Who's your favorite Korean Actress?


Forgot to add Ku Hye Sun…she was in the first drama I watched Pure in Heart. I finally got around to watching Boys Over Flowers and she is very good. I remember she could cry at the drop of a hat in Pure in Heart. As far as facial expressions, she tends to use a range compared to others. Although, it would be interesting to see her play a villian.


Hum… There is no love story in this drama. The hero is Si Wan and beside there are his co-workers. But Kang Sora is almost the only girl.


ahhh okay x)) it should be refreshing and different. ^ ^ right now im watching the 40- episode “glorious day” that, wasnt it you who also requested me to watch that 1? or am i mistaken… a couple of ppl recommended it. and then “Da chi go family” that has, 120 episodes O.O i dont know if i can finish that 1… but its funny so far xD and also pinocchio. but once i juggle it a bit i will try to fit it in miseang cuz i really want to watch all these dramas.


I understand you xD It’s so difficult to find time to watch these >_> I have a hole list with about 30 Dramas and I really don’t know when to watch them xDD

Are you just watching Pinocchio at the moment? Because Healer is on air too, and it is pretty awesome :heart_eyes: And Spy is also good ‘-’ And sorry for requesting more Dramas xDDD :sweat_smile: :joy:


It’s possible, I liked Glorious Day. I didn’t watch Da Chi go family. Now I watch and love : Healer (it’s really great !), Valid Love (Lee Soo Hyuk is perfect :stuck_out_tongue: ) and Pinocchio.


never heard of lee soo hyuk! haha
but i google imaged him, pretty cute i understand why you like him xD
ive heard so much about this healer! i dont know if i can watch it anytime soon, but what is it about?

da chi go is great so far, i just never have the time to keep up with it. but it was really really funny x,D the characters are awesome. i got inspired to watch it after the song


ugghh i know, and some of them i really really want to watch!! i wish drama world would just pause for a second, LOL they keep coming out with new ones when i havent even finished my list of older ones.

yeah i managed to keep up to the latest episodes when i can. its so goooddd!!! kfushswgjhrftiw lee jong suk ekirsgktjrktyrtgks

ive heard so much about healer lol this must be a very good drama then!

its okay,i understand, you cant help yourself when its that good xD


What is about ? Hum… The Healer is a thief. Everybody with money can hier him to steal something or follow someone but no murderer. A journalist hired him to find a girl. And the three (healer, journalist and the girl) are bound by their past.

The story is really interesting, there always are cliffhangers, the chemistry between the Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook is great, there are a lot of funny scenes and a lot of action scenes !

For Lee Soo Hyuk, he played in good dramas like White Christmas or What’s up. In Valid Love, his character is really manly but childish too. He’s really cute sometimes !


My favourite Korean Actresses…
I love Park Shin Hye,

I liked how Baek Jin-hee was acting in Triangle,

And Wang Ji-hye, but I think she always gets a negative role in drama…


that sounds like a korean movie i heard about, not sure of the name but it sounds like that one xD a thief, allot of money and a girl. i love park min young!
thanks for explaining it a bit. ill put it on my list!

ahh no wonder ive never seen him before, i never watched any of those dramas. but i did see, like the 1st episode of whats up a while ago.


hey, where did you watch glorious day at? ive been having a hard time finding a site now, well, i always did. but the site i found all of a sudden gave me this warning of malware on one of the episodes (or all, idk why) and i cant continue it T.T


Totally agreeable!


^ ^ glad we both feel the same! xD


The BEST? Why it’s Yoon Eun-hye of course! Her kissing scenes are no joke! Not like other…not naming name. Favourite actor…Gwad, that’s hard! I now and fascinated with Ji Sung!!! First it was Hyun Bin then Kim Hyun Joong, but now!!! JI SUNG!!! Still love the others but boy of boy Ji Sung (Kwak Tae-geun, his real name) got it going ON!!!


:blush: she is so so ambition
my favourite drama of here was i miss you


Always a big fan of Ha ji won after Secret garden and even a bigger fan after Empress ki lol. I also love Soo-Ae. I use to think she wasn’t all that in the previous kdrama she act but after watching Mask I really like her :smiley: . She defintly knows how to act and she’s also very pretty :3 . I think it’s just the role she got that made her not so interesting in some of her kdrama.


I would say Park Shin Hye: she is the first actress that I liked in my first drama. Plus I really like her actress game.


So In Sung, Ji Sung and Jan Hyuk. 3 real men and great in every role they play. I’ve watched every drama and movie they have been in just to see how they handle the different characters and roles. Hasn’t been one bad one yet. By the by sorry if I mis-spelt any of their names so just to clarify. Number one= lead in ‘It’s ok that’s love’. Number two= lead in ‘Kill me heal me’. Number three= lead in 'Fated and ‘Shine or go crazy’. These are their most recent ones but go right back 10 years or more and find they were just as awesome.


Jeon Hae-rim aka Ha Ji-won


Park Shin Hye is my most favorite. I also really like Han Ye Seul and the very young but talented Kim Sae Ron. Also really enjoying Kim Da Som in eccentric daughter in law. Have to also give cheers to UEE after seeing her in High Society. I didn’t like her in you are beautiful all that much, but really enjoyed her this time and her co star Lim Ji Yeon (not sure of the spelling). Have you seen her movie ? Pretty steamy.