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:face_with_peeking_eye: :pleading_face: :rofl: Oh that poor woman!
Jokes on her, Hope she was past the stage of getting really knocked up. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Here’s two shorts I find so laughable. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy::rofl::laughing::rofl:

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this made my day!!


how about this one?


I saw this video and thought of your post :joy:


did you think of me??? ehehehehehehe, I will go to mYT and look at it today.

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😭 The Ballerina 🩰


The guys are hilariously funny and of course Jaejoong, I miss him to see more often. Why is he in Korea still restricted or blocked… what a pity, he’s such a successful artist. And Hong Gi makes you laugh, I remember him from Farmers drama :rofl:

Gosh @leerla73 you sound so old when you talk about these technology… today’s generation has no clue :rofl:
During my apprenticeship I also used a telex… sort of an ancient fax machine or a type writer sending message through old dial phone and a paper roll stripe with stamping holes as a copy it looked about like this :rofl:



:wink: These prequels, gave us laptops etc. :laughing:


:rofl: Even the toddler, look how he pushes the bed, still jumps in later. But! :rofl: He even helps to spread the sheets. :joy: Too adorable!

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After many years and experience in the working world, I’ve decided to start something new again.

I will be offering training courses for teenagers starting in December.

Due to increasing demand, each course starts on the principle: first come, first served.

Content: Coaching and practical tasks.

Each module will be run over 6 weeks.

The course is aimed at all young people.

The course starts Dec 2023

Participation via Zoom or Teams is possible - please list your preference when booking.

Module 1:

“Toilet paper”

How does the paper get out of the wrapper to the toilet paper holder? What happens when toilet paper is empty?

Group discussion + practical exercises

Module 2:

“Dirty clothes” - what do we do next?

Difference between the laundry basket and floor.

PowerPoint Presentation + Chart.

Module 3:

“Basics of dishwasher”

How do dishes get off the table into the dishwasher?

In-depth Seminar -

Difficulties and solution strategies for removing dishes and garbage from the bedroom.

Module 4:

“How do you find stuff without asking your parents?”

Open discussion/opening cabinets.

Module 5:

How do the clean dishes get back into the right place in the kitchen cabinet?

Video example + practical exercises.

Module 6:

“Sink function + the roll out”

We do practical exercises; what a clean table means and what is needed to drain a sink.

Practical exercises in groups.


Feel free to copy… don’t share - so others can have a good laugh




A stretch of the imagination. :smirk:

No Shoes Inside.

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"People pee pee poo poo on the floor of the plane":poop::airplane::flushed:
Which airline is that? I’ll take extra care not to book with them! :joy:

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I know right! Jeenie Weenie focus these days, :roll_eyes: blind obedience, could have been the focus of the joke.

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