Will they be together? Drama Angst/Flirty Tension



Ok so I have been dying to talk to you about this one

have you watched our Choi Jin Hyuk as a zombie! I am sure that he sharply inhales ALOT😍

Not a angst/flirty one I’m sure more supernatural


I haven’t watched it, it’s Viki Pass Plus and I’ve only got the Standard Pass. It’s on my to watch list if it ever moves down a notch.

hahaha, I don’t know that it would have quite the same effect though. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
If you watch it you, let me know what you think. Have you watched Sp.ash Splash Love yet?


I will let you know when I watch it! He’s a cute zombie though!:heart_eyes:

I have not watched Splash Splash Love! I am currently watching Love in the Moonlight, Touch Your Heart and Lawless Lawyer. I need to finish While You Were Sleeping! My problem is I’m like "Squirrel" when I see all these new shows I wanna watch.! Splash Splash is up next!


Ok, I did not know he sang on this OST!

I am positive he deeply inhales!!!


@kdrama2020ali I finally found an example on youtube of the inhale I was talking about, it’s at about 0:44, It’s not the best example but it’s the only one I’ve found so far. I like the scene in Emergency Couple where he’s feeding her in the hospital cafeteria a bit better. Ep 11 (9:45)


Are you talking about how he slurps in!!! Ballie Ballie! Hurry and I heard Burl (Water) oh my gosh my Korean is getting better! I love watching him cook


Yes, that’s it. It’s somewhere between an inhale and a slurp. I don’t know why I like it when he does that. hahaha


He has to have done it in Devilish Joy! He was just so good in that and he was so attentive to his woman! I love how they kissed in like Cuba or wherever they were. Oh, I gotta watch that again


He tends to do it when he wants his woman to listen to him or do what he says.


Aw, that 1st Kiss! And his DEEP voice!


I have like watched that 4 times!!! I’d do anything he says!


water is ‘mul’, you were pretty close!
:joy::joy: i’m laughing at the way y’all are fangirling over that :sweat_smile: Isn’t that something everyone does to express exasperation??!


It’s all my fault. :joy: Strangely it’s only when Choi Jin Hyuk does it that I fan girl over it. I’m not sure if I should hang my head in shame now. :woman_facepalming:


You threw away shame to hell when you became a fangirl :joy: so don’t you worry, we all understand


I just write what I hear but I am so pleased with myself that I know like 20 Korean words. I call it K-drama Korean. I really wanna learn I LOVE the Language. We should so do a thread on quirky things we like about our guys! Mannerisms. That would be hiliarous!

Like I love how Minho and Wookie bite or lick their lips! I do that ALL the time.


So need a discussion on all our guys and their quirky mannerisms! Now I have to watch more Choi Jin Hyuk…his voice is so DEEP I love it!



Ok so I have been thinking about his noise he makes! It’s like a slurp but not a slurp like a frustrated listen to me kinda thing! I was at Yoga today thinking about Choi Jin Hyuk and his frustrated inhale!:grin::rofl:


Glad I could distract you. hahaha
It seems to be a more common noise in older dramas but Choi Jin Hyuk has embraced the spirit of it. Ok, I’ve completely lost my mind somewhere between pre Kdrama and now. :joy:


It’s like that sucking in noise or clicking tsk tsk tsk kinda noise they make also.