Your Favorite Classical Pieces of Music!💜


Watching Navillera and they play Swan Lake - So Beautiful



Delibes’ “Duo des fleurs” from Lakmé is one of the prettiest duets for soprano and mezzo soprano. This recording is brilliant. I don’t know how the audio engineers have achieved such clarity with a live presentation.


Debussy: Clair de lune is such a beautiful piece of music. Here it is played by Seong-Jin Cho.


When I watched the movie “10” I heard this piece for the first time and got taken by it. It is a similar with Smetana “Moldau”… where as the music starts soft and slow and it gradually increases in instruments and power, it’s very intriguing to me :blush:

If you remember this music was also played to the UK ice skating pair Torvill&Dean, they won the World Championship in 1984!!


I found something nice, this concert must have been fun, the Maestro is so lively :blush:



The most memorable OST for me is from Princess Man, there are 20 songs/music pieces, beautifully arranged ballads and just classical. I didn’t post all here, you can explore them further on YT. Too bad Viki doesn’t have the drama in their library, I remember it fondly!


Something I stumbled over, it’s all in Vietnamese. That’s what the translation says… the melody is quite soothing
Specializes in providing Vietnamese, Chinese, pepper, ocarina, rout, double cat flute, paintings and a variety of ethnic instruments.


Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons


my fav I love Vivaldi


Time for some Tchaikovsky!!! Also my FAV


I heard this at a concert this weekend - I could see the larks flying she played so beautifully - here is a version of that piece.!!! So beautiful!!!