Wow! Roku/viki crashed today

I was watching viki on my Roku, and all of a sudden it stopped! and I couldn’t get back on! so I will be watching my dramas here on good ole Viki!!


Experiencing the same issue in Arizona. It may be Viki and not Roku. I’ll send a message to Viki’s Help folks through Twitter.

I checked on Twitter and Viki has been working on the issue since late Wednesday.


I’m having the same problem. Viki is not loading on the Roku player since yesterday.


Viki’s been working on it. I shared a Twitter link with Viki’s latest report.


thanks y’all, glad to know others have the same problem


Yep, ours is crashing on Roku also. Even did an update on the app, and then removed the app and reinstalled. It tries to open, you get the spinning wheel and then back to the Roku home screen.

I’ll take the opportunity to say, wish they’d just give us back the old app anyway. You could select Type/Country/Genre and get everything you wanted on one page. Now it’s endless, slow loading scrolling.

The new one looks better, but it’s one step forward in design, two steps back in functionality.


I have two Roku streaming boxes and one Roku TV - the two boxes both crashed without loading the shows - starts to load then kicks you to the Roku home page, the TV though was loading up the shows last night (it’s the newest Roku but they’re all not that old) but today all three would not work. Viki had an issue with Roku not playing a few years ago and it took them at least a week to fix - it’s a BIG PAIN to watch on a tablet especially when your eyes aren’t what they used to be - I’d rather watch on my TV on the roku - much more enjoyable and easier on the eyes. Viki better get it together. It was VERY frustrating last time - if this happened due to an update they ought to wan their members. Technology UGH.


Same. Began yesterday, soon will be three days. Brings back the day Drama Fever disappeared over night because they sold it and left us hanging. Viki wants us to watch on our phones and iPads. Nope. I think Viki Is finished.


So true! Besides, it’s not limited just to Roku and its app.

Why isn’t functionality the priority, Viki? What’s the point of having superb design if it’s at the expense of functionality? The same is true of tools for contributors/volunteers. I just don’t understand what the rationale is and has been.

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having the same issue Viki will not load and crashes back to main Roku screen. This has to be fixed soon or we will sadly have to unsub. I like Viki, it is our go to service for shows and movies, but the lack of search by country (please bring this feature back to roku) and now crashing- this is bad.

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I was wondering if there were others out there who missed the functionality of the previous Roku app. Guess there are. Are you listening, Viki?

Prebuilt lists like “Viki’s picks” or “Movies like…” that need to be re-loaded every few rows just serve to irritate if you’re not interested in those subjects. And I have yet to figure out their reasoning for putting a date of 2022 on seemingly every show and movie — even those made a decade earlier.

Anyhow, Viki is still our favorite service. The app not loading tonight just gave me a break from the nightly aggravation of the new design. It’s not good, Viki. Not good at all.


I just hope Viki isn’t doing a disappearing act like one of you mentioned! (DF) an example

Viki is my favorite service, yeah we can watch YT & NF but… oh yeah Prime too

, I put some links on here somewhere

(and those links which I found out are a no-no), , but I always come back to Viki!

Please see my latest post.

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Temporary Fix May Work For You
From Viki’s Twitter post 9:15am Mountain Standard Time

Users in our community have shared that they have found a workaround in the meantime -
While the app is loading, click on the left button on your Roku remote control.
You can scroll down the menu and select either ‘Watchlist’ or ‘Me’.

This worked for me but you must repeatedly click on the left button of the Roku remote.


While the Viki app isn’t available on Roku in the UK (I cannot for the life of me understand what because Roku is a thing here and android/Google TV isn’t quite as big in the UK as it is in many other places) from a quick Google search. It would appear that the update to Roku OS 11 may have something to do with this issue

as ever, it would appear that ‘upgrades’ actually break things :roll_eyes:


Thank you, aznative. That happened to me last night.

I tried to get over to the watchlist and I was able to use the app. Then I picked on something and it crashed. I wasn’t sure what I had done to get in. So it kept crashing.

Thank you again for the tip. I’ll try it again tonight.


How frustrating! Well, hope Roku and Viki resolve the issue soon.

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You very well may have found the problem. Thanks so much for sharing the article.
Well, maybe after the Viki and Roku fix the issue with the Roku OS11, UK customers will have access to the Viki app.


yeah I was seriously bummed when Drama fever died. A sad day and IQiyi and the other K drama one just are not seriously functional especially for English subtitle users yeah it’s a bummer Viki better fix this


IF Viki had a workaround like allowing users in it’s online version to use webcaster app or Iwebtv app that might work but my issue has been if you have the viki app on your tablet or phone it doesn’t let you get to viki online other than via the app on the phone and the app doesn’t have a cast to TV functionality. Viki should add that - Youtube has it and a lot of other sites do. Just an idea in case the app specifically for certain streaming boxes like roku bomb out - again last time a few years ago this took at least a week for Viki to fix UGH

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