"Yo Soy Bea" English subtitling/segmenting

Recently I started watching this Spanish series, “Yo Soy Bea” or “I am Bea” -

And became addicted! however the show has only been subbed in English up to the 35th episode. I think viki is the only site on the internet that has english subtitles for the series (unless there is something like netflix offering this show in another region that I’m not aware of?) and I would love to see them completed. I’m aware it has a lot of episodes so I think it would be good enough to cover the part of the series that covers the main couple.

I contacted the channel manager but I’m not sure if they, or any of the previous contributors are active on viki anymore. It’s also a fan channel so I’m not sure what that means in terms of being able to contribute without the channel manager?

My Spanish isn’t good enough to subtitle, but I would be more than happy to learn to segment and segment as many episodes as I could. If there are people willing to help subtitle the series as well that would be great :smile: I could however fix up the few episode parts where the subtitles are off time. Up to episode 60 has already been uploaded (Episode 45 and 47 is missing, however), and I am aware of some links to the following episodes from youtube but I’m not sure if uploading is something restricted to the channel manger.

As a good part of the series has already been subbed, I would hate to see go uncompleted. If anyone has more information about what you are restricted from doing without the channel manager, or would be willing to help complete subtitling the series from Spanish to English I would love to know :smile:

The problem is that since fan channels have been abolished-discouraged-become at risk, nobody is willing to work on them, because, since they are not licensed, they may be taken down at any time, and all the hard work will go to waste.
What you and others can do is request viki for the license. There are not many chances, since most people are here for Asian drama, but if you succeed, and it stops being a fan channel, only then people will dare go an spend hours to segment and subtitle it.

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I see… But if the show already has a fan channel, I’m sure people have previously requested for it to be licensed? So, do you know if I would be able to put in another request…?

Outside of viki, I suppose the only other thing that could be done to subtitle the series is create the subtiltes seperate to the video and upload them elsewhere online (Or hardsub the series?) I know there are sites that provide subtitle files for kdramas, but it seems that non-asian dramas don’t receive the same kind of attention :sweat_smile:

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@luna36_3 … If you get the segments done. I will do all the subtitles needed, is a promise since is a FAN channel I never had problem adding the subs before. If it gets remove after all that hard work is ok with me too, as long as you get to see it.

keep in touch and let me know.

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Wow, is amazing see this comment because this “novela” is of my country Colombia is very old but is beautiful history, the original name is Yo soy betty la fea.


¿Cómo estás anamaria? Yo también soy loca con Betty la fea y cuando supe que ella (Betty) había muerto lloré como una magdalena.

Bueno ya sabes si ella soluciona lo de los segmentos podemos trabajar en ella. ¿no crees?

Muerto me cambiaron la historia, si así sea transcribiendo al español hace unos meses estaban dando esa novela de nuevo en mi país y creo que hoy se acababa la de eco moda que será como la secuela pero no me tramo tanto

That’s great, thank you so much!!!
I just contacted Viki about becoming a segmenter on an inactive channel. Because as far as I can tell, you can’t segment or subtitle until you have the permission of the channel manager? I did contact the channel manager and it seems they are inactive at the moment.
Unless I missed some kind of option in the menu that lets you? But I can’t see the scissor/pencil tool icon that should let you access the subtitle/segment editor on any of the videos.

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Actually, I looked into Yo Soy Betty la Fea as well :joy: It seems that the videos have been taken down several times from Viki. But at the moment, one of the original contributors is running a blog to hardsub the series in English (Claudilla83@tumblr) Although the video links have been taken down, the files for the subtitles of all episodes still all exist, whereas I don’t think any subtitle files exist at all for Yo Soy Bea past ep 35.
Even though the hardsubs are only up to episode 20 at the moment, Betty in English isn’t completely dead :smile:

Something is off with the “Yo Soy Bea” channel. The editor tools used to be there and now they are gone. Not sure work can continue to be done on it. Hope that Viki replies to you @luna36_3, it will be interesting to know why the editor tools are gone. Since the uploading of new videos to fan channels was stopped many things have surely changed.

It is really too bad, because it is a great series. I watched the whole thing before and loved it as much as “Betty La Fea” ( I watched that one 3 times). Bea was the only version that I liked besides the original. So sweet that Alejandro Tous and Ruth Nuñez finally got married. 10 years together since they made this drama. :slight_smile:


Oh I see, I thought it might have had something to do with not having permission to access them on that channel, but it seems that they should be there but aren’t, thank you for the info! I hope Viki gets back to me soon, I’ll update this discussion as soon as I get a reply from them.

Yes, I got so hooked on it but was so shocked when there were no English subs at all for such a great (and popular?) series! And that at the moment there are no complete English subs available for the original Betty either.
And I read they were a real couple when looking the series up online, and it made me want to watch it so much more too!!! They make a super cute couple :joy:

wow so interesting to know is a good drama. hope I get to see it too. I don’t know why this happen so often here at viki site really good spanish telenovelas are abandoned or used for segmenters training. I can’t even say any of the spanish telenovelas get fully subbed at all or stay up for too long. I have worked in a few of them (busted my chops) and no longer see them here.

Is not like there are so many of them around either. Why not leave the good few ones we subbed? I worked in Without breast…Mujer con pantalones, Sweet thing (the team stopped out of the blue completely english translation) When I contacted luckylauper when I finally found her in another drama she didn’t responded a logical explanation as to what was going on with the drama. I see the Spanish translations are still being done by Lady Villega’s team).

I did finish English subs in Catalina y Sebastian but i’m not sure if the drama still up. I love Lucrecia (great action packed spanish drama) but was told it was used as a seggers training and as soon as it was able to be subbed I would be informed. That was so many months ago, I even forgot about it.

I work in any language drama when I can bc I like for people to see dramas from all over the world. I even worked in a Tamil language drama adding spanish subs and many others from different countries. But, what happens with spanish dramas here baffles me and makes no sense to me since you read the comments of people eagerly requesting to see this spanish dramas too.

I have to add I am not a devoted Fan of Spanish telenovelas bc they are way too long (some 100 episodes or more) but many of them, are really worth watching no matter how long the episodes are. Believe me, they are really not that long after all, most is intro and ending unnecessary OST in them, which is obviously no need for that since the ending part never has previews in them.

Unfortunately, Spanish telenovelas are either not as popular or watched here on Viki, that when their licenses expire they are gone. It is sad but that’s exactly what happens. This site is not focused on dramas from other countries besides the main Asian countries. I would think that having “Yo Soy Betty La Fea” would be attractive to Viki. Not for nothing 30 versions of that series were made all over the world. Maybe is the length of such series. Not sure. It is unfortunate.

I personally loved “Soy Bea.” Something about Ruth Nuñez that I really liked. I loved her and wanted her character to be happy. So I was rooting for her all the way. In real life, Ruth and her co-star Alejandro Tous became a couple and have been together ever since. Just got married (in secret) and I couldn’t be happier for them. They are such talented and lovely people. And so cute together don’t you think?


@mirna023_316 …I have to check it out bc I only saw ‘‘Betty la Fea.’’ They are a gorgeous couple. Thanks for sharing I was curious about them. It’s so sad the actors/actresses have to hide their relationships bc if not their popularity goes down. Makes no sense and I feel so bad for them.

Specially Suzy Bae and MinHo the things they go through, the things they write about her in YT it breaks my heart bc she’s a very sensitive girl. I hope their relationship survives and can someday get married and be a happy family. I love both, but suzy is my favorite, my ‘‘daughter’’ lol.

@anamaria_13_392 ¿No sabías que la actriz original de ‘‘Betty la Fea’’ murió de cancer? No hace mucho porque se veía ya muy mayor. Para mí las hormonas que le dieron fue lo que le causó ese cáncer. Pero sí, aquí hablaban de ‘‘Bea’’ la adaptación o copia de Betty la fea. Tengo que verla pq cuando dicen que algo es bueno lo quiero ver también. Por eso fui a ver Nirvana on Fire y sí es buena.

A mí me encantan los dramas Chinos pero no que dialogan demasiado y eso como que le quita a uno la emoción de verlo. Me pasó con ‘‘Pretty Li Hui Zhen’’ fantástica pero hablaban ‘‘por un tubo y siete llaves’’. Hice subtítulos en esa por eso la ví completa. jajaja

@luna36_3…Keep me update on any outcome. Good Luck!

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No Ana maria orozco no a muerto ni en la novela nose si te refieres a Celmira Luzardo ella si murió de cancer de estomago pero ella fue la que ayudo a betty a cambiar ella no era la protagonista

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Pero no fue la actriz principal, sino la actriz que interpretó a Catalina… en la serie. Celmira Luzardo lamentablemente perdió la batalla contra el cáncer hace casi ya 3 años. Una pena porque era una muy buena actriz. QDEP.


Con razón murió tan rápido si fue cáncer del estómago. Una pena. :cry:

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Si yo también me quede pensando porque en mi recientemente en una noticia sobre la novela.