Will they be together? Drama Angst/Flirty Tension


That is my throw the laptop drama

Encounter I loved Bo Yummy - I could watch it just for his FEELS



I love Jung Hae In - I forget about him sometimes! Such a cutie pie!


BTW, we are performing data-testing this week in the new system. So far no major problems so I am hoping BBU will be up early next week. :wink:





Funny you should mention Jung Hae In, because I was just reading up on the cigarette thread, and he, along with pretty much every other character in Ntflx’s ‘D.P.’ smoke and smoke a LOT.


Our baby is actually smoking - like dragging off the cigarette smoking!?


Yes, actual, real smoking. His character maybe doesn’t do it as much as some others, but he does actually take drags off the cigarette - full frontal video footage with no camera tricks, though the tricks may be that they are not ‘real’ cigarettes. I don’t know what sort of trickery they use for that these days.




That makes me sad when I hear/read that. I read somewhere that Wookie is a smoker too. No offense to smokers. You be you and I’ll be me. Still sad about it though…


On topic: There is quite a bit of flirty angst in ‘Truth or Dare’ that I am currently watching. It’s more on the cutesy side than hot and heavy, but it is fun to watch.


And I’m in the bad boy camp where I find it sexy but I know that it is so bad for you and I am allergic. You don’t see him doing it ever on camera though.


I’m right there with you. I have a long and sad history with smoking related issues in family members.


Me too. I have an older sister who has COPD and still vehemently maintains that 25 years of smoking did not contribute to her condition. De-nile ain’t just a river in Egypt…


I have a very good friend who has so many health problems including that she is legally blind. I know that this is probably a contributing factor.

On the flirty angst sexual tension front - I did love some of the cute scenes in K2!!! Wookie is the best at wanting…


The pre-getting together wanting is one of the best things in dramaland, and Wookie is an expert.


That scene where she was behind the door and he was pacing.



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Monk - stoic - handsome - sweet - flirt - what more could you want

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