Will they be together? Drama Angst/Flirty Tension


Oh my gosh he is so CUTE! Love this interview


Aw FATED to Love YOU is KILLING me right now!:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Oh, I love him in that drama, ok, not just that drama.
Can you imagine if some of the actors came lurking and saw what we talk about? :grimacing: :woozy_face:


They would probably laugh!:rofl::rofl::rofl: I did start watching it because you reminded me abut Choi and his deep voice. I stopped cuz I knew I would cry and I’m at the crying part.


now every time i hear someone or even myself do it, I stop and laugh :sweat_smile::joy:


I use to only notice Choi Jin Hyuk doing it but since looking for a scene to post where he was doing it, I’ve been noticing others. I still only find it appealing when he does it though. :slight_smile:


I’m UGLY Crying over Fated to Love You Right Now!rain%20image%201


It sucks he doesn’t get the girl, I liked his character so much better. sigh SLS


I do love Jang Hyuk though. I loved him in Wok of Love and same happened to him pretty much. Of course I think Choi is way more handsome but I still love the CEO. I stopped crying finally. 3 year period just happened now to see what happens next.


Jang Hyuk is so over the top in Fated to Love you but that’s part of the fun in that drama. He is really good. But Choi Jin Hyuk (and Park Hyung Sik) has my heart. Just don’t tell my husband. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Ok so here is the thing. I don’t get how they were together for 3 years and she has not even kissed Choi Jin Hyuk when they lived in Paris. They don’t seem to have a romantic relationship at all. Oh, My gosh his proposal was EPIC

Fated to Love You - Ep 14 - 27.54 or so and he does the Slurp!:rofl:You have me looking for it.

Fated to Love you Ep 15 - 39:00 and 39:20 and 39:55


Ok officially found another guy who does the “slurp”
Jung Il Woo in High End Crush Eps 8 - 5 min in
He is such a CUTIE!

I think Yunho did it in “I Order You” several times too


I’ve warped your brain. lol


I look for it EVERYTIME! NOW!


Falling Leaves
Lee Hyeong-Gi (이 형기)
translation by Alex Rose
How beautiful it must be to see, He
who knows his time to go will come someday, just
turn his back and walk away
In the Spring
my love, having endured such passions,
drifts away.
Falling leaves lie scattered…
wrapped in the blessing of a parting well done
now the time to go has come
Towards the lush greenness,
And, before long,
fruitfulness of Fall
The springtime of my life is fading like a flower
So let us part, some day
Departing upon a delicate wave
As the leaves around us cascade, carelessly
My love, my parting,
Maturing, mournful eyes of my soul,
Brimming like water by a spring Poem in “HIgh End Crush”



Junho - Junho does the noise! I hear it EVERYWHERE now!


Quess What! I DO IT! I did it today! Have I always done it - I’m not sure!



Oh Gosh! Hey! Babe!!! I love his laugh!@sweetybirdtoo