Women Who Kick Butt!


Yanxi Palace - Princess adventures

I didn’t see the original series - too long for me - just this spin-off. And the best is the final episode.

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Ex-agent trying to lead an ordinary life plot.
Actress did lots of her own stunts and practiced martial arts for the drama so really kicks butt! Something she started for a prior drama and it really shows in the way she moves, especially in the last episode, the big fight scene.


Secret Garden - Bad@#$ Stunt Woman she WAS!


I read the title and the first woman that came to my mind was SFL of Search WWW. That one specific scene where she beats the hell out of that man in the lift.


Anyone watched this one! Sounds like SPORTS with a female general manager???


Thank you this is the type of Japanese dramas I like.


I also like a lot “Search:WWW” for its strong woman. With a close subject I like start-up

In the dramas already mentioned I like

There are also
The Greatest Marriage

Crash Landing on You

One Spring Night


When the Camellia Blooms


Was in my opinion a great drama, not what people would call wonderful, but it gave the actors so much room to show their skills, not only Park Si Yeon and No Min Woo, but also Bae Soo Bin could finally show the whole range of his acting.
I loved it, because it wasn’t such a stereotype drama.

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I agree it’s a great drama, it shows well the situation of women in Korea. I found the character of Bae Soo Bin much more interesting than that of No Min Woo. It changes a lot during the drama. I really like him. It is the right partner for Park Si Yeon. No Min Woo is bland.

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I seem to be on a campaign to promote The Imperial Coroner; the main woman lead was smart as heck but her supporting character friend could kick some serious behind. And the ML’s mom was powerful and strong in her own way so I just loved the collection of nontoxic male characters and strong female leads.

ETA: whoops just noticed his is kdrama and the show is Chinese. Worth watching though!


What do you mean? That the topic is only for K-drama? Then no, this is feisty women! No limit to nationality or whatever …


I noticed that the topic was filed under kdrama and tv/movies after I posted so I wasn’t sure whether cdramas were welcome! I’ll give any country’s dramas a chance but I try to respect the categories, so I didn’t want to be posting in the wrong place.

But as long as cdramas are welcome, 7 in Under the Power can hold her own in a fight.


LOL you are right, I rarely look at the categories, haha, dear me…

But there is something we can do about it.
@sa11 Hi, there, could you imagine abandoning the limitation on K-drama category?

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Yeah she totally kicked butt in Under the Power! :heart_eyes: Can you classify The Imperial Coroner as a woman who kicks butt though? She’s smart as heck and I love her so much, but it seems like most of the reccs here are warrior-type women.
TIC’s FL was sweet and innocent, but hella smart at the same time. One of my favorite FLs though :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Stove league is a great drama :smile:
Don’t expect any romance though

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Thank you for being so helpful ! :blush:

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