Why are people leaving reviews on dramas NOT WATCHED!


Here is another sample of the reviews section used as a place for chit-chat and even questions. One user says they’ve only watched one trailer (therefore) they love the drama, the other one is asking who is the male actor (of course you can’t reply to a review, so who would answer?)


The review section is becoming more and more of a joke!


There are tons of “reviews” for Melting Me Softly which is not airing until end of September! On my android phone app, I see “Reviews” and “Discussions” next to each other near the top of the screen. But on the website, I see “Reviews”, then “Subtitling Team”, and then “Comments”. I honestly do think many viewers don’t even realize that there is a comments section and that’s why the comments end up in the review section. You don’t see the “Comments” section until you scroll down the page.

I think someone already mentioned this in an earlier post, but couldn’t Viki just not allow anything posted in the “Review” section until the show starts airing?


I’ve pretty much given up on reading reviews here and just read them on another site now. The language filter doesn’t seem to work so I just end up scrolling through pages of posts not in english and posts that are not actually reviews.


If the mobile application indeed doesn’t have Comments at all, that could explain the load of crap in the Review section.

I understand that the mobile app needs to be light and functionally reliable, at the expense of multiple functions. But then Viki should at least do some, ANY measures to make sure Review section is used properly. And they have not so far, not at all. :unamused:

There is no language filter on Viki. You can choose a language of your subtitles. And if you speak one of the “special chosen” 10 languages, then you can set up the site to your language. But every other user-generated content on the site is multilingual.

Edit: About the Reviews for a show “Melting Me Softly”, which is not airing until September… Could I interest you in a not-so-amusing game of reporting all of those as “Inappropriate content”? :grimacing: The more people mark them as such, the faster they get deleted.


Yes, I often take time each day to play that not-so-amusing game of reporting all the anti-reviews (sub-whining, oppa-obsessing, female lead-bashing, etc.) as “Inappropriate content”. Hopefully it adds up!:smiley_cat:


On the website, under the review section, there is a drop down box for languages with the following choices: English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Swedish. What is this for?

And sure, I could flag some of the non-reviews as “inappropriate content”.


Thank you for the heads up! I hadn’t seen it before. I chose Swedish on one show and the comment was in English. Probably a person, who uses Swedish for subs, commented in English. So that’s why it’s not so reliable. Definitely no automatic detection of language used.


I find the game quite amusing! Ever notice that not one sub-whiner EVER comes back and actually reviews it after subs have been loaded?


It seems Viki only spends time making things “pretty” instead of “useful”.


Indeed, they do not.

I still think this would all be solved if Viki had a “I want subz” button.


Which of course would be purely decorative, but at least people would think they are doing something and would - hopefully - stop writing posts about it.
Genius idea.


now I have just a little problem, but thats ok too. I have started watching these dramas on Roku, and y’know, theres no place for me to do any review, I have to switch over to computer & go to Viki, find the drama I was watching and then leave a review or comment! so a bit of a problem there. and I have been doing reviews abd comments on the dramas I have watched. even if it means for me to change over to my computer and do what I said s few sentences ago.


You would think that would be the case, but I’d bet after a couple of weeks they would go back to posting about it as well as using the button.

I don’t do reviews based on if someone is hot or not, but I have been guilty about questioning subs. Though the few times I’ve mentioned it is if I’ve noticed it stuck at a % for well over a week or two.


Gotta boost this discussion back up after being completely flabbergasted reading the so-called ~Reviews~ for the new drama “Forest”:

Check it, the Sub-Whiners are out in full force, with more than half the reviews being vague complaints, passive-aggressive innuendo or downright rude demands for subs in various languages - with about a third of the reviews being low stars, pushing the rating down to 8.9 at the moment.

Sheesh, why isn’t there a solution yet for this abusive behavior? It hurts my heart that the amazing Viki volunteers need endure this negativity ongoing. Couldn’t there be a special algorithm (or something) on Viki that disallows reviews with the keywords “subs” “subtitles”, etc.?

Regarding Forest, I’ve scrolled through and played the “flag the sub-whiner’s reviews” game, want to join in?

Lastly, to all of the Wondrous Viki Volunteers, sending you abundant thanks, gratitude and appreciation! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Done! I downvoted and flagged all the sub-whining reviews.


Do flagged reviews actually go away? About six months ago, I flagged a review whining about incomplete Arabic subs for one of my favorite dramas rating it 1 star. (I myself have completed the subs seven months ago) Even after six months of the flag, I still see the comment. The only thing that changed is that the flagging button is colored as “clicked”. But now what? Does this review still count in the overall rating?


Several people must flag a review to “raise a flag” at Viki for the review to be removed.


My personal favorite from all of that garbage was:

“Didn’t even watch it but giving 10 stars already.”

I rest my case.

Anyway, flagged a big bunch of fake reviews. It’s complete chaos on that show. There is less than 1% of real reviews. Additional 5% are useless comments and then all the rest is above-mentioned garbage.


Chaos & garbage in the reviews of Forest is so right. The “reviews” that slay me are the totally passive-aggressive ones, along the lines of “Thank you for your hard work subbers, but I pay for this service so can you hurry and get the subs done faster so I can watch right away?”

Gimme a break already.