Your Favorite Classical Pieces of Music!💜


That’s the personal taste and it’s good, that we all have a different one. It would be boring, if we would all like the same things :wink:

Lucia Popp has a rich and mature voice, I like it!


True that!


Pretty much anything these three guys play, but their “circulation” technique is jaw-dropping freaky-good.


Yes Astrid, I know this is the better version, I posted Netrebko so she can be seen as a singer (I should have put better keywords to find it) and the actually more legendary is the singing of Milada Subertova :wink: she is considered a post war national treasure and foreign presence was limited if none due to the regime. I stumbled over the whole opera that’s played outdoor. There are so many singers of the Moon Song but Benaskova’s voice has a nice clarity. I also found Patricia Janeckova she has also very nice voice and you can hear the emotion, her first recording of the Moon Song was at the age of 13, wow!! :blush:
I listened to Renee Fleming and she matched it well as well, perhaps even better than Netrebko :wink:


About sopranos, one of my grandmother’s favorite singers was Anneliese Rothenberger, when I spend my school holidays at her place, we would often watch her TV show where opera, operetta was given attention. I guess not only in Germany it has no more presence, except with a few cultural oriented TV channels in Germany there a 2 that are operating together with other countries, so to say multicultural TV channels (countries like France, Swiss, Austria, …).
But then you don’t get a potpourri but might get full concerts or operas instead.
Don’t these voices just give you goosebumps.

Anneliese Rothenberger is on the left side, if you wanted to know.

It’s hard to find clips of her only here she appears at 5.30 Land des Lächelns /Land of Smiles - Ich möchte noch einmal die Heimat sehen, I don’t know about the English title of the song, literally it is I want to see home once more.

One of my favorite songs of my grandma and me sung by Anneliese Rothenberger is this one. Even if it’s German it doesn’t sound “hard” quite the contrary she has that certain quality of softness in her interpretation I really like.


Her face on the second video could make me remember her, she was frequently a guest on TV, because I was young I remembered her face more than her voice, she was a very beautiful woman and her voice sounds very nice too.


Yes, she was that was the childhood in the 70’s - and the truth about TV 3 channels only and at the end of the day there was something called “end of broadcasting”, haha …

I had to look up really hard to find two clips with her not singing in German


I thought you were saying you spent your holidays at Anneliese R’s place! :joy:

That’s a beautiful rendition of that song.




Might have been nice, at least my grandma would have been overjoyed.
LOL My life could have been totally different, haha, like my vocal teacher said, if he had met me 20 years earlier, we could have …


Then who knows! Instead of chatting with you on Viki discussion, I could be listening to your singing on YT instead! lol


I am probably more of a culture/classic banause
When I saw a movie with Tom Hanks

The piece went to my heart :blush:

Otherwise Phantom of the Opera
That probably does not really count :grin:


Oh my god, I totally forgot “Das Land des Lächelns” from Franz Lehar! I grew up with this music, my mother and my grandmother loved it.

Do you know the version from Rudolf Prack? He was a famous singer, as well.

“Ach, ich hab in meinem Herzen” is a very typical German song with a children chorus, but I still get goosebumps while listening.


If you mean Rudolf Schock, then yes. Rudolf Prack was a famous actor.
Actually Rudolf Schock and Anneliese Rothenberger often worked together.

Then do you still remember Fritz Wunderlich, he was from our region, so I knew that he died pretty early at 35 years old a 10-year carrier under his belt. How he died? He was unlucky and fell of the stairs and died as a result. He was said to be incompairable in Mozart roles …

In comparison to Rudolf Schock

The last time I think we only had female singers listed with Ave Maria songs

now I need to look up if I do not have anything double …

I just love his voice and his “style” clear and simple.


Rachmaninoff oh so beautiful -


Wow, I’ve been trying to find what this song was and I finally see/hear it here now! Thanks, @lutra!

The song I’ve been looking for and found is Latzte Rose (The Last Rose of Summer) from the opera, Martha! But for some reason, I thought this song was in French! I guess I got confused with another French song.

Below is not a true classical singing, but they sound angelic.

Thanks for introducing me to a wonderful tenor. What a tragic accident for him. Such a loss.


Oh my gosh - so beautiful



I could listen to this masterpiece all day long as I daydream I’m dancing with a dashing gentleman (exclude the mustache or beard), no like.


I love this!!! :purple_heart: