Who's your favorite Korean Actress?


Gong Hyo Jin without a doubt is (and will most likely be for a long, long, long time) my favourite K-drama actress! ‘The Greatest Love’, ‘Master’s Sun’ and ‘It’s okay, that’s love’ - aka THE BEST DRAMA YOU WILL EVER WATCH are all the most magnificent dramas I’ve ever seen, and trust me, I’ve seen a bunch! I also love Park Shin Hye, she’s my 2nd favourite; Ha Ji Won in ‘Secret Garden’ (my 2nd favourite drama) and in ‘The Time I Loved You, 7000 days’ is also a favourite but nobody can beat Gongvely! She’s a wonderful woman, actress and all round human being!


Mine is Gong hyo jin


My current favorite actress right now is Park Bo Young. She is such a good actress and I can’t even begin to describe how cute she is.

I also like Gong Hyo Jin just because I have never seen her in a bad drama.


Park Shin Hye from Flower Boy Next Door and Pinocchio.


I have so many favorite Actress that i can’t choose becausethey are very good actresses. Yoon eun Hye,Gong Hyo Jin,Park Bo Young, Baek Jin-hee, Han Groo, Hwang jung Eum and Ha ji won.


park bo young all the way :smiley:


I like song ji hyo
She is my fav member in running man so i checked her out and think she is the prettiest


Young Yuh Jung is sooooo amazing.
Did you all know that she spent her own money on Minari to help pay the staff?

She’s really smart, thoughtful, honest and funny. I loved her in the dramas I watched. She’s awesome in Never Twice.


Kim Hye Yoon :heart_eyes:


Just watched ‘Find Me in Your Memory’ and fell for Moon Ga Young. She is so lovely and elegant.