WHY?! An another license just gone with the wind... how annoying! 😫

I just decided this weekend that I will start watching Thirty but Seventeen on Viki as I was done with some other Kdrama. And I just wanted to continue and saw…

:smiling_imp: :rage: :imp:

Why VIKI? Why?! :tired_face:

I really liked the episodes I saw so far and I would have loved to see the other episodes on Viki to as I prefer to watch things legally to show my support but now Viki is blocking me again…or maybe Kocowa who knows!!

@camiille do you have more information as to why?


you can still watch it legally on DF.

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I can’t, DF has no licenses for Europe.

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oh…sorry to hear that.

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Not sure whether Viki or Kocowa is to blame in this situation, but this is… embarassing (at the very least) to both.
When you make a drama available in a certain region, regardless if you are the owner or you bought the licence for it, making sure it stays available in said region, until it’s completion, should be a given.


Exactly! It’s not the first time they did something like this… but it’s more annoying as licenses are very limited these days to begin with.
Years ago I was working on a project as a segger and Dutch moderator. The drama finished airing and 1 or 2 days later the license was removed. So basically we where used…Viki always uses us but you know what I mean… Took them years to get the license back and no way I’m going to complete the Dutch subs now… as a matter of principle.


Ohh here is Viki’s answer…


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We have been officially told that Viki keeps the subs in their archives. If they were already complete, how come they never put them back?

Well with that project the subs for Dutch where not complete as me and my team where suddenly blocked when working on it. Now that it’s licensed again for Europe, I don’t feel like adding Dutch subs now as they shouldn’t have blocked us (and almost everyone else because the license became really limited) in the first place when we wanted to work on it.

Om welke serie gaat het?

Believe it or not, DF has this licensed for outside the Americas (just like they did with Are You Human Too). You don’t even need an account (so it’s free (since you can’t get premium here) and even in HD) to watch the episodes there (fyi they use the old 1-hour format).

Another disappointment! :rage:
I’ve been watching 30 but 17… I guess I will have to watch it somewhere else AGAIN…

Is it just me? Or I have the feeling that we have been losing licenses for the MOST ANTICIPATED DRAMAS!
Misty, My Mister, The Miracle We Met, Pretty Noona Who buys Me Food, Suits, Are You Human too, Mr Sunshine, 30 but 17, Beauty Inside, Memories of Alhambra,

What’s wrong with Secretary Kim is the only BIG one VIKI got so far.
2018 has been the worst year for Viki when it comes to licenses :disappointed:
I don’t know what’s going on with the Licensing Viki Team these days…
SIGH… They better start doing something to SECURE the remaining upcoming ones of this year…



Yes, I just saw! Previously I could watch nothing on DF from Europe. Now this is free after two weeks. That’s a BIG game changer. At least previously Viki had an option to gather the crumbs, as with Goblin etc., buying the European license. But now even that chance is snatched from it. Between Kocowa, Netflix and the new DF developments, it’s going from bad to worse. If this continues, one day Viki will only have Korean movies, crappy Korean variety shows, and the dramas will all be Chinese.

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@oriya het gaat om de Kdrame Spy, het was gewoon belachelijk. Engelse edit klaar dus laten we de licentie weer intrekken:

@dreamfall92 Really? I didn’t know. Need to check it out… I watched"are you human too" elsewhere.

@marykarmelina Yes it’s a total disaster. I feel like Viki is digging it’s own grave at this point. I’m watching more Kdrama elsewhere then on Viki while I’m someone who prefers to watch things legally to show my support. But now I can’t so what do you do when not watching isn’t an option. I think Viki or the content provider don’t want us to give our support?! Ok but then don’t cry and throw a tantrum later.

Let’s not watch “Lovely Horribly” yet because the license may go again…


What can I say… Viki is playing a dangerous game of :cat2: and :mouse2:

In all seriousness, it’s clear that that the strategy is to move away from European countries. Why? Cable TV is still big in Europe, like infinitely bigger than in America. It’s more profitable to do business with cable operators.

@dudie Die heb ik nog niet gezien. Het moet echt balen zijn geweest dat je er opeens niet meer aan kon werken. Ik heb gelukkig nog maar één keer gehad dat een van ‘mijn’ drama’s niet beschikbaar werd. Maar dat was al een ruime tijd nadat de ondertiteling compleet was. Nu begrijp ik echter wel waarom zoveel drama’s niet volledig vertaald zijn.


This topic made me realize why so many dramas are left unfinished in OL translations. I used to think that the subbers might have too many projects, or moderators were not really involved and motivating or the drama was just not interesting enough for the subbers to stay motivated so they left.
And all this aspects could be a reason, but if you work on a project and suddenly it is unavailable that’s really demotivating and you wouldn’t want to finish it even if it comes back. I’ve been lucky enough to only have on of ‘my’ dramas become unavailable, but back then the Dutch subs were already completed for a while.


@marykarmelina, @irmar, @dudie. I second everything you say! I am spending so much time now watching stuff (legally) on Netflix and dramafever.


I have to correct myself, AYHT was only available outside the Americas while the drama aired, it’s now blocked/marked as premium (which is not available for us). And I remember them advertising on Facebook when the drama started that it will be available for other regions. I feel sorry for everyone who wants to watch that drama now (I personally watched it via KBS World). This means the chances are high that DF will make 30 but 17 also premium only after the drama is complete.