Writing about Viki on College/University Applications?

Hey guys~!

I’m currently a senior in high school and I’ve been working on my applications for various university programs. One of my applications asks me to discuss my extra-curricular activities and reflect on the skills they’ve helped me develop.

In the couple of years I’ve been volunteering here, I feel like I’ve learned many valuable skills and have greatly improved my language skills. Do you guys think think it would be okay to write about Viki or would be best to leave it out?


Yes why not? It’s good for your language skills, you learn to work in teams and maybe some organizing skills. Next to that you learn about other cultures etc and even pick up other languages a bit.


Yes, you could write about the cultural diversity and your experience while working in teams to be able to reach a goal.

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Most definitely include it. The hours you put in are already volunteer work on a global scale. You are reaching out to more than just a few people with the skills you’ve learned. Being able to work with others is a valuable asset along with the self-improvement aspect as others have said. It also shows how you can initiate and stay with a project.


I’d say yes, volunteering brings transferable skills (also in the resume world). You can alway use the keywords.
Here another thread we had:
Don’t forget to ask for that beautiful Certificate of Appreciation from Viki, it comes in few days after request in pdf file to your email :trophy: :scroll:

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That thread was really helpful. To be honest, I hesitate to write about my work here at Viki because I’m worried that they might not accept it or see it as legitimate. It wasn’t until my mother asked if I’d written about it that I bothered to make this thread. She thinks what we do here is great and that it would be a waste not to mention it.

The university asks for a reference who can confirm my contributions, which is something else I worried about but I guess I can get in touch with one of my CMs regarding that.

I’d totally forgotten about the Certificate of Appreciation! I’ll send a request in after I finish my contributions for the sub-a-thon.

Thank you so much, Simi :heart:


Can’t the certificate be used as a reference? (it’s been a while since I used a reference lol)


The application is an online form with specific fields for the reference’s contact information. I can try to contact the university’s admission team to see if I can arrange to send them a copy of the certificate. I hadn’t thought of that :sweat_smile:

How exactly do we ask for that Certificate of Appreciation?

@jedelande Hello,

1)To request a Certificate of Appreciation you go to the Help Center to request/file for a ticket.
2) The Help Center you find when you click on your ID in the right above corner with your picture, there you’ll see a pull down menu and on the bottom it says HELP Center, click on that.
3) A new page will open, click on “Submit Request” in above dash next to your profile pic.
4) Choose “Volunteer Tools” and click on that.
5) Fill all necessary out as in Subject write Certificate of Appreciation
6) Don’t forget to give them your true First and Last Name that will go on the paper
7) After they process it you will receive a pfd file below your request history. Voila.
Here is the link:


Good luck, remember there will be the amount of subtitles and segments that you have reached written. There are no details if you moderated or had a channel.
Best, Simi


Editing and translating are valuable skills to have. Of course you should.

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