Wondering what's next?


now watching love designer. so far i like it . mix of humor and romance. what are u up to??


I’m watching my sassy girl, the sageuk version.
I didn’t particularly care for the movie, and the drama vibes are very similar. Still watching though (it’s not bad enough or annoying enough for me to drop it :sweat_smile:


who is the lead??


Joo Won & Oh Yeon Seo


never seen any of their dramas :sweat_smile:


Hahaha, yeah I know Joo Won from older dramas, but Oh Yeon Seo has been in older and newer dramas.

There are so many dramas out there, it’s fun (or a horror) to discover actors you don’t know yet :smile:


yeah of course :smiley: it depends on the drama.


Can you give us an example? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahah I’m not speaking from personal experience, but there are some people that shudder when they see that a certain actor or actress is in a drama.

The only thing that comes close to that for me is that I saw someone I haven’t seen before in a drama and thought “yeah, their acting skills needs some work” :sweat_smile:.


oh I’m an example: I really hated that slimy second lead in Personal Taste, whenever he came on screen he made me go urgghhhhh (I have nothing against the actor, just his character was a really ewww person)
Now, no matter WHAT drama that poor actor is in, I just CANNOT bring myself to watch it! :persevere: I’d been wanting to watch this drama for a really long time, but as soon as I started it, he came on screen and I was like “I can’t do this. I apologize from the bottom of my heart, but I can’t do this :flushed:
I guess it just shows that he’s a good actor, to make me hate his character so much!


This one?

TRIGGER WARNING: shows potentially unwatchable actor:


I don’t know why he showed up twice … I checked and the link is there only once. :thinking:


first impression is the best impression- i think it suits this situation :smile:


I can’t even remember who the second lead was haha.

When I watch certain dramas and I see certain actors, I know I’m going to get frustrated and annoyed, because these actors are excellent at playing villain roles :laughing:. I’m happy to see them in variety shows, where I get to see more of their real persona instead of the evil people they’re always playing :rofl:



I always say the real actor is the one that can play an evil character and you hate them so much and play a loving character and love them to death. There is a SK actress that depending on her role I love her and I hate her bc she does both roles so amazingly well.


May I ask who? :slight_smile:


She’s about her late 60’s and she was bad in One hundred year inheritance her name is:
Park Won-sook. I remember she did a good mom role and I cried my eyes out and she turns around and does a bad character in another drama I can’t remember titles.


Seems like I didn’t see any of her work yet …

Oh, she writes books as well! :open_mouth:


Watch her in [100 year Inheritance] you will hate her in that role, and the one where her son was very evil to her and she suffered so much and you will cry with her, I can’t even find it bc it was a very old drama (before 2013). In that drama she was poor and worked like a slave so her sons could have a good life but they were abusive (can’t remember the ending on that one)

Most of the dramas I saw from her was around 2013. No wonder she stopped doing dramas; she’s retired and writing books. Amazing actress.


The Last Empress is the only one available for me (of the 8 works she has on Viki). No wonder I didn’t know her!