Women Who Kick Butt!


I absolutely love when I see dramas that have been turning away from the “weak woman who needs saving” trope. My absolute favorite has been “Search:WWW.” What are some of your favorite kick-butt dramas and/or empowering female lead characters?



Although for technicalities I don’t know if it counts.


Ahh! yes! I absolutely loved Mr. Queen. I think it counts! The actress really made the character come to life.


True!! The actress was awesome! Then I’d also recommend “Memorist” or the K-movie “Whatcha Wearin’?”


I’ve seen Memorist. Such a great drama. Kinda scary too, which I enjoyed. Will have to look into that movie you mentioned. Thanks!


Two who literally kick butt:

I don’t know about this one just watched episode 1, but the girl has power.


Yesss. Do Bong Soon is a great one! I’ll need to check out your other recommendations.


Other than being tough, they are mentally strong.
Forgot about Ms. Temper … I really like that drama might not be as popular, but was a joy to watch at least for me.



Hotel del luna. I mean, I haven’t watched it yet, but I think it is.


I loved Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi too.
There is also:


I haven’t done much with this collection, including making a cover but I’m being lazy and it’s easier than listing the dramas. :slight_smile:


There are also the dramas where the women physically kick butt. Do Bong Soon has already been mentioned. Full disclosure, I haven’t watched the last 2.

The King Eternal Monarch
Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok Joo
Jumping Girl
My Fellow Citizens
Whirlwind Girl


Thank yall for the suggestions! I haven’t heard of a lot of these. I would say I am an adolescent when it comes to drama watching compared to most on the Viki discussion page!

I love a good “sweep a woman off her feet” drama, but that trope can get a little uncomfortable if not done well. Looking forward to viewing some of these titles


I’d like to add A Girl like me, she surely knows how to use the whip :wink:

and may the force be with Nana!! in Into The Ring, this is a hilarious drama:


Has Beauty Inside been mentioned? I’m just rewatching it and I love how Han Se Gye stands up for herself and doesn’t let Seo Do Jae or his sister intimidate her.


Beauty Inside is a good one. That actress always has interesting roles.

Have you seen her in Another Miss Oh? I’m unsure if her character in that show is strong or weak lol. If you’ve seen it, what do you think?


Into the Ring is a good one!! I really enjoyed watching Nana in it. She was absolutely hilarious and quirky. I feel like she does a good job of choosing out of the box dramas. She was great in Kill It too


It’s been a couple years since I watched Another Miss Oh, I also can’t quite remember how strong the character is in that drama but I know I enjoyed the drama.


Another Oh Hae is one of my FAVS.

Kill Me Heal Me: I love how she stands up to ALL his personalities

Doctors is Not my fav but she kinda kicks butt in the hospital

I Am Not A Robot: I love how she stands up to him and tells him how she feels