2utybubbles> You should watch Misaeng ! It was really interesting and different. The actors were good !

I love Park Shin Hye too. I Like Her Acting!

i know! is kang so ra a leading lady this time? or shes just a side role? either way i heard its good and i love siwan so :blush: