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Copy the link of the drama and paste it in here that’s pretty much all.

And I found that Pretty Ugly is here at Viki with a different title, that’s something that can really annoy me, but anyway. It’s no thriller but there is a missing child case from around 20 years ago. It’s pretty obvious to the viewer who this missing child is. It .


Yeah…You can request shows for our region also here:

They need enough requests for the region for them to get/ renew the license. So I go there a LOT trying to get them to license Shopping King Louie and Queen Hyun In’s Men :flushed:


I have requested for Its okay to not be okay. I will also request for Shopping King Louie and Queen Hyun In’s Men.I hope our wishes will come true one day.:innocent:


sorry to bother but i have one more doubt. what happens when we follow someone?


You mean the profile at Viki. Nothing much. The person you follow can see on his/her profile that you follow and you can see on your profile that person, so for you to not forget or lose contact you might want to follow.


well thank you lutra! I always wondered how to put those on here!

I think I have asked this before quite sometime ago, but why don’t they pull some of the old dramas out of their archives or libraries, or do they still need those licenses? yeah we are bored!!


Viki doesn’t have something like that, when the license expires, the possession is no longer allowed, as far as I know.

Licenses are needed because we all must heed the copyright laws.


In a simple way it’s like a rental of something, a car, a bike. You pay to rent an object for a specific time and then you must return it or pay again to extend your rental. I think Amazon also uses “rent” to watch a show, lol. As lutra said here are also copyrights involved.


Cant viki get permanent license or something like that??


I didn’t find the article I was looking for but it is expected for a license to have a six-digit figure and that is solely for a certain time and maybe one region and a common drama, the bigger names of the cast, writer, director … A permanent license would also bring a risk, what if the drama isn’t a burner, all the money gone and no viewers?


good question Lutra, so we just have to know about all this stuff . ok I got it.


Wasn’t “Descendants of the Sun” one of the 6 figure dramas?


The worst part is that Indian shows are not available in India , I mean seriously! what’s the point if the people who understand the language can’t watch them :roll_eyes:


Is it a good drama? worth watching?


I enjoyed watching “Descendants of the Sun”.


I had asked this question a while back, and someone had replied saying they probably don’t grant licenses for those in India because they are already licensed to Indian apps to watch them here, or something like that.

Definitely. It’s one of the most iconic kdramas ever.


i watched its first episode but didnt feel interested to continue so i stopped there ,:confused: maybe its not my type


did youi watch the entire first ep or stopped at the first scene?


watched first entire episode…


Don’t worry. You’re not missing anything :wink:
I watched the whole thing when it came out and I’m glad I get the references to it,
but other than that… it was okay :face_with_hand_over_mouth: