Wondering what's next?

You can ask for suggestions for starting new drama , book or comic. Feel free to share any confusion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Try to mention your type .
I just finished lawless lawyer. What should I watch next?any suggestions? I liked lawless lawyer. So can u suggest some dramas of that type?


If you could say what you liked about Lawless Lawyer it would be easier on us to recommend …

Thrill, pace, cinematography, actors, the lead hero’s character, the action, at the end the bad ones were doomed, …



I like both the actors and also liked the hero’s character. I usually like thriller type with awesome leads.

I can’t predict the license status at your region so here some suggestions:

Another one with Lee Jun Ki

One with time travel included

A little or a little more melo

Giving So Ji Sub a try

Medical one

Action and bi-codes

Some hilarious stuff

No child’s play

When you marry chose wisely


Thats a lot of suggestion. By looking at them , I think they all gonna be super.Thank u :grinning:


Literally EVERYONE on the internet who gets this question says

It’s still on air but people are going crazy over it and over that Lee Joon Ki is the main lead and they all say this is better than Lawless Lawyer (I haven’t watched it yet but the plot looks REALLY REALLY good)

it’s a lot of suggestions, but the first four suggestions + History of the Salaryman aren’t available in India :frowning:


@vivi_1485 I have watched some episodes of it . Its really awesome :sunglasses:. Following episodes are not yet available. I am waiting for it. You should also watch this.


Have u guys watched “I can hear your voice”. I really liked it. Try to watch it if u like thriller dramas.


yeah, thats so sad :pensive: Why some dramas are not available in some countries??


Extra money for license, not as many viewers as in the Americas … Sadly enough


Currently watching which drama??

About your other question, I have watched that drama when it aired I was less sensitive back then, and had no trouble watching crime and thriller but it is different now.

Now watching Pretty Ugly - not at Viki, I have a soft spot for odd balls.


check also here in these links:

you can put keywords in the search box and you’ll find other treads. Also before you make any new post check in the search box if there are similar topics…


@simi11 Ok i will do like that.

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How is it ??

Solid, you can watch it. It’s not a waste, it’s less driven than Lawless Lawyer but intense about the topic and when you see that one scene, and I don’t need to go into detail, you will think of me. I needed tissues and I rarely shed tears over a drama, but at that point I couldn’t stop it was impossible.
And not to confuse you about the ending, that was not the reason for needing tissues.

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@lutra I will surely watch it. Where are u watching it?

The one I was talking about was I Can Hear Your Voice I watched that one on Viki.
Pretty Ugly is on the original broadcasters YT channel SBS.

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Sry I thought that u were talking about the current one . In I Can Hear Your Voice they have given importance to the cases unlike other dramas. I liked that especially the twin brothers case.

How to post like this?

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