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‘Unusual animal’ in tree that scared residents into closing windows for days is a croissant


I seen this and reminded me so much of…
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I babysat my 4 years old grandson while his mom was expecting at the hospital her second child. It was also very hot that day so after a busy morning we stayed in. After lunch I suggested that my “boy” goes playing with all his toys in his room and he replied in German: “Ich habe keinen Bock drauf”, :joy::rofl: something like "I have no desire, or “I’m not up to it”… this made me laugh so much, because I haven’t heard this from a 4 years old, perhaps “I don’t want to or I don’t feel like” but this specific German idiom you’d expect to hear from an older kid or an adult. Btw he’s raised bilingual, German and English… but soon also Swiss German when he starts kindergarten in fall.:school:


:joy::joy::joy: It is so funny, there’s nothing like a child acting the adult, unknowingly. :joy:
















may have forgotten some


Poor ostrich. :joy:




Pretzel Broom Sticks for Halloween - a candy free idea for kids!…/halloween-pretzel…