Woodworking stuff and other artsy stuff


don’t know it was made into a train with a caboose, so maybe thats all it was




I am doing it again!

sand sculpting, wonder how long it took to make this??

ok back to wood working stuff


I do love dragons, not sure if related to the snake, or devil
only one I really did like is dragon heart!



I saw a :raccoon: raccoon :raccoon: couple while walking home one time, I changed direction, still headed home. I heard it’s best to avoid them when spotted. This particular couple were city raccoons, they were walking side, by side on the sidewalk, heads close together, turning the block. It’s like they were chatting, and walking. I guess they were out shopping the garbages put out for collection. The only thing missing was a :shopping_cart:.


still like dragon heart and he wasn’t carved out of wood!


uh oh!!



Amazing chainsaw carving done by [Bob King, Sculptor](

John Wayne bench made by Hikaru Kodama

Horse and Foal made out of drift wood!!!

[Khmer Angkor](

Driftwood sculpture by Debra Bernier



I wasn’t going to put anymore stuff on here but guess I am hooked. so here is another one I thought was cute


That is so amazing! Can you imagine having that as a playhouse or something? So cool.


Guys i decided to renovate batrhoom in wooden style. I like woowdorking stuff in general and for decor to my bathroom. Plus for it I also bought high pressure shower after reading this review.






other artsy stuff, awesome!!

oh and a reminder, my other name?? Foxy lady!!!