You Know You've Been Watching Too Many Kdramas When


And here I thought I was going to be in the subbing team for your trip to Korea! :joy:


“Dream High” has just been activated on Nf for my region. Kim Soo Hyun plays a country boy in it. He and his mother (in the drama) speak a very strong dialect and I think it could be that.I felt very reminded of Japanese.


Yes, that’s the Gyeongsang-do accent, and Busan is a city in that province.


we do, but man they seem to treat the Korean ones like heaven there :joy::joy:

@twinkling imagine us all going as a team to SK :joy: the Viki Community Goes to Korea Team, special thanks to the CM (Cookie Manager): @frustratedwriter , Behaviour Moderators and Kor-Eng Subtitlers @mirjam_465 you’re recruited by default! :wink::joy:


Yay! :star_struck:
Thank you! Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And let’s not for get our coffee editor, tea editor and gochujang editor! :joy:


I was wondering the samne thing, think I will go to “starbucks” and see if they have it.


just imagine the cookies I bring along on our trip!! hehehehehe, my laugh for the day, oh and what kind of cookies do you want me to bring??


As long as they’re made by you, I’m fine!
Wow, I’m actually getting excited about this trip!:joy::sweat_smile:


They probably do. Before the pandemic I tried it at the cat cafe. Both the hot and the iced version. :smiley_cat:


I knew I was watching too many Kdramas when I started mixing in some random Korean words at work. My coworkers just stared at me, wondering what I said. :joy: One of them caught on and said, “Did you just speak Korean to us?” lol


Well, technically you ARE Korean so it should be okay, right? :sweat_smile:
It’s the worst when someone suddenly starts speaking to me in my native language(Kannada) and I don’t have time to get into my ‘Kannada mode’…When I try answering a question, there is an entire jumble of English, Hindi, Kannada AND Korean swimming around in my head. To top all that, Kannada is quite similar to Korean(some words sound alike and it uses particles a lot)…so i end up using a Kannada word with a Korean particle or vice versa :sob::flushed:


Yes, sure, I’d speak Konglish with my family and Korean-American friends, but I had never spewed out random Korean words to non-Koreans before. :wink:


well I did it!! mI responded in our Korean l;asnguage this past few days and the look I got was lets say priceless, they thought I lost my mind!! aigoo!


i’ll randomly say “aish” whenever something goes wrong


:joy: aish and aigoo are a normal part of my speech now, my brother is already used to it. However, problems arise when I say “YAAAA” when I’m angry because any ordinary, normal English speaking person takes it as a “Yes” :joy::flushed:


I found my mates :rofl::joy:


:rofl: Also definitely use “Yaa!” and also “ka” (go) :laughing:
Aish, aigoo and otteoke also part of the vocab, just like a lot of other things (f.e. 먹고 싶어 meokko shippeo) :laughing:


You start plating green beans and dressing as separate ‘sides’ at Thanksgiving


I have a friend whose name is Taniya, I always call her, Taniya… Aniyaaaa
I seriously love the melody of this phrase :joy:


My mom says I sound like a Korean when I whine :flushed: i guess i’ve taken up their sing-song style? :joy::joy: