Why are people leaving reviews on dramas NOT WATCHED!


I’ve got work for you all. I did the first four pages (downvoting and flagging), but now I have to get up and prepare dinner.
Here is the link.

These (not many)

And a few here:


It seems Viki does delete non reviews as I noticed 2 ‘reviews’ I flagged are gone now…
It’s a good motivation to keep going and flag the non reviews.

But I also noticed that even when the actual review is deleted it’s still counted. Like for my latest channel there where already 4 reviews but no written reviews to flag. Just like the channels mentioned here.

So I filed a Help request for it and hopefully they will do something about it.


Yup, totally true - they are still counted even after being deleted.

I’m currently at “Smile has left your eyes”, the one irmar mentioned. It says there are 48 reviews, but the screen shows only 10.

Inappropriate content… Inappropriate content… Inappropriate content…

Viki should:

a. make a screen where it informs you that if your review is just a comment it will be deleted by the community.

b. once the comment is flagged by the community and deleted by Viki, send a feedback message that the comment has been deleted and why. (Because some of these people don’t come back to the review section to see what happened to the comment, and they might not be able to find it because by that time they are simply too many of them)


And look here, someone gave a 3 star review just because she hopes she can see it in France according to Google Translate. That’s totally ridiculous!

Really VikiStaff do something and show some enforce for the review policy you made. @camiille @jimmy_l @kris_o @anaheli


Maybe we can have an overview of the shows which had not begun showing, as a to-flag list. In a new thread, on the initial post.

Mind you, I don’t mean showing on Viki, but on Korean/Chinese/Thai… television, since Viki can also buy delayed rights for shows which had begun and old shows.



I just went through the coming soon section and started flagging after checking the date because for late license stuff I don’t want to skim through a lot of reviews to see which are actually reviews. But for the about to air soon stuff it’s easier to keep it clean because you know nothing can actually be a review.


Exactly! I often write reviews here on shows I have watched elsewhere, because I think they may be helpful to people. So the criterion should be whether they have been aired or not, not if they are on Viki or not.


Newest development, people. My flags are removed two days in a row. I’m getting super angry right now.


Wait, so they remove your ‘flag’ instead of removing the review? :confused:


Yup, unfortunately.


Hmmmm I hope that’s a temporary development and not the new norm…


So it wasn’t me going stupid… hopefully it’s a bug.




Update: it seems the issue has been resolved? Not sure. The fake reviews are gone, but it could be due to someone else’s efforts.


Some new dramas need your help, people! Full of fake reviews.

I realize that not all of you understand Spanish and Portuguese, or French, so you cannot flag those, although they are the most numerous. So here are some tips.
Look for words
Meaning “translate” or “subtitle”: legendas, coloca legendas, legendar, subtítulos, poner los subtítulos, subtitulado, sous-titres, and anything with tradu* (it could be “traduire”, “traducir”, traducido…),
The language names: español, Português, PT, idioma, français,
The ways to say “please”: por favor, por fa, porfis, s’il vous plaît


Here are some examples in Spanish and Portuguese from “My ID is Gangnam Beauty”.

Espero mto q a equipe de inglês libere logo para q a equipe do PT BR consiga legendar
Legendem em Português por favoooor
Agora só falta as legendas em Português.
Coloca as legandas em Português
está faltando as legendas em português
Legendem em português os episódios por favor !! E liberem para ser grátis pfvrrrr
queria que legendassem ele completo em português iria ser ótimo, por favor legendem em português os outros eps
Por favor legendadores… Legendas em português . Já estou muito ansiosa para parar por aqui, pela falta de legendas.
Amei essa drama mas mais problema que é legenda português pq sou surda pode ver legenda mas episódio 1 e 2 tem legenda 345… não tem legendas eu não tendi pq não coloca tudo legendas episódios porém não esquece coloca legendas tudo completo… [How many times she wrote the word “legendas”? LOL!]

esse k-drama não tem legendas em português. [transl: "This K-drama doesn’t have subtitles in Portuguese]
Dice que está todo traducido a español y solo hay 1 solo capítulo, por favor acomodar la información y poner los subtítulos los más pronto. [transl: It says that it’s all translated in Spanish and it only has one episode, please update the information and add the subs ASAP]
Favor subtítulos en español please
lastima que no tenga los subtítulos en español. [transl: A pity that it doesn’t have subs in Spanish]
Suite en français s’il vous plaît. [The rest in French please]
a partir du deuxième chapitre je n’est plus de sous-titre. [BAD FRENCH, the person may not be French at all]
ne sont pas traduis [another who is probably not French. It should be “traduits”]

Other tips

  • Don’t only look at bad ratings. Many, many sub whiners are nice in their appreciation of the drama, so they put ten stars. And many people who give bad ratings are not sub whiners, they just didn’t like the show!

Examples of OL sub-whiners:
Espero mto q a equipe de inglês libere logo para q a equipe do PT BR consiga legendar. [transl: Waiting for the English team to release it so that the Brazilian Portuguese team can continue the subbing]
A ver si se subtitula al Español :pray: por favor, ganas de poder verla :heart_eyes: Por favor subtitular en Español
There are quite a few English ones written before the drama aired, so feel free to flag all those people.

E só aguardar as legendas agora!
Hâte que les épisodes soient traduits en français
Hola. Les pido el favor de que los subtítulos en español no demoren tanto en hacerlos. Gracias. [trans: Hello. I ask as a favor that the Spanish subtitles don’t take so long in making. Thank you]
Espero que possam disponibilizar as legendas em Português. Aguardando! [I wait/expect/hope that the Portuguese subtitles are made available. Waiting!]
Aguardando as legendas em português /BR
Legendas em português,por favor!
por favor legendem em português.
please take a french !! vostfr! for the other épisode. FRENCH

Not sub-whiners, but irrelevant comments before the drama started airing:
Meu nam jon :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: mal posso esperar para ver este sorriso [My Nam Jon… I can hardly wait to see that smile]
Pq não está tento as legendas em português?
Mas mas mas mas ep porfavor mas mas mas porfavor [transl: More, more episodes, more please]
Subtítulos en español a partir del capitulo 4,5 y demás por favor [Spanish subs from episodes 4,5 and the rest, please]
Es re linda la serie pero espero q puedan subtitular todos los episodios [The drama is good but I’m waiting and hoping that they could translate all the episodes - technically this is also a bona fide review, since she gives an opinion apart from sub-whining. So I’m downvoting but not flagging]
poderiam agilizarem as legendas em portugues or favor!!!
No puede ser que no haya subtítulos en español por favor [It cannot be that there are no Spanish subs, please]
Nao vai ser traduzido para português? Por que? [It won’t be translated in Portuguese? Why?]
PELO AMOR DE NAM JOO HYUK ALGUÉM LEGENDA EM PORTUGUÊS [For the love of Nam Joo Hyuk, somebody Portuguese subs?]
NJH por favor subtítulos luego al español
Ojalá si lo subtitulen, hay muchos que aún no están subtitulados!

este drama com certeza sera muito bom!! [This drama surely WILL BE very good. - So, not sub-whiner, but written when the drama hadn’t aired yet]
Los dos van hacer una linda pareja en este Drama [These two ARE GOING TO be a beautiful pair in this drama]
I would love this show. Please make this show available whith Portugues. please. [Both sub-whiner and not yet watched]

And, as always, MANY English-language not yet watched reviews. For those, you already know you should look for words like “I can’t wait” and “love” “actor”

This drama, rather than sub whiners (the subs are amazingly fast on this one!), has a LOT of reviews written before release. In this case, the easiest is to filter by “Earliest first” to get rid of them all at once.
Examples in non-English languages you can confidently flag.
Tradúzcanlo a español por favor ya no aguanto más tiempo !!! :persevere::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Ya quiero verlo porfis !
Omg!!! Finalmente opaaaaaaaaa ya queria que ellos acturan en un dorama y al fin nos escucharon! Viva! [Finally oppa, I wanted these two to act in a drama and they finally listened to us]
Amé esta pareja en Goblin Espero que me guste en Touch your heart [I loved this couple in Goblin, I am expecting I will like it in Touch your heart]
Quando vão legendar o último episódio que saiu? [When are they going to sub the most recent episode uploaded?]
Lo espero con ansiass❤️ Ya quiero que salga el primer capítulo [I am WAITING for it anxiously. I already want the first episode to be uploaded]
Ya quiero que la suban estoy ansiosa de verla [I already want it to be subbed, I am anxious to see it] This idiot also put “spoilers”, although the drama hadn’t begun airing yet!
Ya me imagino lo bueno y divertido que será. [I already imagine how good and entertaining this will be]


I’ve just come back from the trenches myself on this wonderful drama, if somebody can spare some time to help.


@irmar @bozoli
I don’t have too much time on my hands I did partly go through one from each of you. It’s a pity that reviews became some kind of “Kummerkasten” as we say in Germany - in English agony column?


Why do so many people “mistake” the reviews as comments? Does it appear in a different way on other devices, like phones/tablets? Or do we need to assume that there are simple too many ignorant peoples?


No, even in phones these are in two different tabs, clearly differentiated. We must assume your second hypothesis.


Oh, well, maybe they should put reviews under the comment area, so only those who really want to go beyond a comment actually write one.