Why does viki let us apply for CM when they plan to manage the channel themselves?!

It’s so weird that when you apply for CM and then it takes weeks if not months (even years!) for Viki to appoint a CM. Later you see that channel is gone from the project finder while you didn’t get a PM from Viki to tell you who got the channel so you could PM that person to offer your help. And then you go to the channel itself to see who became the CM and then you see it’s a Viki staffer again who got it. Does Viki want to hide that they appointed themselves like it should remain a secret or something?!

Really Viki why do you even add those projects to the finder if we cannot apply for them and give people false hope they might get that channel to manage?!

Today I saw it happen to this channel:


2 latest dramas will be managed by Viki staff :roll_eyes:


I was waiting to see who will be the appointed manager to offer a hand but oh well…
Time to sit back and relax for that one :smile:


And this already aired drama


Now two of them, Queen and Black Dog have a CM who is part of the staff but is not generic “Viki Community”. Her name is amm11 (Adriana) Funnily enough, although she joined in 2012, has only about 235 subs and 0 segments, yet her latest contributions are a number of segments, and she is Gold QC.

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I think the way contributions are calculated for the VIKI staff is entirely different from volunteers’. I don’t remember whose profile I was looking at but it was a VIKI staff member having zero segments contribution with the latest contributions being a bunch of segments…


Hi everyone,

We understand where you’re coming from, and that this can be frustrating. We’d like to let you know that these situations occur as we sometimes get confirmation last minute, or changes in information for shows. This may affect a wide of variety of things, including show availability or what languages are allowed, as set by content providers and distributors, and these need to be adhered to. In order to make sure we can continue to bring shows to community, we do our best to work with these changes, which may sometimes include Viki staff managing certain shows.

This blog post is a little old, but if you’d like to take a look, you can learn a bit more about how licensing shows work here: https://blog.viki.com/faq-how-does-viki-license-content-52883673ce08

If you have any questions about certain shows, you can always reach out to a Community team member.

Viki Community Team