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:motorcycle::dash: and :racing_car: :dash: from The McDonald’s work of art :art: :heart: :rofl:
When you love something so much, you’ve got to make it art :art: :slightly_smiling_face: from your heart :heart:



I’d like to know that tree’s age! :smiley:


good thought, has to be at least 40 years


Naw! Not with a dragon encased :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: that tree gotta be zillions of years old! 🪄 Magic! :wink:

If anyone allow themselves to look again, you’ll either see the dragon looking directly at her, or you’ll see a side view, like he’s about to drink water from a stream. It depends on which view you saw first 🪄😊




Garrison Mulemanship and Training

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The work of surrealist artist Ingo Lindmeier.



Horse sculpture from recycled cutlery by Jean Marie Parache

oooo looks like its ready to pounce!




baby yoda


The massive straw sculptures of the Wara Art Festival in Japan


would you believe a tree?


:grinning: Whaow! :heart: Unbelievable!! :heart::heart::heart:


I really didn’t know where to put this one, but I hope its ok, would you believe its a quilt?? wonder how long it took her to make this.

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This was a challenge. I can’t tell you the number of small bits of fabric I fused together, nor the exact number of hours I put into it so far—but I think the top is probably finished.


That’s a quilt? I’m in awe.


Yes I was too, thats why I put it here


Hard to believe, it reminds me of stories of paintings by some of the more fascinating dramas watched.


its been awhile, found something y’all might like