Your Favorite Classical Pieces of Music!💜

I have been listening to this for the past hour! I love Tchaikovsky! What are your favorite
Classical Pieces!


I was a flute, piano and piccolo player so I love love classical music.


I know for some it sounds dark, moody, frightening, but I just can’t escape it’s pull whenever I hear it. Many years later Lara Fabian brought a version with lyrics and since then many other singers performed this piece of music.

By now you could guess that I once had a sleeping disorder and such pieces helped me relax

One could know, often used especially in the drama Autumn’s Concerto

I know popular pieces but can’t do without them, it’s so hard to chose.

I will stop here or you will either fall asleep or feel depressed.


That made me laugh! I might use these tonight. I listen to rain, thunder and fireplace to sleep to most nights that I don’t even know if it is really raining or not!

I love Air on the G string and Moonlight Sonata

Adagio is so beautiful gives you all the FEELS - oh my gosh this is so beautiful!

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Full Disclosure - I CANNOT stand Pachelbel even though I have sung his stuff multiple times in choir. Not not not my favorite.

I always say "Go to He#$ Pachelbel"

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There are so many Ave Marias - Bach and Schubert are the most famous and somehow I like the Schubert version a little better. So if you ever order a singer to perform Ave Maria in a church, be sure you were talking about the right version.

And this one live in a church gives me goosebumps all the time, you can’t use it to fall asleep …


A few more versions of Ave Marias that I like and are really pretty.


There are also other versions that are not as well known such as these:


Beethoven - Für Elise :heart::heart::heart:

Dmitri Shostakovich - Waltz No.2

Johann Pachelbel - Canon in D Major


I learned the :musical_keyboard: :notes:chorus :musical_score::musical_note:for a presentation as part of my grade for music. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: it, and aced music.

I’ve heard this piece many times, especially in some of the old Korean movies and such, and never knew who composed it before. It definitely has the old Russian feel.


I love Puccini, so this is one of my favorites:

“O mio babbino caro” and the wonderful Maria Calllas, she had such a stunning voice.

And of course “Un bel di vedremo” from Madame Butterfly, but in this case I love the version from Kiki te Kanawa more.

My mother loves Jacques Offenbach and I grew up with “Hoffmanns Erzählungen”, and this is the best of all, “Bacarole”. It’s quite difficult to find a version without Anna N. (I can’t stand her), so just for listening:

This one is so funny and I love it, too. I can’t understand, how they are able to be so serious. :joy:
Duetto buffo di due gatti by Rossini


Another “Adagio” I like but too often forget the composer, thankfully I found it on his channel.


What’s that like for the audience, who has no clue :smile:! I wonder, how many singers do that . . .this makes you think. . .

Hahahahaha! I don’t sing that! I just THINK it!

This is so over-used that is why I don’t really like it! UGH! But I have sung many a song for Christmas with this melody! It is still beautiful! This is a beautiful rendition of it!

I may have to revise my statement after hearing that

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Can I ask why you don’t like her? I know that she has a huge fandom as well as those who can’t stand her for one reason or another. I have my own opinion, but was curious why you don’t like her.

Here it goes, I find this part very emotional, it is if you understand the lyrics but it’s in Czech from the Opera Rusalka by Antonin Dvorak, Rusalka is a wood fairy sort of… singing about the moon, the scene is in the woods/forest near water and the moon is shining and she’s asking the moon where her lover is, and to tell him that she’s waiting for him… the moon is slowly disappearing behind the clouds and she’s asking him not to extinguish…

Maurice Ravel - Bolero, after I saw movie “10” they played this music I loved the composition. Listen to the end in order to hear how the power increases.

Can you hear the water running and twirling??
Bedrich Smetana composed such music that represents (Vltava) the Moldau River in his country, the Czech Republic.

Beautiful Thank You!!!

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Schubert’s Standchen (Serenade) by one of my favorite sopranos, Hei-Kyung Hong.


I don’t like her voice and her attitude. :joy: Whenever I hear her voice, it sounds kind of “pressed out” she has a “hardness” in her voice and it lacks lightness and tenderness. Her attitude just triggers me, she is so overconfident and self-satisfied, I know, this is a personal issue. :wink:

Simi posted the Netrebko version of “Rusalka - Song to the Moon” and although I never watched the Opera nor the movie from 1977, I know this song. And there is one version of a legendary Czech singer, if you compare both versions, maybe you can understand, why I prefer her voice over Netrebko’s voice.


I agree with you on her singing techniques, as I don’t care for the thick, darkened and “pressed” soprano voice. But I do like her attitude and acting. She seems to really enjoy what she does and it shows in her acting. Also I was touched when I saw the way she interacts with her autistic son during the backstage interview.

I love the light and clear lyrical or coloratura soprano voices. The Czech singer sounds heavenly. Some of my favorites are lyric soprano Hei-Kyung Hong as I posted above, and bright and light coloratura sopranos, such as Sumi Jo (absolutely the best coloratura soprano in my opinion!), Kathleen Battle (now, her attitude is another story, but her voice is angelic), and young and talented Lisette Oropesa to name a few.

Here’s Lucia Popp’s version of Rusalka that I think is really good. Even though her voice is not as light as what I typically go for, but it’s still very silky and rich and beautiful.