Your laugh for the day


“A soap opera” - bwahahahaha :joy:


It was a beautiful tall cucumber, delicious four cucumbers has already given me this plant, so really tasty…and then I come and think Hmmm cut Mal the leaves at the bottom, so it can breathe better…
Done and done, schniepidischnap… :hushed::tired_face: I Dussel cut the stem through…

I’m putting it in here so that I’m really laughed at for being sooo dumb :partying_face::grin:


Oh dear! I agonized :weary: with you instead. I then thought of this guy, and also the thread here called The Low Point of Your Day. I then smiled, :sweat_smile: seeing your point.


Jahaaa So beautiful cucumbers in the video…

:tired_face: I could have bitten myself in the butt… :joy:
Meanwhile it goes again 🥲



this is for us crafters! so mine I think I haven’t spilled paint on the floor

but still guess I have done them all


yesterday NC topped 115 degrees (well felt like it) 106 is what it really was


:rofl: We all can relate from
a child’s perspective.
And to those who are now
parents, you get the
flipside of that coin.:rofl:


well gotta have the right books!!


um fashion wear???


Just…why? :sweat_smile:




:face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: nice …



This joke by Mick Jagger made me laugh so hard:

They gave a concert tonight, well yesterday it’s midnight, here and he did apologize that the concert was cancelled before because he got covid. When it was cancelled a Dutch fan got really upset and said that next time she goes to Frans Bauer (Dutch singer) instead because he’s never ill or cancels a concert. Mick was aware of that so he said in Dutch “Nice that you are all here and not at (a) Frans Bauer (concert)” :rofl:

This is Frans Bauer:

Saw him live once and during that song I decided to go to the bathroom:see_no_evil: And he cancelled a part of his tour once because he had issues with his vocal cords.



clothes still on the dryer from yesterday


maybe something will hit your funny bone today



Really good choices today. :rofl:

On a less funny note, it reminded me that I have laundry to take care of. :sweat_smile:


my new Toyota!! heheheh




My score is 9. You?