Would anyone be interested in this?

Would anybody be interested in the creation of a channel for this drama?

I haven’t seen any talk on it for it on Viki and I’ve never managed a channel before so I’m a bit hesitant to make one but if there’s enough buzz/hype I’ll try my best. It’d be even better if someone who knows a little bit more took over, I don’t mind that at all.

Anyone even slightly interested? It’s a historical drama but it looks really different from the norm and really interesting.

Look at the teasers

Extra video of actors dressed for the appropriate time period

Anyone willing to go at this with me?

I’d be interested in this. I’ve been looking for it occasionally and I’m glad someone else is interested. I don’t have any channel experience other than editing, so I can’t help you there, but I would love to see it.

i can help to design the cover page, if you need help with that

Hi there,

I submitted the channel. We need to waiting to be approval.

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Thanks :slight_smile: You’re a star!

Szandra is taking over the page so you should probably ask her! Goodluck though. If there’s anything I can do to help at all pm me or something.


I subbmitted the channel. If it will approval. I’d like to ask you to help the desing of the Cover Page.


sure!! send me a pm or a comment here to know if the channel was approved

Okay, I will! :slight_smile:

And… Happy New Year!
I would be interested in working in Maids project as a Romanian moderator. I just finish to moderate Secret Doors and I gathered a very good Romanian translators team, experienced in historical dramas. Please let me know if you obtain the channel approval and if you accept to collaborate with me. Thank you in advance.

Did Viki just not accept the channel being in existence of did everyone forget about it?