Why does "viki" sub mothers calling their own children "B*****d"?

On Live Your Own Life which is now on Episode 19, 'viki" always has the mothers on the series call their own children the b word which means illegitimate child. Per Webster’s dictionary, the b word is " usually offensive : a child born to parents who are not married to each other". It doesn’t matter the status of the woman, whether from an ordinary or a chaebol family, the mothers in the series address their own children as b-word.
The Korean word I hear in the segment is 자식, and the dictionary definitions are “child, sons, daughters, offspring or jerk” There are Korean words for b-word but 자식 is NOT one of them. I’ve checked Kokowa and the subbers there do not sub 자식 as b-word.
Fortunately, we volunteers are allowed to edit the English subtitles. I shudder to think if the same subber is also working on one of the series where no editing of English subs is allowed. In my 14 years as a volunteer at viki, I have never experienced a volunteer subber subbing a mother calling her own child b-word. I wrote to viki community support about this but received no response. I am not a prude, and, while the use of b-word is common among English speakers in everyday conversation, if a mother calls her own child b-word, what does that make her?
Also, disquus censors use of the b-word, so that is another indication how inappropriate the word is when it is a mother addressing her own child.


I actually have plenty of times. One very disturbing one for me was in “Ki ll Me, Heal Me”. The first time I saw it I was surprised, thinking the translation was correct. The other times I concluded it must be (I apologise in advance if this offends anyone) the influence of the more raw language found on American television.

But it should definitely never become a standard. And hence should be corrected even in the shows with so-called non-editable English.

P.S. @vikicommunity, maybe you could set the Discussions so it doesn’t filter out titles of your shows.


I believe this is exactly what’s going on here at Rviki right now; that this same subber who is very rude in the first place, is writing this such NASTY word when referring to an illegitimate child, and in my personal opinion, staff members in charge here at Rviki need to get to the bottom of this pronto because this subber or these subbers (might be more than one) have been so disrespectful, so obnoxious (since every chance they get they call the child the b a s t a r d word like they enjoy doing that). What century this subber or these subbers are from? The word [B a s t a r d] died a very long time ago, no matter what country we are from; is no longer acceptable or right to be used at ALL, and much less in a subtitle for million of viewers to have to read over and over again because I have seen it plenty of times (and I stop watching the drama/movie) I refuse to watch a drama where a child is treated with so much disrespect. Thank you for your editing work, and I probably watched one of those dramas where editing were not required/allowed because I saw that word so many times; I just gave up on watching the drama.

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Doubt the subber meant illegitimate child. Probably is slang for

a vicious, despicable, or thoroughly disliked person or a person, especially a man.

Doubt that there was an illegitimate child involved.

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Child is not vicious, deslicanble or throgoughly disliked and per the story line is not an illegitimate child. One such “child” is the executive director of a chaebol group and is in the line of succession to become the next chairman. It just shows that the subber is not knowledgeable about mainstream English or is insensitive.


The person who is allowed to repeatedly translate insults, when there is none, is insulting Viki indirectly. It’s a psychological means of retort.

The producers, cast, and crew, are inturn insulted.


I’m happy that you change it so Hyo Sim isn’t called really bad things after you are done editing.


I was referring to the (mainly Chinese/one Korean) drama I watched, and the child/young girl-guy were called throughout the drama the B^^^^^d word. It was in a few for the daughter of a ‘‘mistress’’ or ‘‘lover’’ and several boys/young man; that’s how the ‘‘stepmom’’ and evil half sister continuously call them. Now on NTX and P^^^e is hard to find the subber’s name.

PS. I love this subber she’s really good her name is MIN JIN KIM she deserves to get the praise for a job well done.

It just shows that the subber is not knowledgeable about mainstream English or is insensitive.

Definitely. That makes the use of that word even more offending to see in a subtitle. This subber or subbers need to be stopped.

PS. ATTENTION>>>> Wednesday Nov 29

*I have to add this information in regards to subbers/teams that cross the line, and use certain words that the character might never say in the scene.

Yesterday I watched a Chinese movie that the FL had a one night stand which left her abandoned and pregnant. The ‘‘5’’ year old kids are called B a s t a r d and told in their face they are B*****D that they are useless, and a shame to the ''RICH FAMILY"

I have never seen in a subtitle such horrible conversation between adults in front of these poor kids. To add insult to injury the FL mom of the twins in a subtitle ‘‘supposedly’’ says to the ones insulting her F U C K YOU ALL! I know for a fact that actress NEVER said that in the first place.

CALL IT coincidence, as I was skipping parts that bother me in the subtitles; I see what I never see lately in dramas/movies; and that is the TEAM’S name and the team’s name goes like this:


If that team hangs out around here in Discussion I would like for them to explain here why they use that B*****D word so much and the constant cursing throughout the drama/movie (that I know the actress was not saying such curses). The actress was too calm and docile to be saying F u c k you all when anyone says a curse and they are angry, their facial expression and action shows that ‘‘they are cursing’’ Never, ever calmed, polite and respectful like the FL was in that scene… :roll_eyes:

From what I have gathered, Koreans dramas don’t mean swear words the same way English speaking world does. “Gae Shikiya” should not be translated as “BD". It is just like son of gun so it should be “Jerk”. "Bch” should be “Wench or You Girl” etc. I have seen more swear words being used lately.



That’s exactly my point; The Korean culture curse like any other race, but the words are different, and so is the way they express them in anger. Here in a subtitle, we have words used a lot in U.S. like WTF?!!! What the Fu c k? or the latest one I saw on YT GO F U C K yourself I took a picture of it bc I couldn’t believe they allowed subbers to write such garbage in a subtitle. The new one now in a title: The CEO F U C K her and got pregnant she came back for revenge.
I don’t understand WHY they are allowing these subbers to write such garbage titles, and they are never change them even when I file complain after complain; on such vulgar title to get viewers to watch the drama or movie. Sickening just sickening, that they are losing control on what these subbers are writing (which many are simply made up conversations/dialogue on the scene), and is annoying to me to deal which such disparage subtitle, and revolting way of describing a title to attract viewership.

I use to write what I thought was a ‘‘funny’’ subtitle in my topic ASTB me…, but I no longer do that because they are so revolting at times. Some titles even start with; THE B A S T A R D child call the CEO Daddy and…I definitely ignore those, and would never give them viewership count bc they don’t deserve it in the first place. I mainly watch YT bc they have so many wonderful prayer videos that I keep all day long playing as I do chores, and I listen to them. They have from every denomination (Christian/Catholic/Pentecostal/ etc…). Some videos are from Brazil, Germany, even Russia (they do the sign of the cross with their left hand/left side and they are not lefties!). I even saw a few times President Putin doing what I see as the sign of the cross with his left hand. Is interesting to see how different cultures do things so differently, and no subber has the right to add a phrase that culture would never use bc they have their own word they use, and it’s just the subber is a disrespectful person who should be banned by YT if they don’t stop such behavior on their part.

I think that since Viki started to presub almost everything the swearing in subs also increased. Recently I was watching a drama on Viki and in a very normal scene there where B words and F words and I was like but the characters on screen don’t seem to be swearing right now. It was a bit odd.

I know it also happened in volunteer subs and I think it’s ok if it fits the setting of the scene and such but now I’m often like why is there so much swearing and cursing in the subs when it’s not needed?!

To bad Viki also blocked the editors to fix the issue.


Maybe you should report such things to Viki directly. They have to find out somehow. I doubt they follow Discussions very detailedly.

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I forgot to mention the most disgusting thing to see in a subtitle here at RViki; is the word [G-D D*d it] when the Korean actor/actress says [AISH]. This is going on right now on N T F X/PE YouTube, and here at Rakuten Viki. I’ve seen that disrespectful translation plenty of time, and is mainly when a Korean actor/actress says: AISH. Who has the right to translate AISH! into an offensive curse to certain religious group (we ALL deserve respect) that AISH word to me; is like saying UGH! But instead we see that offensive translation that is as far as heaven from Earth, of having any ‘‘closeness in interpretation’’ When I see that word in a drama I drop it, and if I like the drama too much, I skip the whole episode.

@ bozoli
I did report to viki and after having received no response, I posted in discussion in the hope that viki staff who can do something about this read this thread!