Will they be together? Drama Angst/Flirty Tension


Angst in Drama which I love:
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Some suggestions for lots of angst:
A Love to Kill
Marriage Contract
Love in Sadness
The Innocent Man
The Smile has Left Your Eyes
One Day
Secret Love
Padam Padam
The First Half of My Life
Come and Hug Me
My Blooming Life
Someone Like you
A Werewolf Boy
I Miss you
Heartless City
The Golden Empire
Autumn’s Concerto
All Out of Love
I Have a Lover
The King’s Woman
Siege in Fog
The Palace
High End Crush

Secret Garden
My Secret Romance


For once, I’ve barely seen any of the dramas on a list. LOL I think the kind of angst in most of those shows is the kind that I don’t handle well - the super painful kind, not the fun, flirty, will-they-won’t they kind. Come and Hug Me is probably the darkest and heaviest of all dramas I’ve watched, but it was really, really good.


I like a mixture of the tough angst and the flirty angst - High End Crush is Really Good and I loved
I Order You with Yunho or U-Know - I found that one by accident


Seen them both and like both. I Order You is definitely a good example of the kind of angst where I will skip through most of the tough times and get to the reconciliation. I enjoy angst that is encountered in the buildup to a relationship, but stuff that happens once they’ve been together can get too painful for me sometimes. I just want my babies to be happy. :sob:


But the makeup is SO good! Sometimes of course not always… but usually! Have you Seen
Another Oh Hae Young - I love love love - I did not see something at the end and I was bawling at 2 am but I tend to bawl at most dramas - the writers do that on purpose so you are excited when they reconcile -

“Your Honor” I’m in the I don’t wanna see you phase right now - but they will get back together.!

I’m dying to watch “It’s Ok to Not Be Ok” but I’m scared on that one


Sadly, I have to say the makeup is not always satisfactory enough for how much some of them suffer, but I will take a makeup over an unhappy ever after. I usually watch just enough of the tough times to get a feel for what they are going through, and sometimes I will go back and watch it all after seeing the ending because it makes it easier to take the pain.

I don’t remember It’s Okay to Not be Okay being bad at all. Not sure I really skipped anything in that one, actually.

Edit: I should say I don’t always skip the angsty parts. It really depends on if I reach my limit or not. Sometimes I can make it through without skipping, sometimes not.


Oh My Ghostess - Rom-Com with a bit of supernatural. Starts a bit slow. There’s a push and pull with a twist.

Extraordinary You - plot can be confusing since there’s two “stages” that goes back and forth but there’s teen angst and some cute moments.

She Was Pretty - romance, comedy, best friends, cute second lead, crazy boss

Gogh, the Starry Night - web series, so not too long. Unrequited love meets former love meets cute younger guy meets older guy meets not so clean guy. Call it a love hexagon lol


There’s nothing to be really scared of… I think I wrote about how I wasn’t able to finish the drama and dropped it about halfway through. The actors were all wonderful but I was completely turned off because I felt like screaming “GO GET THERAPY!!!” to everyone so many times. I felt like they reallllly needed professional counselling and “love” just wasn’t enough to “fix” them. I wanted to cry so much over how the ML himself was broken but had to take care of an autistic older brother, and over all that he had to take care of a ticking time-bomb of a girl who also really needed therapy because of all the abuse she faced as a kid. More than angst, I felt frustration.

It’s very, VERY well produced, though. The cinematography, OST, acting and VFX are all PERFECT.


@vivi_1485, that’s another one I haven’t been able to finish. For me, it was the way the FL was acting in the first half or so of the drama. It just bothered me to see the ML with her. I did really like the ML character though and was kind of rooting for him to get together with the 2FL. LOL! This is all based on watching about 4 episodes (if that).


As @vivi_1485 pointed out, it wasn’t romantic angst that drove that drama, per se, but the frustration was real. I actually really loved the series, though. I am drawn to these broken people and their journey of healing. Part of the ML’s brokenness, we find out later in the drama, is a lifetime of guilt he has been carrying because of a specific incident, and this guilt drives him to want to help and fix people. The series had lots of little elements, including a mystery/thriller aspect, the relationships between all these people, and the journey to find our true selves. It was really pretty interesting, IMO.


Though I usually never think such things, this was one drama where I wouldn’t have minded that. The SFL was a sweet character and I actually found myself liking them both together. She knew his past, she was close to him… oh well
Since we know the FL’s past, I didn’t really hate her, but I felt pretty sorry for her and at the same time wished she would get professional help. As another reviewer once pointed out, the drama sometimes felt like it made a mockery out of psychiatric help— she was literally running all over a mental health hospital and no one ever thought she needed help!


This still seems to be a problem in many dramas I have seen.



He wants to protect her but does not really know why!


Tension Dramas


What Dramas have “HER” falling first!



In Falling for Innocence - Pretty much have a guy in hot pursuit and a guy who feels entitled. Along with the memory of a guy.


Have you watched all of these???

I didn’t like bonus book as the FL - didn’t care for her. I didn’t like Witches Romance - I felt like it got too comical (but loved the bar kiss) I’ll have to check some of these out.


Encounter, yes I’ve watched it and no, I won’t watch it again (and you know why) which is a shame because Gummy is yummy.
Something in the Rain was, I thought, a good one but a lot of people took umbrage with the way her mother treated her (I didn’t like it either-was close to a throw-your-laptop except I watch on a TV and I can’t/won’t throw that). ML is another guy who never ages. Old enough to be in HP but still looks like he should be in BBU.
Witch’s Romance was just plain cute and fun as I recall but the ol’ brain ain’t what it used to be so who knows??? LOL.
Faith, I love LMH but I have really struggled to finish this one and I don’t know why. I’m at the point where he is debating about whether to send her back or not.
Temperature of Love; I’ve heard this one is really good but I can’t find it streaming anywhere so I guess I’ll have to wait until the planets are in alignment to watch.
Thanks so much for the list!